How to get Inferno Cloak in King Legacy

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King Legacy

The Inferno Cloak is an obtainable Legendary back Accessory in Roblox King Legacy, created and developed by Venture Lagoons. King Legacy is one of the platform’s most popular One Piece-inspired action and fighting games.

How to get Inferno Cloak?

Inferno Cloak has a chance to drop when you defeat Hydra. The Hydra is a periodic boss that spawns in the Second Sea. A Legacy Island spawns in the Second Sea 1 hour after the boss’s defeat in the previously spawned Legacy Island. Typically, Legacy Islands are guarded by Sea Kings, but on occasion, they may be guarded by a tougher boss, Hydra, instead.

A Legacy Island can also be spawned on demand by purchasing a Spawn Legacy Island Pass for 275 Robux.

The Legacy Pose Pass (costs 350 Robux) will point you to the location of the Legacy Island once it spawns. However, players typically form a server-wide alliance when the Legacy Island spawns, so you can find the island by following your allies’ markers, so the gamepass is not an absolute necessity.

Upon defeat Hydra will drop a T1, T2, T3, or T4 Chest. Here are the reported drop rates for each chest tier and the chance for Inferno Cloak to be in the chest based on its tier:

  • Hydra Chest (Tier 1: 1%): 0.062%
  • Hydra Chest (Tier 2: 74%): 0.52%
  • Hydra Chest (Tier 3: 24%): 0.75%
  • Hydra Chest (Tier 4: 1%): 1%

As you can tell based on the above drop rates, Inferno Cloak is one of the rarest items in King Legacy.

Inferno Cloak Description & Usage

Inferno Cloak is a Legendary Back accessory that was added in update 4.

Inferno Cloak Buffs

Inferno Cloak grants the player a 20% Damage Reduction and a 10% Speed Boost when equipped.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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