Elden Ring – How to Stop FPS Drops on PC And Boost Frame Rate

Anastasios Antoniadis

Elden Ring users have found several ways to increase frame rate and stop FPS drops – here’s how!

Elden Ring is finally here. It may have even exceeded all the expectations and hopes of fans. It has also received near-perfect reviews across the board, and the scores on Opencritic label Elden Ring the best game ever!

Players have still had some issues during launch, mostly with performance. Fans have discovered some simple workarounds to increase frame rate and stop FPS drops using the PC version Elden Ring.

User recommended solutions to boost Elden Ring’s frame rate

Although Elden Ring Day 1 improved performance, many players still have frame rate problems. There are four ways to improve your FPS.

To begin with, make sure you use the graphics settings recommended for maximum performance here.

Reddit user evilmirai also wrote: “Did this, did not help. Installed game-ready drivers did not help. Changed the power settings on windows 10 to balanced – I am on highest settings possible, borderless windowed 1440p, 60fps, locked NO STUTTERS.”

Anastasios Antoniadis
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