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Cooking is an essential part of Roblox’s The Survival Game, as once your Hunger reaches zero, you will start losing 3 Health every few seconds until you die or eat food. Dying will drop some of our loot, so that’s something you want to avoid.

So let’s see how you can make food in The Survival Game.

How to Cook in The Survival Game

To cook in Roblox The Survival Game, you will need a Campfire. You can either find one around the map built by another player or build one yourself. Building a Campfire is quite simple.

How to Build a Campfire – Materials required

Campfire Materials
Image Source: The Survival Game/ Meta Game Guides

To build a Campfire, you are going to need a hammer. You must also build a Crafting Table first to unlock the Campfire recipe.

The materials you will need to build a Campfire are 2 Wooden Logs and 3 Chiseled Stones.

  • You can get Wooden Logs by chopping trees with your axe or sharpened stone.
  • You can craft Chiseled Stone on your Crafting Table by pressing F next to it or by pressing B on your keyboard. The Chiseled Stone requires three Stones to be crafted, so you will need 9 stones to make enough Chiseled Stones for your Campfire.

Once you do so, equip your hammer, then press the Change Building button on the left side of the game screen. Head to the Production tab and click on the Campfire icon.

Once you build your Campfire you can press F while standing next to eat to access your cooking recipes and craft food.

How to Build a Cooking Stove – Materials required

Cooking Stove Crafting Materials
Image Source: The Survival Game/ Meta Game Guides

Once you build a Campfire you will also unlock the Cooking Stove. Building a Cooking Stove requires:

  • 2x Iron Bar
  • 3x Stones
  • 6x Coal

Once you build a Cooking Stove you will have access to even more The Survival Game recipes while you can unlock a few more as you make each food.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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