Botany Skill: Starfield

Anastasios Antoniadis

Botany Skill Starfield

Botany, classified as an Advanced Science Skill in Starfield, significantly enhances your interactions with plant life and scanning flora, making them more manageable and beneficial for players. Leveling up in Botany is a straightforward process, primarily involving the exploration of habitable worlds to meet harvesting challenges.

Botany is a specialized skill that can be useful for players interested in optimizing their planetary exploration. It can reduce the number of scans required to gather comprehensive plant data, speeding up obtaining valuable planetary scan information. Moreover, it can help cultivate outpost plants, enhancing their overall productivity. While Botany is a potent skill for players focused on thorough planetary exploration or those interested in outpost cultivation, but it might be less crucial for others. However, it remains an intriguing option, especially for players strongly inclined towards outpost development.

Synergistically, Botany pairs well with Zoology for the swift completion of planet surveys. It’s also a valuable companion to Outpost Engineering for players looking to delve into farming, offering a comprehensive approach to planetary resource management and utilization.

Botany Ranks, Rank Challenges, and Effects

RankRank ChallengeRank Effect
1Harvest 20 organic resources from plants.Get more common and uncommon organic resources from plants, learn additional info about them from the scanner, and allows some plants to be cultivated at your outposts.
2Harvest 50 organic resources from plants.Get more rare organic resources from plants, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner
3Harvest 100 organic resources from plants.Get more exotic organic resources from plants, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner
4N/AOccasionally harvest additional rarer resources from plants, and learn information about them more quickly using the scanner

How to Add, Rank Up, and Remove the Botany Skill with Console Commands

To seamlessly integrate the Botany skill into your Starfield character’s repertoire without needing to level up or use a skill point, the game’s console command offers a handy shortcut. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Add the Botany Skill with Console Commands

Open the Starfield console command window. This can be done by pressing either the apostrophe (') or tilde (~) key on your keyboard. To add the Botany skill, type in the command: player.addperk 002C5557.

To advance through the Botany skill ranks without completing the in-game challenges, simply repeat the command. Each entry of player.addperk 002C5557 moves you one rank higher. To reach the 4th rank directly, you would enter this command four times in succession.

How to Remove the Botany Skill with Console Commands

If you decide to remove the Botany skill from your character, you can easily do so with another command. Open the console command window as before. Enter the following command to remove the Botany skill: player.removeperk 002C5557.

This method offers a quick and efficient way to modify your character’s skills in Starfield, allowing you to experiment with different abilities without the usual gameplay progression.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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