How to fly in Shindo Life Untested

Anastasios Antoniadis

Did you know you can fly in Shindo Life? Not only that, but you can also simulate flying!

Shindo Life is much more than meets the eye based on the highly-acclaimed anime and manga Naruto. It features enhanced game mechanics, customizable abilities, and an extensive and vibrant world. Players may wonder if there is a quicker and more efficient way of exploring this world than running from one place to another. Luckily, there is! 

How to Fly in Shindo Life?

You can equip the Samurai spirit or the heavenly spirit, but we recommend activating the Tengoku mode to fly. To get Tengoku mode you will have to acquire the 1/150 rarity Tengoku bloodline and hit level 400. Tengoku is an incredible damage-dealing bloodline, ideal for PvP and War modes.

  • Flying is easy once you have the Tengoku mode.
  • To activate Tengoku mode, press and hold C.
  • Next, hold down the spacebar to lift off. Hold X to get back to the ground. Note that Tengoku mode drains 30MD/s.

Note:I am not 100% sure this method still works, as a YouTuber mentions it doesn’t and you have to use Rengoku to fly.

How to tree jump in Roblox Shindo Life
Tree jumping Shindo Life Guide

Additionally, we’ll show you how to simulate flight using Shindo Life’s hidden tree jumping technique.

Other than, Tengoku mode, Shindo Life doesn’t have any flight-specific abilities, but there aren’t any Element or Bloodline which gives it that ability. Many players don’t know that tree jumping is a possible workaround until you reach bloodline level 400.

This trick is easy to master. Find any tree and follow the map to climb to its top. Walk up to the tree and press the spacebar. Your character will then stand on the trunk.

Hold down the movement keys + Shift and run forward as usual after your feet are planted on the trunk (no pun intended); hold down the movement keys + Shift and run forward as usual. You should eventually reach the top of this tree. 

Pressing the spacebar will cause your character to appear if you reach the top but don’t see them.

Now, move forward and hold the spacebar. Point your cursor to whichever direction you want to fly. Once you release the spacebar, you will launch your character in the direction you are pointing.

Your stamina bar determines how long you can fly. Once you run out, your character will stop flying and plummet to the ground. Find another tree to fly again and follow the steps above.

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Anastasios Antoniadis