How to Find Skill Fruits in Palworld

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Discover where to find Skill Fruits in Palworld and how to use them to teach and equip your Pals with new skills.

Skill Fruit Palworld

Palworld is a vast world where the strength and versatility of your Pals are essential to your adventure. One of the most exciting features of this game is the ability to enhance your Pals’ abilities beyond their natural elemental affinities using Skill Fruit. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know to acquire and use Skill Fruit effectively to unlock new potential in your Pals.

How to Acquire Skill Fruits in Palworld

Palworld Skill Fruit Tree
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Skill Fruit can be obtained through various methods in Palworld, each offering a unique adventure in itself. Whether you’re exploring the vast landscapes, engaging in commerce, or uncovering hidden treasures, here’s how you can add these valuable items to your inventory:

  • Merchant Transactions: Across the lands, merchants offer a variety of goods, including Skill Fruit. Typically, these vendors stock common varieties priced at 2,500 Gold. While more affordable, these common Skill Fruits can be instrumental in enhancing your Pal’s capabilities.
  • Exploration: For those willing to venture into the unknown, Skill Fruit can be found in the wild, rewarded from opening chests, or harvested directly from the rare Skill Fruit Trees scattered throughout the world. These methods may yield Skill Fruits of varying rarities, from common to rare, providing a richer palette of skills to teach your Pals. Gold Chests, often hidden or guarded in remote areas, are treasure troves for rare Skill Fruits. Adventurers who seek out these chests may find themselves rewarded with Skill Fruits of uncommon or rare rarity, offering powerful abilities not easily found elsewhere.

How to Teach Your Pals New Skills with Skill Fruits

Once you’ve acquired Skill Fruit, the next step is to teach these new skills to your Pals. This process not only broadens your team’s arsenal but also allows for strategic advantages in battles. Here’s how to use Skill Fruit effectively:

  • Feeding Your Pal: Place the Skill Fruit in your inventory and then offer it to your chosen Pal. This action teaches the skill encapsulated within the fruit to your Pal. A notification will confirm that your Pal has successfully learned the new skill.How to Use Skill Fruits
  • Managing Pal Skills: If your Pal has already mastered three skills, you must manage their skill set to incorporate the new ability. Access your Pal’s profile through the Party tab or Paldeck and navigate to the Active Skills section. Here, you can select which skill to replace by swapping it with the newly learned skill from the Skill Fruit.Skill swapping in Palworld

By integrating Skill Fruit into your Pal’s development, you unlock the potential for unique skill combinations and strategic depth not achievable through standard leveling alone. Whether compensating for elemental weaknesses or enhancing your Pal’s combat versatility, Skill Fruit stand as a cornerstone to mastering the diverse ecosystem of Palworld. With these insights, you’re now equipped to expand your Pals’ abilities and tailor your team to your adventuring style, making every encounter in Palworld a testament to your ingenuity and tactical prowess.

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