Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree Update Provides No Roadmap for Fans

Anastasios Antoniadis

Elden Ring (1)

Elden Ring enthusiasts may need to temper their expectations for the eagerly awaited Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, as recent developments suggest that the anticipated shadow drop to coincide with the game’s second anniversary in February 2024 may not materialize as hoped.

The journey from Elden Ring’s celebrated release in February 2022, which clinched the Game of the Year title, to its first anniversary in February 2023 was marked by excitement and speculation. The announcement of the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion by FromSoftware, accompanied only by a tantalizing piece of concept art featuring characters Miquella and Torrent, set the community abuzz with anticipation. This excitement has been carried forward to February 2024, with fans eagerly awaiting any surprise the game’s second anniversary might bring.

In the absence of official updates or trailers since the announcement, the Elden Ring community has been keenly observing FromSoftware’s movements, especially after updates to the game’s Steam files hinted at the possibility of a surprise DLC release. Additionally, upcoming Elden Ring merchandise collaborations, some of which reportedly reference Shadow of the Erdtree, have further fueled speculation.

However, a recent financial report from Kadokawa, FromSoftware’s parent company, has introduced a note of caution into the mix. An FAQ section within the report addressed the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, stating, “We are currently working hard on the development of DLC for Elden Ring but we have not announced a release date at this time.” This statement, while not outright denying the possibility of a shadow drop, suggests that the development team is still in the thick of the creative process, hinting at a longer wait ahead for fans.

This development, as reported by GamesRadar, serves as a gentle reminder of the unpredictable nature of game development timelines. While “We are currently hard at work” does not definitively close the door on a February surprise, it does imply that more patience may be required from the community.

For those looking to fill the void left by the anticipation of Shadow of the Erdtree, Lies of P emerges as a potential balm for Elden Ring fans, promising an experience that could satiate their hunger for rich, immersive gameplay in the meantime.

As the Elden Ring community continues to watch FromSoftware’s social channels with hopeful anticipation, the latest update from Kadokawa serves as a reality check, tempering expectations for an immediate release. Despite this, the fervor and passion of the Elden Ring fanbase remain undimmed, a testament to the lasting impact and continued allure of the game’s expansive universe.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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