Elden Ring — Where to get Steel Wire Torch?

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There’s so much to learn about the Elden Ring. This list can range from the armor you need to use to the bosses you need to defeat. But above all, there’s one more thing that the game has painfully taught you. When you wander through the Lands Between you’ll surely enter dungeons and caves where there’s often no light. That’s why you must always carry a torch with you. In this guide we’ll tell you how to find one of the most effective torches in Elden Ring. Introducing Elden Ring – Where to get Steel Wire Torch guide.

When you think of torch, it’s normal to think only of a light source. But Elden Ring has made a special design decision here, as in many other areas. Also known as the Firebreather Torch, isn’t just a simple torch that lights up the darkness. It also has a pretty decent amount of damage. As the name suggests, you can use it to spray fire at your enemies and light up your path. Let’s take a look at how to get Steel Wire Torch in Elden Ring.

Steel Wire Torch location
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Elden Ring Steel Wire Torch Location

It’s easy to find that torch that will become your favorite. To get the Steel Wire Torch, you need to go to Castle Morne. It’s located southeast of Limgrave, one of the starting areas of the game. After you enter the castle, you need to go to the top floor. To do this, you can choose one of the following two ways:

  1. Following the path in front of the giant campfire.
  2. Using the stairs near the Pumpkin Head boss in the castle square.

When you reach the top floor of the castle, you’ll see a group of enemies fighting among themselves. If you follow the path to the west of them, you’ll find the torch guarded by a simple enemy on a corpse. That’s it! Let’s recap how to find Steel Wire Torch on Elden Ring:

  1. Go to Castle Morne in Limgrave.
  2. Go to the top floor of the castle without having to fight anyone.
  3. Follow the path to the left of the enemies who’re fighting each other.
  4. Find the corpse guarded by simple enemies at the end of the path.

In this way, you now have both a torch to light your way and a weapon with which to blow fire at your enemies if you wish. The details of Firebreather Torch are as follows:

Physical – 61
Magic – 0
Fire – 109
Lightning – 0
Holy – 0
Critical – 100
Physical – 25
Magic – 18
Fire 30
Lightning – 18
Holy – 17
Boost – 19
Strength – D
Dexterity – C
Strength – 10
Dexterity – 8
Steel Wire TorchStrike Damage – 2.5
– 8
Weight – 3.0Passive – N/A
Steel Wire Torch stats via Fextralife
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