Haze Piece Map: Sea 2 and Sea 1 & Leveling Guide


Haze Piece is a compelling Roblox title inspired by the iconic One Piece series. Players can traverse between many islands across the world’s seas, tackle intricate quests, defeat mighty bosses, and unlock various forms of Haki, Devil Fruit, and Sword skills.

Around Haze Piece’s map, you will encounter an assortment of Devil Fruits, each with its own attributes and unlocked skills. But beware—each island has a recommended level range to ensure you don’t find yourself at the mercy of overpowering foes within moments. This updated guide will cover how to use the game’s map to sail to each island successfully, including the new Sea 2 area, introduced in the latest Haze Piece update (Sea 2 + Magnet).

Before diving into the intricacies of island-hopping, let’s talk rewards. If you want freebies, head to our specialized Haze Piece Codes page. You’ll find a comprehensive list of all the free tips available in the game.

Thankfully, the developers have made both maps very simple, as players must constantly navigate through the corners of squares or rectangles to go from one island to the next.

Haze Piece Sea 2 Map

Haze Piece Sea 2 Map
Image: Meta Game Guides

The world of Haze Piece has expanded with the recent Sea 2 Update. This sea is home to four novel islands, each located at the four corners of the map. Below is detailed information about each new island and its corresponding recommended player level.

Sea 2 Island NameRecommended Player Level
Flower CapitalLevel 2200
Udon PrisonLevel 2400
Snowy GraveyardLevel 2550
Desert CityLevel 2700
Dragon IslandLevel 2850
Shadow IslandLevel 3000
Peanut IslandLevel 3150
Dough IslandLevel 3300
Cake IslandLevel 3450

We’ve got you covered if you are keen on setting sail to Sea 2. Check out our dedicated article “How to Get to Sea 2 in Haze Piece” for a step-by-step guide.

Haze Piece Sea 1 Map

Haze Piece Sea 1 Map
Image Credit: Holy Developer Council

Navigating the original 18 islands in Sea 1 can be slightly cumbersome, given they aren’t arranged in a progression-friendly sequence. However, you’ll find your bearings easier by approaching the islands as their names pop up, assisting in your navigation. The list below indicates the names of the islands in Sea 1, along with their respective recommended player levels. Once you reach level 2,200, it’s time to head to Haze Piece’s second Sea.

Sea 1 Island NameRecommended Player Level
Starter IslandLevel 1
Clown IslandLevel 40
Shark ParkLevel 90
Desert RuinsLevel 160
Sea RestaurantLevel 250
Logue CityLevel 350
Tall WoodsLevel 450
Marine Base TownLevel 600
Three IslandsLevel 700
Marine HQLevel 800
Sky IslandLevel 950
Revolutionary IslandLevel 1150
Impel JailLevel 1300
Half Hot/Half Cold IslandLevel 1450
Fishman IslandLevel 1600
Skull IslandLevel 1750
Bubble IslandLevel 1900
Thriller BoatLevel 2050

How to Use Your Compass to Track Quests and Navigate Through the Map

How to Track Quests Haze Piece
Image Credit: Holy Developer Council/Meta Game Guides

Navigating the sea of Haze Piece becomes remarkably straightforward when you leverage the quest tracker compass. Once you reach the recommended level for a new island, click on the Compass on the left side of the screen to track the next quest. This will place a green “QUEST” marker on your screen, showing the island’s location, while the compass’ orange arrow will always show the location of the Quest Giver, making it extremely easy to reach them!

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