Every Pal Sphere in Palworld & How to Craft Them

Anastasios Antoniadis

Discover every Pal Sphere in Palworld, their unlock requirements and their required materials.

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Creating Pal Spheres in Palworld is a crucial aspect of your journey to capture and gather Pals. Every sphere has distinct characteristics, including different levels of capture efficiency, crafting materials, and functions. In our comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all six varieties of Pal Spheres, detailing the steps and requirements to craft each one.

All Pal Spheres in Palworld

Level UnlockedTechnologyMinium Workbench RequirementTechnology PointsMaterial RequirementsDescription
2Palworld – Pal SpherePrimitive Workbench1Wood x3, Stone x3, Paldium Fragment x1Perfect for those just starting out in Palworld, these spheres are excellently suited for capturing common or easily caught Pals. They represent the fundamental tool for any player embarking on their Palworld adventure.
14Palworld – Mega SphereSphere Workbench2Wood x5, Stone x5, Ingot x1, Paldium Fragment x1Mega Pal Spheres provide an enhanced catch rate compared to Basic spheres, making them ideal for trapping Pals that are somewhat more elusive. They represent a progression for players who have moved past the initial stages of the game.
20Palworld – Giga SphereSphere Workbench3Wood x7, Stone x7, Ingot x2, Paldium Fragment x2Giga Pal Spheres excel in capturing mid-tier Pals, offering increased effectiveness. They are particularly beneficial for players delving into more demanding areas and encountering stronger Pals.
27Palworld – Hyper SphereSphere Assembly Line3Wood x10, Ingot x3, Paldium Fragment x3, Cement x2Hyper Pal Spheres are tailored for experienced players aiming to capture rare and challenging Pals. With a considerably enhanced catch rate, these spheres are crucial for those seeking to augment their collection with distinctive Pals.
35Palworld – Ultra SphereSphere Assembly Line II4Paldium Fragment x5, Cement x2, Carbon Fiber x2, Refined Ingot x5Ultra Pal Spheres are designed for players in the advanced stages of the game. Providing one of the highest catch rates available, they are exceptionally effective for securing extremely rare or potent Pals, essential for those aiming to achieve a complete and diverse Pal collection.
44Palworld – Legendary SphereSphere Assembly Line II5Paldium Fragment x10, Cement x5, Pal Metal Ingot x5, Carbon Fiber x3Legendary Pal Spheres represent the pinnacle of Pal Sphere technology, boasting the top catch rate in the game. Indispensable for ensnaring the most elusive and formidable Pals in Palworld, they are an essential tool for any endgame player striving to complete their entire Paldeck.

Our guide on crafting Pal Spheres in Palworld is now complete. Each type of Pal Sphere is designed to cater to different stages of your game progression. Upgrading your Pal Spheres is vital as you progress through the game and face more challenging situations. This will enable you to capture a diverse range of Pals effectively. To learn more about Palworld, feel free to browse through the other guides available on our website for additional insights and tips.

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