Blox Fruits Private Server Links for February 2024

Anastasios Antoniadis

Blox Fruits Private Server Links

Blox Fruits private servers allow you to grind for XP on a less crowded server, where you won’t run such a high risk of being defeated in PvP. Farming for Devil Fruits on private servers allows you to get at the fruit’s spawn point first and claim, as there is far less competition. Finally, private servers are great for those who want to enjoy the Roblox experience by playing with their friends.

Typically, private servers cost 200 Robux per month, but using the private server links on our list that are publicly available, you will be able to jump into a private server and get VIP access to Roblox’s Blox Fruits for free.

The private servers links below are currently valid:

  1. Sliczy’s Domain Private Server
  2. Sea Beast Event Private Server
  3. Private Server 1
  4. Private Server 2
  5. Private Server 3
  6. Private Server 4
  7. Private Server 5
  8. Private Server 6
  9. Private Server 7
  10. Private Server 8
  11. Flame Private Server
  12. Twelve’s Paradise Private Server
  13. Franktheranktank Private Server
  14. Seriously Dude Blox Fruits Private Server
  15. NariThings Blox Fruits Private Servers
  16. NPC Farming Blox Fruits Private Server
  17. X301 Blox Fruits Private Server


How to create your own Blox Fruits Private Server

Blox Fruits How to Create Private Server
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Creating your own private server in Blox Fruits is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. First, visit Blox Fruit’s page on Roblox
  2. Scroll down until you find the Servers tab and press the Create Private Server button
  3. Enter your Private Server name
  4. Click the Buy button to buy your private server for 200 Robux.

Once you create the private server you can cancel the subscription at any time, or disable “Allow Joining“, which prevents any player (including you) from joining the server. Additionally, you can enable the “Friends Allowed” option which allows your friends to see the server in the Servers tab on Blox Fruit’s page and join it. You can also manually add people by using their Roblox usernames.

How to Find Blox Fruits Private Servers or Servers with Low Population

Blox Fruits How to Find Servers with low population
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

By going to Blox Fruit’s Roblox page and checking the Servers tab, you can find every private server you have joined in the past, along with every private server you have been added to by your friends or they have created and enabled the “Friends Allowed” option in the private server’s configuration.

Scrolling further down will get you to the Other Servers section, where you will find a list of private servers. This is where I recommend using the BTRoblox: Making Roblox Better Extension for Google Chrome, as it converts the list to a paginated own that is easier to browse. The first pages contain more crowded private servers, but you will find less crowded ones as you get closer to the end of the list. Furthermore, you can list the servers in ascending order to list the serves with the lowest number of players first, as shown in the above screenshot.


You need to know everything about Blox Fruits Private Servers and Private Server Links. While you are here, don’t forget to check for the latest Blox Fruits codes! Happy hunting!


When do Devil Fruits Spawn in Blox Fruits?

Devil Fruits spawn on the game’s map every hour and despawn after 20 minutes. Private servers will help you claim the first!

Can I buy Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits?

Yes. You can buy Devil Fruits from the Blox Fruits Dealer. His stock refreshes with random Devil Fruits every four hours.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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