Haze Piece Swords Tier List: Best Swords in the Game


Haze Piece challenges Roblox players to explore islands in Sea 1 and Sea 2, complete quests, and defeat enemies, bosses, and powerful super bosses. In this journey, the arsenal that will help you includes both Devil Fruits, which grant unique powers, and Swords. So, if you want your character to become the greatest swordsman in the game, getting the right sword to maximize your powers is mandatory. A Haze Piece swords tier list will be your best guide on how to get the mightiest swords in the game.

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The Tier System: What Does Each Tier Mean?

The tier system below is the backbone of our sword ranking. To give you a clearer picture, heres a brief overview:

  • S-Tier: Overpowered. These are the swords you should aim for eventually.
  • A-Tier: Excellent choices. It’s almost as good as S-Tier and more typically attainable.
  • B-Tier: Solid swords, but likely something you’d want to upgrade later.
  • C-Tier: Functionally average with suboptimal skills
  • D-Tier: Utterly lacking starting swords. Replace them at your earliest convenience.

Haze Piece Swords Tier List

Our comprehensive Haze Piece Swords Tier List will help you in your journey to become the world’s greatest swordsman like Roronoa Zoro aims to beat Hawk Eyes Mihawk, as you will find the best swords in Haze Piece, the skills they provide, and where to get them.

TierSword NameSword Skills (Sword Level Required)How to Get
SThree Sword Style 3SSZ: Pound Phoenix (50)
X: Purgatory Onigiri (150)
C: 3000 Worlds
1% drop chance from the 3ss Boss located at Snowy Graveyard (Sea 2).
SShusuiZ: Thrust Barrage (50)
X: Star Impact (150)
5% drop chance from the Level 2,150 boss (Ryumy) at Thriller Island (Sea 1)
SYoru (Dark Blade)Z: Dark Slash (50)
X: Rapid Slashes (150)
Gamepass ($1,199 Robux)
SEnma SwordZ: Inferno Impact (50)
X: Twisting Blaze (150)
10% drop chance from the Enma Boss, which spawns every 1 hour at Flower Capital (Sea 2) mansion.
SOperation BladeZ: Injection Shot (50)
X: Electric Discharge (150)
Half Hot / Half Cold Island (Sea 1 – Level 1,450+): Purchase from the Magma Minion for $250,000 Beli (Must be level 1000+).
SRaiuZ: Bloody Barrage (50)
X: Crimson Dash
Scroll Merchant behind the Skull in Skull Island (Sea 1 – Level 1750+). Requires Scroll and $75,000 Beli.
SSeaBeast Hammer V2Z: Water Blast (50)
X: Havoc Shockwave (150)
C: Shark Attack
3.5% drop chance from White Seabeast in Sea 2.
ABisento V2Z: Shattering Orb (50)
X: Shattering Impact (150)
20% drop chance from TremorGirl at Marine HQ Island (to get to her, you must have the TremorBeard Key – 5% drop chance from the Ice Admiral boss on the same island).
You must own Bisento V1 to unlock V2.
AGolden StaffZ: Thunder Blast (50)
X: Thunder Strikes (15)
1% drop chance from Thunder God at Sky Island (Sea 1 – Level 950+).
ASea Beast HammerZ: Sea Destroyer (50)
X: Water Blast (150)
50% drop chance from Seabeast in Sea 1.
B2 Sword Style V2Z: Cross Slash (50)
X: Twister (150)
Buy 2 Sword Style V1 from Mr White in Logue Town for $100,000 Beli.
Obtain a book from Dual Swordsman Superboss in Logue Town (10% drop chance).
Give it back to Mr White in Logue Town to Learn 2 Sword Style V2.
BSoul CaneZ: Soul Thrust
X: Soul Parade
Buy from Mr. Skeleton in Impel Jail for $100,000 Beli (break the wall to get to him).
?Bisento V1Z: Shattering Orb
X: Shattering Impact
Buy from Bella in Marine HQ Island (Sea 1 – Level 800+) for $500,000 Beli.
BKrampus ScytheZ: Chilling Spikes
X: Holiday Spirit
Project New World sword. Unobtainable in Haze Piece.
CMaceZ: Earth Crash
X: Bagua
100% drop chance from Mace Boss at Marine Base Town (Sea 1 – Level 600+). To get to the boss, loot the Lava Key from the table and defeat Marine Captains to get Lava Ore (5% drop chance).
CFisherman TridentZ: Water Shot
X: Water Repulse
Get the Fork (5% Drop Chance) from Neptune at Fishman Island (Sea 1 – Level 1600+). Then, go to the For Merchant at Fishman Island to buy the Fishman Trident for $50,000 Beli.
CPipeFlame Passive: (+10% Fire effect)
Z: Fire Shot
X: Flamethrower
Buy from Soba at Marine Base Island (Sea 1 – Level 600+) for $250,000 Beli.
C2 Sword StyleZ: Cross Slash (50)
X: Twister (150)
Buy 2 Sword Style V1 from Mr White in Logue Town (Sea 1) for $100,000 Beli.
DShark BladeZ: Shark Smash (50)
X: Shark Hurricane (150)
5% drop chance from Shark Boss in Shark Island (Sea 1).
DKatanaZ: Shark Smash (50)
X: Shark Hurricane (150)
Buy for $5,000 Beli at Starting Island (Sea 1).

We also have a guide on “How to Get to Sea 2“, for those eager to explore Haze Piece’s newly added islands.

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