Fire Emblem: Alleged leak of finished new game pictures shows up online

Anastasios Antoniadis

Following up on a leak by Emily Rogers on FamiBoards stating that the new Fire Emblem game has been finished for over a year and features an original storyline and a new lord protagonist while Gust, the developer behind the Atelier franchise has played a part in the development of the game’s graphics, u/miasmadelta on Reddit provided an alleged leak of character pictures.

Here is what we know about the new Fire Emblem game, based on Emily’s post:

Upcoming Fire Emblem is a new game, not a remake. Brand new story.
Collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo, and Gust (a division of Koei Tecmo Holdings).
Gust heavily assisted with the visuals/graphics. Graphics are an improvement over “Three Houses”.
Originally intended as an anniversary game to celebrate FE’s 30th anniversary. The game has been finished for over a year.
The main character (main lord) has strange red and blue hair. His mother is a dragon.
A new “Emblems” gimmick allows players to summon “FE characters from the past” for their squad.

Below, you will find the full post by u/miasmadelta on the Fire Emblem subreddit:

And now here is a look at the character pictures of the alleged leak:

New Fire Emblem leaked character pictures

These are the four pictures leaked by user u/miasmadelta:

Fire Emblem Heroes Pictures Leak - Main Lord Red Blue Hair
Fire Emblem Heroes Pictures Leak
Fire Emblem Heroes Pictures Leak
Fire Emblem Heroes Pictures Leak
Anastasios Antoniadis
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