Helldivers 2 Soars to the Top of the Steam Charts, Surpassing the Steam Deck & Palworld

Anastasios Antoniadis

Helldivers 2 (27)

n the competitive arena of video game releases, Helldivers 2 has swiftly ascended to a position of prominence, becoming a standout title since its launch late last week. Arrowhead Studios’ latest entry into the third-person shooter genre has not only captivated players but also achieved the remarkable feat of clinching the number one spot on the Steam Top Sellers list, a testament to its burgeoning popularity and the compelling gameplay it offers.

Helldivers 2 Outshines the Steam Deck

Top Sellers Steam Charts
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What makes Helldivers 2’s ascent even more noteworthy is its success in surpassing Palworld and Valve’s Steam Deck on the Steam charts. The Steam Deck, a dominant force in the realm of PC gaming hardware, has consistently maintained its position at the top of the sales charts, making Helldivers 2’s achievement all the more significant. This shift indicates a strong initial reception for the game, suggesting that it has struck a chord with the gaming community.

The question of longevity on the Steam charts remains. Previous titles, such as Palworld, have briefly dethroned the Steam Deck from its top spot, only to see the portable gaming device reclaim its position. This pattern suggests that while Helldivers 2’s current popularity is undeniable, maintaining the lead in the face of stiff competition and the enduring appeal of the Steam Deck will be a challenge.

Helldivers 2 Reception and Performance

Helldivers 2’s success is reflected not only in its sales figures but also in its reception among players. With a “Mostly Positive” Steam review score, the game has clearly resonated with its audience, though it has not been without its issues. Reports of crashing have marred an otherwise stellar launch, potentially impacting the game’s overall standing and player satisfaction.

Despite these challenges, Helldivers 2 has demonstrated impressive player engagement, boasting over 101,000 concurrent players according to recent data from SteamDB and achieving a peak of 155,926 players. While it may not yet rival the player numbers of some of its contemporaries, the game’s performance is a strong indicator of its initial success and the potential for sustained interest.


As Helldivers 2 enjoys its moment in the spotlight, surpassing even the Steam Deck in the Steam Top Sellers list, it’s clear that Arrowhead Studios has delivered a compelling addition to the third-person shooter genre. While it remains to be seen how the game will fare in the long run, its early achievements highlight the game’s appeal and the excitement it has generated among players. For now, Helldivers 2 can savor its position at the top, with the gaming community eagerly watching to see how it will evolve and continue to engage its burgeoning fan base.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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