Choosing the Right Guard Dog: Guard Dog vs. Rover in Helldivers 2

Anastasios Antoniadis

Guard Dog vs Guard Dog Rover

In “Helldivers 2,” your choice of Stratagem can make a huge difference to your survival and effectiveness on the battlefield. With so many options available, it’s important to choose carefully. The Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover Stratagems are particularly useful for players who want automated defense companions. This guide explores the details of these two Stratagems, providing helpful advice to Helldivers looking to spend their Requisition wisely.

Both the Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover Stratagems deploy offense-oriented drones that faithfully trail the user, providing invaluable support during skirmishes. However, subtle differences between the two can influence their suitability for various playstyles and mission requirements.

Activity and Maintenance: The Key Distinctions between Guard Dog & Rover

Guard Dog vs Guard Rover
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The primary distinction lies in the frequency of their operational activity. Standard Guard Dog users may find their companion spending considerable time recharging in the backpack, temporarily leaving them without support. In contrast, the Guard Dog Rover boasts enhanced uptime, staying active and engaged with less downtime between actions. This difference makes the Rover an appealing choice for players prioritizing continuous assistance.

However, this increased activity comes with its own set of considerations. The Guard Dog Rover’s aggressive engagement can occasionally result in friendly fire incidents, especially when its laser rifle’s beam sweeps across allies in the heat of battle. While the standard Guard Dog is not immune to such risks, its actions are generally more predictable, reducing the likelihood of unintended harm to teammates.

Players can minimize the risk of friendly fire by mastering their positioning, ensuring that allies are not caught between the drone and its targets. This approach requires vigilance and communication in team settings but can significantly enhance the Rover’s effectiveness without compromising squad safety.

Despite its potential for friendly fire, the Rover’s aggressive nature can be a game-changer in intense encounters. Its relentless assault often results in a high kill count, contributing substantially to clearing bug breaches and neutralizing automaton threats. Players leveraging the Rover’s capabilities can expect to play a pivotal role in their team’s success.

Enhancing Stratagem Performance: The Role of Ship Modules

It’s worth noting the “Hand Carts” ship module, which reduces the cooldown of all Backpack Stratagems by 10%. This upgrade can alleviate some of the standard Guard Dog’s limitations by decreasing its recharge time. However, accessing this module requires significant resource investment, making it a long-term goal rather than an immediate solution.

When choosing between the Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover in “Helldivers 2,” it’s important to consider your operational style and team dynamics. You’ll need to balance reliability and firepower, as each Stratagem has its own strengths and limitations. Whether you prefer the steady support of the standard Guard Dog or the aggressive prowess of the Rover, understanding these factors will help you select the best companion to defend humanity’s last bastion of hope.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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