Haelus – The Crafter [AFK Arena]

Haelus - The Crafter

Hero Overview

  • Faction: Celestial
  •  Type: Intelligence
  • Class: Support
  • Role: Buffer
  • Rarity: Ascended

Haelus Skills

Laws of Creation

Haelus forges an obelisk in front of himself, which is imbued with all of his starting attributes that are immune to control effects and can mitigate 30% damage.

Laws of Creation

The obelisk will deal 150% damage to the most injured enemy target. Based on the damage it deals, it shall generate a shield for its most injured allied target, which can mitigate damage equal to at least 100% of the obelisk’s Attack Rating.

If this Ultimate ability is used while an obelisk is already present on the battlefield, then it shall have its health fully restored and leveled up once.

Each time the obelisk is leveled up, its Attack Speed is increased by 15 points, its Attack Rating is increased by 15%, and its Crit, 15 points, increases damage Amplification.

  • Level 2: The obelisk will deal additional damage equal to 2% of the target’s max health but shall not exceed 80% of its Attack Rating.
  • Level 3: The obelisk will deal additional damage equal to 3% of the target’s max health but shall not exceed 120% of its Attack Rating.

Divine Projection

Haelus creates a divine cube and places it above the head of the ‘ally with the highest Combat Rating (excluding himself) and grants them 15 Life Leech points if they are situated on the frontline or 15 Crit Damage Amplification points if they are situated on the backline.

Divine Projection

The divine cube shall persist until the affected ally suffers damage greater than 40% of their max health during a single attack.

This ability cannot be used on summoned entities or allied targets that have already been granted a divine cube.

  • Level 2: According to the ally’s position, a backline ally will receive 40 additional Accuracy points, and their attacks shall deal 15% additional damage.
  • Level 3: According to the ally’s position, a frontline ally will receive 40 additional Dodge points and shall have 15% of the damage they receive reduced.
  • Level 4: Haelus’ obelisk is bestowed a divine cube with all of its full effects from the start of battle until the end.

Sphere of Craftsmanship

Sphere of Craftsmanship

Haelus generates a divine field for the most forward allied hero, which deals 260% AoE damage to any enemies within range, also granting the affected ally a shield that can mitigate 220% damage, which exists for 8 seconds.

  • Level 2: Haelus also receives the same damage-mitigating shield.
  • Level 3: The value of the shield is increased to 240% of Granit’s Attack Rating
  • Level 4: Enemies within the range have their shields simultaneously dispelled.

Born Blessings

Born Blessings

When any ally receives any type of shield, the shield’s value is increased by 20% but cannot exceed 300% of Haelus Attack Rating.

  • Level 2: If an ally is using the shield granted by Haelus, they shall be immune to control effects.
  • Level 3: When any ally receives any type of shield, the shield’s value is increased by 30%.
  • Level 4: When an ally possesses any type of shield, they shall recover 15 Energy points per second. Each ally can recover up ‘to 300 Energy points. As a result, of this ability per battle, Haelus has no recovery limit.

Signature Item: The Peerless Obelisk

Signature Item Skill: Concealing Force

Haelus’ Ultimate ability obelisk has its damage output increased by 10%, and its shield value is increased by 10%.

[+10 Unlocks] Damage output is increased by 20%, shield’s value is increased by 20%.

[+20 Unlocks] The obelisk now additionally attacks the nearest enemy target.

[+30 Unlocks] The obelisk’s attacks now additionally reduce the target’s Energy Regeneration by 25% for 5 seconds. The effect can be stacked three times.

Funiture Ability

Funiture Ability

3/3 Ability: May be used once per battle. At the start of the battle, a divine cube is automatically created and placed above the head of the allied hero with the highest Attack Rating (excludes Haelus).

9/9 Ability: Divine cubes will no longer disappear due to suffering damage and will grant the cube’s carrier a shield that can mitigate 270% damage once every 12 seconds.

Eternal Engravings

E30: Enhance the ability Sphere of Craftsmanship; enemies within the range have their shields simultaneously dispelled.

  • Reach 2 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: MR +3.04
  • Reach 3 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: MR +3.04

E60: Enhance the ability Born Blessings; when an ally possesses any type of shield, they shall recover 15 Energy points per second. Each ally can recover up to 300 Energy points due to this ability per battle; Haelus has no recovery limit.

  • Reach 4 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: MR +3.04
  • Reach 5 Star Ascended with this hero to gain: MR +3.04

Haelus had a dream. In that dream, he was aboard a giant airship. He sailed through the cloud and mist, passed obstacles, all the way up to the mountain peaks, where the gods reside. When the brilliant Divine Light gently showered down upon his head, he was like an infant who had received the entire understanding of his mother. His tears would not stop flowing. I Born into a family of craftsmen, Haelus was frail at birth, and at just one-year-old, he fell gravely ill. Hopes for his survival were so slim that his grief-stricken father prayed desperately to the gods, hoping they would pity his son. If the child survived this ordeal, he would willingly serve the gods for the rest of his life. Perhaps the gods heard and answered? Haelus’ intense feverish daze lasted for several more days but suddenly dissipated in a miraculous recovery. The child not only grew up well but later displayed an extraordinary talent for mechanical engineering. Haelus lived during the period later known as “The Era of Man-Gods” – an era of insanity in which everyone was afflicted with the disease of fanaticism,“ Mania.” Architecture soared higher and higher, people used god-given magic as they pleased, luxuriant materialism was practiced, and pomp and circumstance was indulged in. But despite humanity’s mastery of powerful magics, it continued to be shackled by the fetters of human nature. Few people were able to devote themselves to it, flitting from one thing to another, and most were discouraged by the abstruse and dry philosophies.

