How to bullet pass in Retro Bowl

Anastasios Antoniadis

In this guide, we will explain how to make a bullet pass in Retro Bowl. New Star Games is developing a video game called Retro Bowl for iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch in early 2022. TikTok gained massive popularity in late 2021 following the release of the game in January 2020. Retro Bowl is based on Tecmo Bowl, a retro football game.

You can play Retro Bowl and Retro Bowl unblocked on many websites offering online games.

So, bullet passes in Retro Bowl are what we call lasers in the NFL, thrown by the Patrick Mahomeses and the Josh Allens of professional football, but they are not so easy to make, so let’s see how you can do it in Retro Bowl.

What is a bullet pass in football, the NFL, and Retro Bowl?

Bullet passes or lasers are passes that focus on speed/velocity while sacrificing some accuracy. Typically quarterbacks use bullet passes for short to medium distance throws to hit a receiver that is under pressure by one or more defenders. The goal of the pass is to reach the receiver before the defending player can make a move on the ball.

Since the distance to the receiver is short the loss of accuracy won’t affect the ball’s trajectory that so in most cases these are plays with a high completion percentage when done right in real life.

How to Bullet Pass in Retro Bowl

Here is how to throw bullet passes in Retro Bowl by @RetroBitCoach on Twitter. You can follow his account for more Retro Bowl tips:

  1. As you control the Qarterback, pull back with one finger to aim for the pass. Every pass trajectory starts as a curved one. Then tap the screen with another finger/thumb to change the dotted passing arc from a curve to a straight line for a bullet throw.
  2. You can go back and forth between a normal curve throw and a bullet throw as many times as you want until you release the pass, get sacked, or switch the play to a QB run. If you release your finger once you have selected the bullet pass throw option you will throw a bullet pass.
how to bullet pass retro bowl

Without bullet passes, playing on Extreme consists of little more than dink and dunk out routes to the sidelines, with an occasional TE seam route if the defense blows the coverage. I can’t throw anything over the middle because the DBs are just too fast and I end up with interceptions right and left.
Bullet passes fix that. I can now throw into narrow windows between defenders before they have time to react, opening up the middle of the field again. I can finally use an entire half of the playbook that was impossible before.
I didn’t think bullet passes would have this big of an impact. Kudos to the dev(s?) for making a great addition to the game!

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