How to Get Fiber in Starfield (Buy, Farm)

Anastasios Antoniadis

How to Get Fiber in Starfield

Fiber is an essential element in the Starfield universe, playing a significant role in building outposts and creating weapon mods, spacesuit mods, and manufactured components.

This guide is designed to help you effectively find and gather Fiber, offering detailed information on every method available for obtaining this crucial resource in Starfield.

To enhance your experience in the Settled Systems and beyond, we also provide specialized sections on increasing your Starfield carry capacity, upgrading your boost pack, and utilizing Shielded Cargo and Scan Jammers.

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How to Get Fiber in Starfield

Below, we delve into detailed explanations about acquiring and collecting Fiber. For a concise summary, these are the main ways to obtain Fiber in Fiber:

  1. Purchase Fiber from in-game merchants.
  2. Where to farm Fiber from planets’ Flora and Fauna.
  3. Acquire as a present from your in-game companions.
  4. Find in assorted loot caches.

Where to Buy Fiber From Vendors

Fiber in Vendor Menu Starfield
Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Meta Game Guides

The quickest way to gather Fiber is to visit a resource merchant, buy all their Fiber, and then use the ‘Wait’ function to skip ahead by 24 hours, refreshing the merchant’s inventory. Alternatively, consider visiting other merchants to exhaust their Fiber supplies.

In Starfield, the waiting process is effortless: just find a chair or bench to sit on. But, with the option of fast travel, it’s often more efficient to hop between different vendors for Fiber, especially when they’re located close to each other.

The following locations are where you can purchase Fiber in Starfield:

Where to Farm Fiber from Flora and Fauna on Planets

Where to Farm Fiber from Flora and Fauna on Planets
Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Meta Game Guides

Another option is to farm Fiber from plants and animals on planets with Fauna and Flora. However, you must find the appropriate biomes to find the Fauna or Flora you seek, so check the pop-up window on the right when selecting a landing spot on planets with Fauna and/or Flora.

Fauna with Fiber

  • Centiskull Grazer (Fauna found in Plateau and Rocky Desert biomes)
  • Jackknife Geophage (Fauna found in Rocky Desert, Plateau, Mountains, and Volcanic biomes)
  • Kreet Stalker (Fauna found in Mountains and Volcanic biomes)
  • Milliwhale Filterer (Fauna found in Frozen Volcanic, Savanna, Mountains, Sandy Deserter, and Deciduous Forest biomes)
  • Mothwing Crazer (Fauna found in Mountains, Swamp, Frozen Plains, Coniferous Forest, and Savanna biomes)

Flora with Fiber

  • Aurora Palm (Flora found in Mountains and Savanna biomes)
  • Barrenbulb (Flora found in Rocky Desert biomes)
  • Burnt Pokeleaf (Flora found in Rocky Desert biomes)
  • Dust Root (Flora found in Volcanic biomes)
  • Glossy Stickweed (Flora found in Deciduous Forest, Mountains, and Coniferous Forest biomes)
  • Nebula Vine (Flora found in Mountains biomes)
  • Savanna Sweetbush (Flora found in Coniferous Forest and Sanna biomes)
  • Spike Spit Trap (Flora found in Mountains and Swamp biomes)
  • Thorn Grazer (Flora found in Swamp and Savanna biomes)
  • Velvet Bloom (Flora found in Swamp and Wetlands biomes)

Thanks to its abundant Fauna and Flora, Jemison is a great planet to look for Fiber.

Receive Fiber as a Gift from Companions

Receive Fiber as a Gift from Companions
Image: Bethesda Game Studios/Bethesda Softworks via Meta Game Guides

In Starfield, the four Constellation companions provide distinct gifts after spending enough time with you. Companions skilled in ‘Botany,’ like Sarah Morgan, often give organic resources such as Fiber as tokens of their journey together.

While receiving Fiber from companions is nice, this method may not be the most efficient for collecting it in bulk. The quantity provided is typically modest and comes from a common pool of various resources. Depending solely on a particular companion for Fiber could also limit your gameplay tactics and choices.

Loot Fiber from Storage Boxes and Other Containers

In the expansive Starfield universe, Fiber can be found in numerous ways. It’s located in storage containers, on fallen enemies, and dispersed across open areas like laboratories and crafting stations. Additionally, skilled pickpockets can acquire it through their craft.

Though this approach may not be the fastest way to gather large amounts of Fiber, it provides a no-cost alternative for gradual accumulation during your explorations. Staying alert for Fiber while adventuring can lead to a consistent, albeit small, supply.

Fiber Item ID in Starfield

Fiber’s Item ID is 000055AF. You can add Fiber to your inventory by typing the player.additem 000055AF console command or the player.additem 000055AF <amount> console command.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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