Haelus’ academic journey was not a smooth one. His natural introversion caused him to be ostracized by his peers. His unique talent elicited a blend of jealousy and fear as those same peers felt they couldn’t understand him. Haelus had precious few friends, but one was his companion, a young man named Gaius. When Haelus was pushed to the ground by jealous students, it was Gaius who stood up for him, sparing the timid genius from greater humiliation. The friendship between the two men continued into adulthood. Gaius, a born member of society’s upper classes, made a proposal to Haelus – build the “Airship” he had designed as a student. An airship. Haelus had imagined a flying mechanical creation, capable of long-range voyages that could surpass the dragons and even reach distant mountain peaks. With Gaius’ considerable financial support and material resources, Haelus devoted himself to his airship.

Through countless days and nights, beneath the papers stacked up to the ceiling, Haelus watched as each part of the ship he designed on paper was realized into a final product. The recurring dream he had so often recalled as a teenager may be on the verge of becoming reality. After ten long years, the very first man-made airship was born. Such a historic success inspired the people of the world, and Gaius achieved an unequaled level of prestige. He took center stage in the realm of men, wielding incredible authority, and began drafting a blueprint for humanity to become “Man-Gods”. Inch by inch, Gaius ran his fingers over the airship hull, savoring the sensation as if he ran his fingers along a freshly sharpened blade edge. “Haelus, do you not want to control your own life? Do you not wish for Esperia to be the master of its own fate? If the gods are willing to impart the secret of eternal life unto me, then my airship will present them with the finest of tributes, but if not… The hull shall be laden with weapons.” Hearing Gaius’ words, Haelus was struck by alarm. Such ambition didn’t sit well with him, and for the first time in his life, he raised an objection to Gaius, “This is blasphemy, I cannot agree with this.” “My dear friend, have you so easily forgotten those that once trampled upon you?” Gaius reached out his hands,“ The gods of Esperia are above all beings only because of their immortality. You know , Those Above have always had choices to make; they can grant humanity their magic, and they can also choose to trample us underfoot.” Gaius continued in his persuasions, urging Haelus to help him design weapons and armor, “Humans have a short life, so of course the gods can choose to turn a blind eye to us. But on what merit? After all, humanity is already on par with the gods, why not follow the natural progression of matters and simply take their place? Ultimately, there isn’t a soul that can guarantee the gods will not one day choose to trample us into the mud. Building an airship or purging dissenting political enemies was all the same to Gaius. There is one single objective – to become the Supreme Authority Above. This aspect of Gaius’ agenda was something that Haelus could never come to understand or reconcile. He refused to play a role in any more of Gaius’ schemes. Influenced by his father’s devotion to the Divine Light, Haelus grew up in reverence for the gods, always in awe of them. Shortly after their disagreement, there was a devastating explosion in Haelus’ workshop. Some say the explosion was Gaius’ political enemies removing his right-hand man, while others speculate that it was Gaius himself, rattling those he regarded beneath him. Whatever the truth of the matter, Gaius was a military officer well-versed in the arts of warfare, and this occurrence made for a fine excuse to launch into war. The whole country was plunged into violence, with countless heads falling and rivers of blood flowing, as Gaius finally established himself as the dominant warlord. Amidst the explosion, Haelus’ body was instantly ripped asunder, shattered into tiny fragments. When he next opened his eyes, he came to discover he was somewhere utterly incomprehensible. A place so far beyond the limited understanding of humanity, a higher plane only accessible to the gods. Here, he can see time, where mortals carve myriad things, and time carves mortals. He also saw how humanity is the architect of its .” confines, influenced by the laws of the mundane world and the weaknesses of human nature, ensuring they can never break through their limitations. A gentle sigh echoed across an unknowable distance. A god thumbed through pages upon pages of Haelus’ blueprints and design notes, his admiration for the pieces sincere and heartfelt.“ Humans are insignificant, but their creations can be truly remarkable. Your wisdom and focus have already brought you closer to the essence of creation than anyone else in this world. Creation will always be more meaningful than destruction. The intention is the golden rule of creation.” The god’s voice was accompanied by a tremendous wave of energy that surged through Haelus’ fragmented corpse, reshaping him with sparks of light as the haze before his eyes began to clear… The gods themselves had chosen Haelus, and now he too would be a god – the Master Architect. At that very moment, he came to understand the true essence of creation. “It was always right there, but only now do I truly see.”

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