Blox Fruits Maps: Islands, Locations & Level Requirements

Anastasios Antoniadis

Blox Fruits Maps

This post contains all Blox Fruits maps, locations, and level requirements for Roblox’s Blox Fruits. In Blox Fruits, you can explore One Piece’s infamous Grand Line, where each island gets progressively more challenging. Currently, Blox Fruits contains three different seas with 33 unique islands. The level requirements span from 0 to 2075.

Blox Fruits Maps: All Islands, Locations, and Level Requirements in Blox Fruits

Below, you will find the breakdown of the three seas in Blox Fruits: The First, Second, and Third. The game’s developers keep adding new fascinating islands to explore on game updates, so we will keep expanding the list as more islands are introduced.

The First Sea

Blox Fruits First Sea Map
  1. Starter Pirate Island: Level 0-10
  2. Starter Marine Island: Level 0-10
  3. Jungle: Level 15-30
  4. Pirate Village: Level 30-60
  5. Desert: Level 60-90
  6. Middle Island: Level 100
  7. Frozen Village: Level 90-120
  8. Marine Fortress: Level 120-150
  9. Skylands: Level 150-200 (Additional areas unlocked at Level 450-575)
  10. Prison: Level 190-275
  11. Colosseum: Level 225-300
  12. Magma Village: Level 300
  13. Underwater City: Level 375-450
  14. Fountain City: Level 625-700

The Second Sea

Blox Fruits Second Sea Map
  1. Kingdom of Rose: Level 700-850
  2. Usoap’s Island: Level 700
  3. Mansion: Level 1000
  4. Green Zone: 875-925
  5. Graveyard: Level 950-975
  6. Snow Mountain: Level 1000-1050
  7. Hot and Cold: Level 1100-1200
  8. Cursed Ship: Level 1000-1325
  9. Ice Castle: Level 1350-1400
  10. Forgotten Island: Level 1425-1475
  11. Dark Arena: Level 1000
  12. The Cafe: Safe Zone

The Third Sea

Blox Fruits Third Sea Map

Port Town: Level 1500-1575

Hydra Island: Level 1575-1675

Great Tree: Level 1700-1750

Quest NameLevelObjectiveRewardExperience Points (Exp)Can only be done every hour
Dragon Crew Warrior1575Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Warrior$13,00058,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 1631
Dragon Crew Archer1600Defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archer$15,00060,500,000Elemental immunity at Level 1658. Spawns on outer edge of the island
Female Islander1625Defeat 8 Female Islander$13,00062,500,000Elemental immunity at Level 1683
Giant Islander1650Defeat 8 Giant Islander$13,00064,000,000None
BOSS Island Empress1675Defeat Island Empress$30,00070,000,000Chance of Dropping, Serpent Bow
Training Dummy1500Defeat Training Dummy$22,000
Fragments: 200
70,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 1658. Spawns on the outer edge of the island

Miscellaneous Notes for Levels 1575-1700

  • Yama can be obtained behind the waterfall; players must kill 30 Elite Pirates to access it.
  • Inside the waterfall in the top right, there’s a secret entrance to acquire Tushita. This requires completing a level 2000 Tushita/Puzzle.
  • A Friendly Arena is located in this level range.
  • Elite Pirates have a chance to spawn here.

Floating Turtle: Level 1775-2000


NPC Name
Horned Man
Hungry Man
Previous Hero (Teaches you Electric Claw)
The Master of Aura
Pirate Recruiter
Marine Recruiter


Quest NameLevelObjectiveMoneyExperienceSpecial Notes
Citizen1800Defeat 50 Forest Pirates and Captain Elephant, then find the hidden treasure
Hungry Man1800Complete Citizen Quest and gain 5,000 Exp on Instinct
Horned ManAny (1950+ preferably)Defeat Stone, Island Empress, Kilo Admiral, Captain Elephant, Beautiful Pirate
Fishman Raider1775Defeat 8 Fishman Raider13,00073,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 1844. Uses moves from Shark Saw Blade
Fishman Captain1800Defeat 8 Fishman Captains15,00075,500,000Elemental immunity at Level 1868. Located at the entrance to Floating Turtle
Forest Pirate1825Defeat 8 Forest Pirate13,00078,000,000
Mythological Pirate1850Defeat 8 Mythological Pirate13,00081,000,000
BOSS Captain Elephant1875Defeat Captain Elephant40,00090,000,000Chance of Dropping, Twin Hooks
Jungle Pirate1900Defeat 8 Jungle Pirates13,00085,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 1974
Musketeer Pirate1925Defeat 8 Musketeer Pirate15,00087,500,000Elemental immunity at Level 2002
BOSSBeautiful Pirate1950Defeat Beautiful Pirate50,000100,000,000Chance of Dropping, Canvander. Must be level 1950 to enter domain


  • For Levels 1800-1975
    • Wenlock House can be found here.
    • Apple spawns here for the Instinct V2 quest.
    • Elite Pirates spawn here.

