Death Stranding 2 Actor Admits He Has “No Clue” What to Expect As Kojim Has Kept Him in the Dark

Anastasios Antoniadis

Death Stranding 2

In an intriguing turn of events, it appears that not even the leading actors of Death Stranding 2 are privy to the game’s storyline, a decision made by the enigmatic game designer Hideo Kojima. The revelation came to light during the return of ‘HideoTube’ on YouTube, a channel by Kojima that hadn’t seen new content for seven years. The episode featured several actors from the upcoming Death Stranding sequel, including the voice behind Sam Porter Bridges in the Japanese version, who admitted to being as clueless about the game’s plot as the general public.

During a segment about 18 minutes into the video, Kojima and actor Tsuda delve into their collaboration on Death Stranding 2. Kojima disclosed that recording for the Japanese dub is slated to begin later this year, noting the original game’s dubbing process took a staggering 18 months. This timeline suggests a tight schedule if the game is to meet its anticipated 2025 release.

Tsuda, when questioned by host Risa Unai about his knowledge of the game’s storyline, expressed his complete ignorance. “No! I have no clue! I only know what I have seen in the trailer, just like everyone else,” he stated, highlighting the secrecy surrounding the project. Kojima added to the mystery by hinting at new characters and a significant amount of dialogue, suggesting a complex and expansive narrative awaits Tsuda and the game’s audience.

Kojima reassured Tsuda, and perhaps indirectly the audience, that the storyline would become clearer once dubbing commences. This approach hints at Kojima’s meticulous planning and desire to maintain an element of surprise for both actors and fans alike.

This level of secrecy is not entirely surprising for followers of Hideo Kojima, known for his unconventional storytelling and innovative gameplay mechanics. As ‘HideoTube’ made its long-awaited return, it served not only as a platform for updates on Death Stranding 2 but also as a testament to Kojima’s unique approach to game development and storytelling.

With the release window set for 2025, fans and even those involved in the game’s production remain in suspense about what Death Stranding 2 holds. This strategy, while frustrating for some, builds anticipation and ensures that the sequel will be one of the most eagerly awaited releases in the coming years.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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