How to Get Metabolic Agent in Starfield (Buy, Farm)

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Get Metabolic Agent in Starfield (Buy, Farm)

Metabolic Agent is a common organic resource essential to the Starfield universe, notably used in preparing various cooking items.

This guide is designed to help you effectively find and gather Metabolic Agent, offering detailed information on every method available for obtaining this important resource in Starfield.

To further enhance your journey through the Settled Systems and beyond, we include specialized sections covering Starfield’s different types of maps, utilizing your Hand Scanner effectively, and the nuances of docking with ships and space stations.

For more comprehensive insights and practical strategies for your interstellar escapades, don’t forget to explore our extensive Starfield guides, which are filled with helpful hints and techniques.

How to Get Metabolic Agent in Starfield

In the upcoming segments, we delve into the various methods of procuring and accumulating Metabolic Agent in Starfield. In summary, the main ways to obtain Metabolic Agent include:

  1. Purchase Metabolic Agent from in-game merchants.
  2. Gather Metabolic Agent by harvesting from the diverse Flora and Fauna across Starfield’s planets.
  3. Acquire Metabolic Agent as a present from your in-game companions.
  4. Uncover Metabolic Agent in different concealed loot caches.

Where to Buy Metabolic Agent From Vendors

Metabolic Agent Vendor Resources Menu
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

The fastest way to amass Metabolic Agent in Starfield is by visiting a resource vendor and buying all their Metabolic Agent stock. Afterward, utilize the ‘Wait’ function to skip ahead 24 hours, which refreshes the vendor’s inventory. As an alternative, you have the option of visiting various merchants to exhaust their Metabolic Agent stocks.

Waiting in Starfield is simple: just find a seat on any chair or bench. However, given the game’s fast travel feature, it’s often more efficient to quickly move between different vendors for Metabolic Agent, especially when they are located near each other.

Metabolic Agent can be purchased at these locations in Starfield:

Where to Farm Metabolic Agent from Flora and Fauna on Planets

Where to Farm Spice from Flora and Fauna on Planets
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

An alternative method is to harvest Metabolic Agent from the wildlife and vegetation on planets rich in Fauna and Flora. To do this effectively, locating the right biomes where these resources are abundant is crucial. Pay attention to the information window on the right when choosing a landing location on planets that are home to Fauna and/or Flora.

Enhancing your Botany and Zoology skills within the Science skill tree can significantly aid in collecting Metabolic Agent.

Fauna with Metabolic Agent

  • Herding Crabfly Grazer (Fauna found in Frozen Plains)
  • Hunting Bighorn (Fauna found in Frozen Plains, Mountains, and Swamp biomes)
  • Pack Prong Wing Seabat (Fauna found in Swamp, Rocky Desert, and Wetlands biomes)

Flora with Metabolic Agent

  • Boreas Root (Flora found in Mountains, Frozen Plains, and Coniferous Forest biomes)
  • Canary Reed (Flora found in Savanna and Volcanic biomes)
  • Crag Root (Flora found in Mountains, Swamp, and Savanna biomes)
  • Moth Vine (Flora found in Tropical Forest and Deciduous Forest biomes)
  • Seet Canis Vine (Flora found in Coniferous Forest biomes)
  • Spiral Creep (Flora found in Deciduous Forest biomes)
  • Tufted Snow Willow (Flora found in Frozen Mountains, Mountains, and Coniferous Forest biomes)

Receive Metabolic Agent as a Gift from Companions

Receive Metabolic Agent as a Gift from Companions
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

In Starfield, each of the four Constellation companions offers unique gifts due to the time spent with you. Those proficient in ‘Botany,’ such as Sarah Morgan, tend to bestow organic materials like Metabolic Agent as symbols of your shared adventures.

However, acquiring Metabolic Agent from these companions, though a pleasant occurrence, isn’t the most effective way to gather large amounts. The amounts they give are usually small and are part of a collective pool of resources. Relying exclusively on a specific companion for Metabolic Agent might also restrict your gameplay strategies and options.

Loot Metabolic Agent from Storage Boxes and Other Containers

In the expansive Starfield universe, Metabolic Agent can be found in numerous ways. It’s located in storage containers, on fallen enemies, and dispersed across open areas like laboratories and crafting stations. Additionally, skilled pickpockets can acquire it through their craft.

Though this approach may not be the fastest way to gather large amounts of Metabolic Agents, it provides a no-cost alternative for gradual accumulation during your explorations. Staying alert for Metabolic Agent while adventuring can lead to a consistent, albeit small, supply.

What is the Item Code for Metabolic Agent in Starfield

The Item ID for Metabolic Agent in Starfield is 0029F3FC. Players can generate this item in-game using the console command: player.additem 0029F3FC or player.additem 0029F3FC <amount>.

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