How to Find The Warlock & Can You Steal It?

Anastasios Antoniadis

Where you can find Reginal Orlaise and The Warlock, and can you steal the ship?

In Starfield‘s “The Devils You Know” mission for the UC Vanguard, Franois Sanon (aka Vae Victis) will hand you the task of finding Reginald Orlaise, a war criminal specializing in Mech warfare. Orlaise has been eluding justice for years since the end of the Colony War, so it’s time to apprehend him or exterminate him.

Note: I recommend raising your Security Skill to Rank 4 before you reach The Warlock, as you will be missing out on some loot.

Where to Find Orlaise & The Warlock

The Warlock Location - Etherea Ruins - Wolf System
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Before you find The Warlock, you should head to The Den, in Chthonia’s orbit (Wolf System). Talking to Rayna Marquez, an office of the UC Vanguard at the space station, will reveal The Warlock‘s whereabouts, and potentially Orlaise’s. The objective marker will move on your Starmap to Etherea Ruins in Etherea’s orbit.

Once you fast-travel to the location, you will indeed find The Warlock and Orlaise piloting it. I will have to check in my second playthrough whether you will find the Warlock there even without talking to Rayna.

The Warlock Encounter - Etherea Ruins
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Should You Destroy The Warlock or Board It?

While destroying The Warlock will be a faster way to complete the mission, you should undoubtedly not destroy the ship and instead take out its engines, dock with it, and board it. First, let’s answer the most important question and we will explain why it’s best to board the ship afterward.

How to Board the Warlock: Can You Steal It?

Destroy Warlock's Engines to Board It
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

To board The Warlock, you must first take out its shield with your energy weapons (lasers) and then use your weapons (ideally EM weapons) to destroy its engines. To do that, you must have the Targeting Control System skill. Without it, you can’t use the Targeting mode.

  1. Target The Warlock (Press “E” on PC or “A” on Xbox to switch between targets).
  2. Wait for your ship to lock on The Warlock.
  3. Enter Targeting mode by pressing “R” on PC or “X” on Xbox.
  4. Use “A” and “D” on your PC or the left stick on Xbox to switch between the ship’s systems. Select the engines (ENG).
  5. EM weapons are the best option because they are designed to fry a ship’s electronic systems. Avoid using Ballistic weapons, as they deal heavy damage to the hull. The Warlock’s hull may reach 0 and explode before you disable the engines.
  6. Once the ENG bar is empty, the option to dock with The Warlock by holding down “R” on PC or “X” on Xbox.
  7. Now, you can finally board the ship.

After all this, here is the disappointing part. Sadly, you can’t steal the Warlock. Once you board the ship, Reginald Orlaise will commit suicide as he doesn’t want to end up in prison. He will also begin wiping the ship’s documents and systems. While the wiping process will fail at 98%, it will have rendered the ship non-operational.

Why You Should Still Board The Warlock

Reginal Orlaise and Warlock Loot
Image Credit: Bethesda/Meta Game Guides

Even though you can’t steal The Warlock, you will find a ton of loot inside it, including, but not limited to:

  • The ship’s Cargo Hold and Captain’s Locker
  • A locked Helmet Display on the lower level (Expert Security Level): Save scumming can give a Legendary Helmet.
  • A locked Safe on the lower level (Master Security Level)
  • A locked Locker on the lower level (Master Security Level)
  • Harvested Organs (Contraband)
  • Credits

All in all, to make the most of your encounter with Orlaise and The Warlock, you should enter the ship and leave no stone unturned inside it. It will be worth it!

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