How to Become a Demon in Project Slayers?

Anastasios Antoniadis

In Roblox Project Slayers, the Demon Slayer-inspired action RPG/fighting game, every player will be starting out as a human. Once you reach level 15, you can either participate in the Final Selection to become a Demon Slayer or choose to become a Demon. In this guide, we will explain how to become a Demon in Project Slayers, as it is a bit trickier than becoming a Slayer.

How to Become a Demon (Step-by-Step)

Reach Level 15

This is a quite easy requirement, even if it requires a bit of grinding early on. One of the simplest ways to reach level 15 fast is to repeat Somi‘s questline in Kiribating Village (Defeat 5 of Zuko’s subordinates, Defeat two subordinates while carrying Riyaku, Defeat Zuko).

These three quests will reward with plenty of EXP and they can be completed really fast, without much traveling involved.

Find Muzan

Once you reach level 15 or higher, you must find Muzan. As we all know, Muzan Kibutsuji is the creator of Demons in Demon Slayer, so it is natural tha the is the guy that you have to find to become a Demon. However, Muzan is a very elusive being, so he doesn’t stick to one location.

Instead, there are several Muzan spawn locations, where you may randomly find him only at night. Muzan may appear in three different spots inside Butterfly Mansion so that is probably the best place to try out across different servers at night to find him.

The video below showcases most of Muzan’s locations in the game:

Complete Muzan’s Quest: Bring 5 Blue Spider Lillies and Doctor Higoshima to Muzan

Blue Spider Lillies spawn all around the game’s map so you will just have to do a bit of running around until you collect five of them. Meanwhile, you will find Doctor Higoshima at the house just beyond Zuko just outside of Kiribating Village. After you pass Zuko, take the ramp on your right up until you reach Doctor Higoshima’s hut.

Tip: Prioritize getting Doctor Higoshima to Muzan so that you will get rid of that part on the same night (so that you won’t have to look for Muzan elsewhere). If you do that, once you gather 5 Blue Spider Lillies the quest will be completed. You will still have to find Muzan a second time, but you will avoid having to find him a third one.

Press Hon your keyboard or tap and hold the screen of your mobile device with two fingers to bring up the carry button on mobile, then press it to carry Doctor Higoshima.

If you successfully did all this on the same night Muzan will be on the same place you found him. Otherwise you will have to once more track him down at one of his possible spawn locations to complete the quest.

Drink Muzan’s Blood

Once you complete the quest Muzan will give you his blood. Drinking it will transform your character into a Demon.

Project Slayers Demon: Basic Info & Characteristics

Becoming a Demon will allow you to use Blood Demon Arts and Claws, contrary to Demon Slayers who use Breathing and Katanas. The easiest way to acquire Claws seems to be trading Demon Horns to Tony in exchange for Claws.

Keep in mind that all Demons will be burnt at sunrise.

The only way to avoid this currently is to be a member of the Kamado Clan or wear a Hat like the Straw Hat.

To reroll your BDA you will have to visit the Demon Art NPC at Zapiwara Cave.

While you are here, don’t forget to check our Breathing Tier List, Blood Demon Art Tier List, and Clan Tier List to properly set up your character for success in the game! Also check our Project Slayers locations map, and our guides on how to get Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Wind Breathing.

Our Project Slayers codes will also help you power up your character faster and get free spins to roll for the best Clans and BDA while joining a private server will make your life easier while leveling up.

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