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Pyrin Paldeck

Palworld is a game that offers players a vast and dynamic world where they can explore and capture unique creatures, such as the rare Pyrin. To capture a Pyrin, players must possess the proper tools and know their behavior and habitat, which can be found in the volcanic regions of the game’s southwest. This article is a comprehensive guide for players who want to add Reptyro to their collection.

Head to the Volcanic Region of the Map

Volcano Region
Image: Map Genie via Meta Game Guides

To find Pyrin, you need to travel to the volcanic regions located in the southwestern part of Palworld. Pyrin is specifically found in the eastern area of these fiery landscapes. You can spot these creatures once you cross the water surface.

It is recommended to obtain a flying mount to navigate challenging terrain effectively. While crossing some areas with a regular water mount is possible, the mountainous and volcanic terrain can be daunting without the aid of wings. Even if you don’t have a flying mount, the location is full of Vanwyrm, which you can capture. You can then craft a Vanwyrm Saddle and ride a Vanwyrm by utilizing the Aerial Marauder Partner Skill.

When visiting the Volcanic Region, it is crucial to wear suitable clothing that can withstand high temperatures. Heat-resistant Pelt Armor or Heat-resistant Metal Armor are ideal options, as they offer protection in the harsh environment. It is essential not to underestimate the climate, as it can be more hazardous than the local creatures.

Locating and Catching Pyrin

In the eastern half of the Volcanic Region, spotting Reptyro should be easy, as they often wander alone or in pairs. However, encountering multiple Reptyros can be overwhelming, so players should exercise caution.

Pyrin typically ranges between levels 28 to 33. Ensure your strength and that of your Pals are adequate for a successful encounter.

It is important to choose a water-based Pal when fighting Pyrin, as it is a Fire-type Pal, but be careful not to fatally injure it if you plan to capture it.

To capture Pyrin, minimize its health before using Hyper or Ultra Spheres for capture. Weak orbs have significantly lower chances of success.

Pyrin Stats

Paldeck Number058
Element TypeFire
Potential DropsFlame Organ, Leather
Work SuitabilityKindling Lv 2, Lumbering Lv 1
Partner SkillRed Hare: Can be ridden. Applies Fire Damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. (Requires Pyrin Saddle)
Food Requirement5/10

Pyrin is a skilled fighter and a valuable assistant and worker. Its unique abilities make it a versatile addition to any player’s team.

Red Hare Partner Skill

This Partner Skill allows you to ride Pyrin and applies Fire damage to the player’s attacks while mounted. To unlock it, you must craft the Pyrin Saddle Pal Gear.

Pyrin Work Suitability

  • Kindling Lv2: Allows Pyrin to outperform weaker Foxparks in fire-based tasks, completing them faster.
  • Lumbering Lv1: Pyrin’s Lumbering perk is lackluster, as multiple Lumbering-oriented Pals outperform it.

In conclusion, capturing and utilizing Pyrin in Palworld is a rewarding experience that requires careful preparation and strategy. Each step is crucial for success, from crossing the volcanic terrains to engaging in tactical battles. With Pyrin as part of your Pal collection, you gain a powerful fighter and an invaluable resource in your base operations.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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