Everything you should know about Elden Ring ahead of its release

FromSoftware's game franchises have been a source of inspiration and struggle for many tryhard gamers, and with Elden Ring‘s arrival imminent on Friday the 25th, we are about to receive another massive thrill.

Studio director Hidetaka Miyazaki and his talented dev team have created many hours of entertainment for their fans. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have all established the excellence of the “Soulsbourne” sub-genre, which has inspired many games to adopt its characteristics. We're now due for another action RPG. 

It's been a big hit since its announcement at E3 2019. Many are aware of the upcoming release – welcome to Elden Ring.

Let's take a look at Elden Ring before you dive into its vast open-world on February 25, where you can interact with its fierce beasts and savage warriors.

Story Overview

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin, the fantasy novelist, and director of A Song of Ice and Fire, have created Elden Ring's overall plot. The game takes place on the “Lands Between”, ruled by Queen Marika Eternal. 

The legendary Elden Ring, which was the source of the Erdtree has been destroyed, and the pieces have been renamed the “Great Runes”.

Marika's demigod children have gained access to those powerful runes, which has, in turn, corrupted everyone and triggered what is known as “The Shattering.” 

The players take on the role of the “Tarnished” exiles hailing from the Lands Between. The Tarnished have lost the Elden Ring's grace. Yet, they are resurrected by an event called “Shattering” and set out to conquer all demigods, collect all the Great Runes, rebuild the Elden Ring and eventually become the Almighty Elden Lord.

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Elden Ring is a Soulsbourne title through and through. Although the journey through Elden Ring's Lands Between begins on a linear basis, it opens up eventually to allow players to explore its vast open-world freely. The world of Elden Ring can be divided into six distinct areas, each connected by a central hub that players will frequent.

Horseback travel is now much more efficient, and players can rely on an easy-to-use system. Elden Ring's man bosses are the demigods. They'll be a challenge when you go to battle with them.

Summonable spirits, which are spectral allies who can help you in battle, introduce a helpful mechanic that you can call upon in battle. You can also find them in the Lands Between and use spirits based on defeated foes.

Online co-op mode allows you and another Tarnished to play side by side.


You can choose one of these classes (each class determines your character's equipment and base stats). Players can choose both female and male avatars for each class, contrary to Lost Ark:

  1. Astrologer (comes with a magic staff, sword and small shield as well as offensive magic spells).
  2. Bandit (comes with a dagger and parrying shield as well as a bow & arrows).
  3. Confessor (comes with a broadsword and kite shield as well as a magic casting tool called a finger sealing).
  4. Hero (comes with an ax).
  5. Warrior (comes with two scimitars, a light shield, and an earpiece).
  6. Prisoner (comes with an estoc and magical staff, a healing magic spell, an offensive curse, and a shield).
  7. Prophet (comes with a spear and a finger seal as well as a small shield).
  8. Samurai (comes with a katana and round shield, Bone Arrows and Flame Arrows).
  9. Vagabond (comes with a Sword & Shield).
  10. Wretch (comes with a club).

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