Castle on the Sea: Safe Zone


NPC Name
Player Hunter and Elite Hunter
Aura Editor
Mysterious Scientist
Mad Scientist
Phoeyu the Reformed
Dark Step Teacher
Daigrock, the Sharkman
Water Kung Fu Teacher
Martial Arts Master
Remove Blox Fruit
Boat Dealer
Luxury Boat Dealer


Quest NameLevelObjectiveMoneyExperienceSpecial Notes
Player Hunter1500Eliminate a random player20,00050,000,000
Elite Hunter1500Eliminate a random Elite Pirate15,00060,000,000Chance of Dropping, Black/Red/Green Hunter Cape or Bandanna, 2% Chance of Dropping, God’s Chalice

Raid Bosses

Boss NameSpawn ConditionRewardSpecial ItemsTitle
rip_indraActivating The Three Legendary Aura colored buttons and using a God’s Chalice on the pedestal100% Chance of Dropping, Valkyrie Helmet2.5% Chance of Dropping, Dark DaggerShadow Sovereign


  • God’s Chalice can be obtained from Elite Pirates, Sea Beasts or Chests.
  • Tacomura will give the player Jaw Shield after completing 5 Player Hunter quests and talking to him.
  • Lunoven will give the player Pretty Helmet after completing 5 Elite Hunter quests and talking to him.
  • Completing either 30 Player Hunter or Elite Hunter quests will make player worthy to pull Yama.

Pirate Raid

Every 90 minutesFragmentIcon 100 to everyone who participated. One random fruit to the player who gets the last hit on “Tanky Pirate” (The Leader)

Haunted Castle: Level 1975-2075


NPC Name
Death King


Quest NameLevelObjectiveMoneyExperienceSpecial Notes
Reborn Skeletons1975Defeat 8 Reborn Skeletons13,00091,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 2055
Living Zombies2000Defeat 8 Living Zombies13,25093,500,000Spawns with Aura and Flash Step
Demonic Soul2025Defeat 8 Demonic Souls13,50096,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 2107. Uses Unawakened Flame fruit
Possessed Mummy2050Defeat 8 Possessed Mummys13,75098,500,000Elemental immunity at Level 2135. Uses Unawakened Dark fruit

Sea of Treats: Level 2075-2375


Quest NameLevelObjectiveMoneyExperienceSpecial Notes
Peanut Scout2075Defeat 8 Peanut Scouts14,000100,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 2161
Peanut President2100Defeat 8 Peanut Presidents14,100102,500,000Spawns with Aura
Ice Cream Chef2125Defeat 8 Ice Cream Chefs14,200105,000,000Elemental immunity at Level 2213
Ice Cream Commander2150Defeat 8 Ice Cream Commanders14,300107,500,000Chop immunity at Level 2240. Spawns with Aura
BOSSCake Queen2175Defeat Cake Queen30,000112,500,0005% Chance of Dropping, Buddy Sword
Cookie Crafter2200Defeat 8 Cookie Crafters14,200110,000,000Chop immunity at Level 2294. Spawns with Aura
Cake Guard2225Defeat 8 Cake Guards14,300112,500,000Chop immunity at Level 2321. Spawns with Aura
Baking Staff2250Defeat 8 Baking Staff14,400115,000,000Spawns with Aura
Head Baker2275Defeat 8 Head Bakers14,500117,500,000Spawns with Aura
Cocoa Warriors2300Defeat 8 Cocoa Warriors14,600120,000,000Spawns with Aura
Chocolate Bar Battlers2325Defeat 8 Chocolate Bar Battlers14,700122,500,000Spawns with Aura
Sweet Thiefs2350Defeat 8 Sweet Thiefs14,800125,000,000Spawns with Aura
Candy Rebels2375Defeat 8 Candy Rebels14,900127,500,000Spawns with Aura

Raid Bosses

Boss NameSpawn ConditionRewardSpecial ItemsTitle
Cake PrinceDefeat 500 enemies in the sea of treats, then talk to an NPC named drip_mama. Proceed to the room.100% Chance of Dropping, Pale Scarf5% Chance of Dropping, Spikey TridentDough Commander


This is everything you need to know about Blox Fruits maps, locations, islands, and level requirements. Don’t forget to check for the latest working Blox Fruits codes, and check our Blox Fruits Private Servers guide if you want to explore Blox Fruit’s world on less crowded VIP Servers.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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