BTS Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs

Anastasios Antoniadis

If you are a Roblox player and a BTS fan then there is nothing better than to listen to your favorite BTS songs while experiencing Roblox. For that reason, we have compiled the complete list of BTS Roblox music codes for you to listen to on your boombox as you play Roblox.

What are Roblox Music codes & song IDs?

One of the great features of Roblox is that it allows you to listen to your favorite songs if you have purchased a boombox from the avatar shop. Once you enter a specific Roblox music code or song ID on your boombox, it will start playing the song you have selected.

How to use Roblox Music codes & song IDs?

To use Roblox music codes and song IDs you will have to purchase a Boombox from the avatar shop first. There is a variety of Boomboxes available, with the cheapest one (Beat Up Super Jank Boombox) costing 250 Robux, while there are other options available like the Dual Golden Duper Fly Boombox that costs 1000 Robux.

  1. Once you enter a game, look for the radio or boombox feature (note that it is not available on every Roblox game).
  2. Next copy a music code or song ID from our list below and paste it into the input textbox.
  3. Press Enter to start listening to your favorite music track.

Best BTS Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs in 2022

Below, you will find the complete list of the best BTS Roblox music song ID codes available:

Song Name & ArtistRoblox ID
????BTS???? – ‘A BRAND NEW DAY’3307548125
????BTS???? – ‘BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS’2547676081
????BTS???? – ‘HEARTBEAT’3394478531
????BTS???? – ‘LOVE MAZE’2474224334
????BTS???? – ‘MIKROKOSMOS’3083921913
????BTS???? – ‘NOT TODAY’2506768571
????BTS???? – ‘THE TRUTH UNTOLD’2554102535
????BTS???? – Fake Love2220957452
????BTS???? – GMeta Game GuidesO2572058771
????BTS???? – Magic Shop2254016823
????BTS???? – Pied Piper2254014428
????BTS???? JIMIN («¼) – Promise ( )2693923074
????BTS????- ‘BOY WITH LUV’ FT. HALSEY3063659387
|| BTS JIMIN – ‘FILTER’ full4783351099
BTS Dynamite 6149632525
BTS – Anpanman Sped Up2155875887
BTS – BAEPSAE331083678
BTS – BUTTERFLY330369094
BTS – DNA (loud in headphones)1218419915
BTS – Dynamite6257627378
BTS – dynamite (bedroom remix) Not full5896446918
bts – epiphany2194899527
BTS – GO GO (AZWZ REMIX)1354117855
BTS – No More Dream322002259
BTS – Save Me407947764
BTS – So Far Away Suga, Jungkook and Seokjin1266597841
BTS (Bangtan Boys) – Boy in Luv281802788
BTS (Bangtan Boys) – Boy In Luv305519870
BTS (Bangtan Boys) War of Hormone189204906
BTS («­ ««) – Butter6843558868
BTS («­ ««) – Come Back Home903135028
BTS («­ ««) – FIRE («¶­«´«)407730470
BTS («­ ««) – FOREVER YOUNG401225887
BTS («­ ««) – If I Ruled The World481719738
BTS («­ ««) – Save Me408178043
BTS («­ ««) – Second Grade416089237
BTS («­ ««) – Spring Day651982794
BTS («­ ««) ‘DNA’1130323604
BTS Airplane Pt. 2 But It’s Sped Up2243704753
Bts Danger181478344
bts idol2263529670
BTS RM – ‘moonchild’2525793825
BTS Save Me (FULL)1327404927
BTS-GOT7-EXO-Blood Sweat & Tears-Hard Carry-Lotto564674957
BTS’s Jimin “EXCUSE ME”297957272
BTS| ‘ON’4711503316
ƒ BTS (ƒ«ƒ­ƒ ƒ«ƒ«) – IM FINE2259225207
«« ­(Jungkook) &  µ­(RM) of BTS – Fools (Cover)341411977

This is everything you need to know about BTS Roblox music codes & song IDs. Make sure to also check our list of the latest Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes for the latest freebies. Or you can check the rest of our Roblox guides.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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