How to Get Jetragon’s Missile Launcher

Anastasios Antoniadis

Discover how to get Jetragon’s Missile Launcher in Palworld, a key item that lets you ride and fly Jetragon.

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In the expansive and dynamic world of Palworld, where Pals are integral to players’ adventures, Jetragon’s Missile Launcher emerges as an essential item for those seeking enhanced aerial combat abilities. This article delves into Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, a unique Pal Gear, which unlocks the Aerial Missile Partner Skill. We’ll guide you through the crafting process and discuss the impacts of this high-powered skill.


Jetragon’s Missile Launcher Overview

  • Category: Key Items
  • Related Pal: Jetragon
  • Description: A missile launcher attachment that makes Jetragon capable of firing missiles when ridden.

The Jetragon’s Missile Launcher is designed for adventurers who aim to synergize with Jetragon, a Pal known for its aerial capabilities and formidable presence in the skies of Palworld.

How to Craft Jetragon’s Missile Launcher

Crafting Materials and Requirements

To craft the Jetragon’s Missile Launcher, gather the following materials:

  • Leather x100
  • Paldium Fragment x140
  • Refined Ingot x200
  • Circuit Board x50

Required Level: Lv. 50
Technology Points: 5
Workbenches: Pal Gear Workbench

Crafting Process

Begin by capturing a Jetragon to unlock the necessary Technology. After reaching the required level and securing enough technology points, use a Pal Gear Workbench to craft the missile launcher.

Jetragon’s Missile Launcher Effect

Unlocks Jetragon’s Aerial Missile

  • Partner Skill: Aerial Missile
  • Description: Enables Jetragon to be ridden as a flying mount, capable of rapidly firing missiles while mounted.
  • Related Pal: Jetragon

Crafting Jetragon’s Missile Launcher activates the Aerial Missile Partner Skill. This skill transforms your aerial combat strategy, allowing you to mount Jetragon and unleash a barrage of missiles from the air. As a Key Item, the missile launcher is a permanent addition to your inventory, providing ongoing advantages for aerial battles throughout your Palworld adventure.

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