Can You Find Dazra in Starfield?

Anastasios Antoniadis

Can You Find Dazra in Starfield

Dazra serves as the capital city of House Va’ruun in Starfield, situated on the planet Va’ruun’kai. This planet is nestled within a concealed star system, adding an aura of mystery and exclusivity to its location.

Dazra’s establishment occurred between 2190 and 2230, marking a significant era when House Va’ruun rose to prominence. This foundational phase was spearheaded by the visionary leadership of its prophet, Jinan Va’ruun, setting the cornerstone for the city’s historical and cultural significance.

Can You Find Dazra in Starfield?

The Serpentis star system in Starfield
Image: Bethesda via Meta Game Guides

Dazra remains an elusive destination in Starfield, accessible exclusively to members of the House Va’Ruun faction in Starfield. Still, we expect this to change in the upcoming expansion featuring House Va’Ruun. Dazra’s secrecy is meticulously maintained, as only a select few within the group are privy to the navigational knowledge required to reach this star system. They are responsible for transporting individuals to and from Dazra, keeping its location a secret. However, it is possible that Va’ruun’kai, the planet featuring Dazra, will be added to the Serpentis star system (recommended level: 55+).

Once individuals depart from the planet, their return hinges on completing their assigned missions, as determined by their superiors. When deemed successful, a ship is dispatched to retrieve them. In the game, even if you align with this organization through a specific trait, your experience remains consistent with an outsider’s.

The closest encounter with Dazra in the game occurs through developing a relationship with Andreja, a companion from Constellation with past connections to House Va’ruun. Although she has severed these ties, in the mission ‘Divided Loyalties,’ you assist Andreja in tracking down an acquaintance within the organization. Without revealing too much, as the mission is quite engaging, it’s worth noting that regardless of the choices made, Andreja ultimately loses all ties to her people and homeland, Dazra. However, depending on the path you take in the game, you gain her friendship or affection.

For those interested in the game’s spacecraft, there’s information on acquiring the Mantis Ship in Starfield.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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