BTD6 Hidden Achievements [Full List] 

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We’re delighted that tower defense games have been rising in recent years. We love Bloons TD 6, one of the best games of this genre. There must be many who think like us because everyone is curious about BTD6’s hidden achievements. This guide will show you how to unlock achievements that will bring you great rewards. Introduction to BTD6 Hidden Achievements – Full List.

Bloons TD 6 was released in 2018 for all mobile devices and has many hidden achievements. There are certain ways to get these achievements. But first, you need to have some experience in the normal gameplay of the game. Like in classic tower defense games, your goal is to destroy the balloons with various units.

You can improve your units with in-game coins, various items, and power-ups. If you need additional rewards, we can move on to hidden achievements that will be given to you.

Hidden Achievements in Bloons TD 6

The concept of achievement has been a part of our lives for years. You don’t have to do anything special to complete these achievements, usually in the mission menu. However, if you want to complete the hidden achievements in BTD6, you should follow the steps below.

Big Bloons Achievement

  • Task: Win 10 games with Pat Futsy as your hero, purchasable for $3000 Monkey Money. Easier to achieve on Easy mode.
  • Reward: Unlocks the Big Bloons option in Extras.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy Achievement

  • Task: Acquire a Bloon Master Alchemist and inflict over 900,000 damage in a single game before round 100.
  • Reward: Unlocks Small Bloons in Extras.

Josh’s Constant Achievement

  • Challenge: Beat any Expert Map on CHIMPS with a specific spend on a Spike Factory.
  • Tip: Dark Castle is a favored map for this.

Strangely Adorable Achievement

  • Requirement: Purchase Adora for $5000 Monkey Money and create a Vengeful True Sun God near a Level 20 Adora.
  • Note: The process is complex, so be prepared.

Golden Ticket Achievement

  • Location: Candy Falls.
  • Task: Click hidden monkeys in a specific sequence to play musical tunes.
  • Tip: Listen for the success or failure sound cues.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problems Achievement

  • Objective: Complete an Odyssey without using a Hero.
  • Strategy: Choose the right towers for success.

Chunky Monkeys Achievement

  • Goal: Win 10 games using only large monkeys, including specific heroes and towers.
  • Reward: Unlocks Big Monkeys in Extras.

Stubborn Strategy Achievement

  • Task: Win 100 games on obstacle-laden maps without removing any obstacles.
  • Suggested Maps: Skates, Haunted, Rake, and Bazaar.

2TC Achievement

  • Challenge: Complete a CHIMPS Difficulty game with only 2 monkey towers.
  • Tip: Some monkeys or heroes can solo certain maps.

Bill Greates Achievement

  • Objective: Send $500,000 to an ally in co-op in one transaction.
  • Strategy: Accumulate $2,500,000 using money-generation towers.

Perfect Paragon Achievement

  • Goal: Create a Level 100 Paragon.
  • Tip: Use hero Geraldo for Paragon Power, or coordinate in Co-op.

Not Lacking Critical Information Achievement

  • Task: Achieve 25,000 Critical hits.
  • Strategy: Build 0-0-4 Dart Monkeys and 0-3-0 Super Monkeys.

These achievements add depth and challenge to the Bloons TD6 experience, encouraging players to explore different strategies and approaches.

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