How to Find & Catch Blazehowl Noct in Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Blazehowl Noct Paldeck

Palworld is a vast and dynamic game where players seek to discover and capture extraordinary creatures, including the rare Blazehowl Noct Pal, which appears only at night. To track down and capture a Reptyro, players need to be well-prepared and understand its habitat and behavior in the volcanic regions of the game’s southwest. This article provides a comprehensive guide for players who want to add Reptyro to their collection.

Head to the Volcanic Region of the Map

Volcano Region
Image: Map Genie via Meta Game Guides

To find Blazehowl Noct, you should start by heading to the volcanic regions southwest of the Palpagos Islands map. Reptyro can be found in the eastern area of these fiery landscapes. To cross the water and spot these creatures, it is recommended that you have at least one flying mount. While it is possible to navigate some areas with a regular water Pal, the mountainous and volcanic terrain can be challenging without wings.

Equipping the right attire when exploring the Volcanic Region is important due to its high temperatures. Heat Resistant Pelt Armor or Heat Resistant Metal Armor are excellent choices for protection against the harsh environment. Underestimating the climate can be more dangerous than the local creatures themselves.

Locating and Catching Blazehowl Noct

Blazehowl Noct Habitat Location on the Map
Image: Pocketpair via Meta Game Guides

Upon reaching the eastern half of the Volcanic Region, spotting Blazehowl Noct shouldn’t take long. You will typically find these Pals wandering alone, easily recognizable by the blueish neon-like aura enshrouding them.

Blazehowl Noct typically ranges between levels 30 to 35. Ensure your strength and that of your Pals are adequate for a successful encounter.

Since Reptyro is a Fire and Dark dual-type creature, it is particularly susceptible to Water Attacks or Dragon Attacks (make sure you check the Palworld type chart for a refresher on elements and weaknesses). Selecting a Pal with water- or dragon-based abilities is crucial, but avoid fatally injuring Blazehowl Noct if you intend to capture it.

To successfully capture Blazehowl Noct, reduce its health to a minimum without causing its demise. Then, utilize Hyper or Ultra Spheres for the capture process. Giga Spheres can also work (that’s how I did it, but you may have to throw a bunch of them, 5-10). While using weaker orbs isn’t guaranteed to fail, the chances of success are significantly lower.

Blazehowl Noct’s Abilities

Blazehowl Noct is a formidable fighter and an invaluable assistant or worker. Its unique abilities make it a versatile addition to any player’s collection.

Darfkflame Lion Partner Skill

The Darkflame Lion Partner Skill allows players to ride Blazehowl Noct after unlocking it by crafting a Dark Kingferno Saddle. Additionally, when you have Blazehowl Noct out during a fight, Neutral Pals drop more items when defeated.

Reptyro Work Suitability

  • Kindling Lv3: Allows Blazehowl Noct to outperform Foxparks, Arsox, and Wixen in fire-based tasks.
  • Mining Perk Lv3: Establishes Blazehowl Noct as one of the top miners in the game, essential for players focusing on resource accumulation. It can do great work when mining for Copper Ores.

In conclusion, capturing and utilizing Blazehowl Noct in Palworld is a rewarding experience that requires careful preparation and strategy. Each step is crucial for success, from crossing the volcanic terrains to engaging in tactical battles. With Blazehowl Noct as part of your Pal collection, you gain a powerful fighter and an invaluable resource in your base operations.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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