Black Mesa Console Commands & Cheats

In this post, you will find all the available Black Mesa cheats and console commands. Black Mesa is a first-person shooter game developed and published by Crowbar Collective. It is a third-party remake of Half-Life made in the Source game engine.

You are Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist at the Black Mesa Research Facility. When a routine experiment goes horribly wrong, you must fight your way through an interdimensional alien invasion, and a bloodthirsty military clean-up crew in order to save the science team… and the world!

Using the cheats below, you can acquire any item and weapon in the game, and ammo supplies. You can also use map codes to play any map any time you want or any of its available sections.

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How to Enable Console Commands in Black Mesa

Keep reading to find all the console commands in Black Mesa:

  • To access the console commands in Black Mesa, go to your Steam Games Library.
  • Next, right click on the Black Mesa icon and select properties.
  • Click on the Set Launch Options button.
  • You will now find a textbox. Type -console.
  • This will allow you to start the game with the developer console command enabled.
  • Once you start the game the console will appear.
  • You can use the command “bind <keyboard button> toggleconsole” to show/hide the developer console with the use of a keyboard key.

Black Mesa Give Console Command

The most important console command in Black Mesa is “give”. You can use it by typing give item_<item name> and pressing Enter.

With the give command, you can acquire any item, weapon, or ammo supply in the game.

Below you will find all the items, weapons, and ammunition in the game, along with the give command you need to enter to get them.

Give Items Cheat Commands List

ItemCheat Command
Airtankgive item_airtank
Antidotegive item_antidote
Batterygive item_battery
Healthkitgive item_healthkit
Healthvialgive item_healthvial
LongJumpgive item_longjump
Soda Cangive item_sodacan
Suit (HEV)give item_suit(HEV)
Black Mesa Give commands for Items

Give Weapons Cheat List

WeaponCheat Command
Magnum 357give weapon_357(Magnum)
9mm ARgive weapon_9mmar
9mm Handgungive weapon_9mmhandgun
Crossbowgive weapon_crossbow
Crowbargive weapon_crowbar
Egongive weapon_egon
Frag Grenadesgive weapon_frag(grenades)
Glockgive weapon_glock
Gluongive weapon_gluon
Hand Grenadegive weapon_handgrenade
Hivehandgive weapon_hivehand
Hornet Gungive weapon_hornetgun
MP5give weapon_mp5
Quantum Destabilizergive weapon_quantumdestabilizer
RPGgive weapon_rp
Satchelgive weapon_satche
Shotgungive weapon_shotgun
Snarkgive weapon_snark
Taugive weapon_tau
Tripminegive weapon_tripmine
Black Mesa Give commands for Weapons

Give Ammunition Cheat List

AmmoCheat Command
357give ammo_357
9mm ARgive ammo_9mmar
9mm Boxgive ammo_9mmbox
9mm Clipgive ammo_9mmclip
AR Grenadesgive ammo_argrenades
Buckshotgive ammo_buckshot
Crossbowgive ammo_crossbow
Egongive ammo_egonclip
Gauss Clipgive ammo_gaussclip
Glock Clipgive ammo_glockclip
MP5 Clipgive ammo_mp5clip
MP5 Grenadesgive ammo_mp5grenades
RPG Clipgive ammo_rpgclip
Black Mesa Give commands for Ammunition

Map Select Console Commands List

You can use the commands below to change Black Mesa maps or levels/sections within the same map:

Black Mesa Inbound

  • bm_c0a0a
  • bm_c0a0b
  • bm_c0a0c

We’ve Got Hostiles

  • bm_c1a3a
  • bm_c1a3b
  • bm_c1a3c

Blast Pit

  • bm_c1a4a
  • bm_c1a4b
  • bm_c1a4c
  • bm_c1a4d
  • bm_c1a4e

Unforseen Consequences

  • bm_c1a1a
  • bm_c1a1b
  • bm_c1a1c
  • bm_c1a1d
  • bm_c1a1e

Office Complex

  • bm_c1a2a
  • bm_c1a2b
  • bm_c1a2c

Anomalous Materials

  • bm_c1a0a
  • bm_c1a0b

Power Up

  • bm_c2a1a
  • bm_c2a1b

Lambda Core

  • bm_c3a2a
  • bm_c3a2b
  • bm_c3a2c
  • bm_c3a2d
  • bm_c3a2e
  • bm_c3a2f
  • bm_c3a2g
  • bm_c3a2h

On a Rail

  • bm_c2a2a
  • bm_c2a2b
  • bm_c2a2c


  • bm_c2a3a
  • bm_c2a3b

Residue Processing

  • bm_c2a4a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a4c
  • bm_c2a4d

Questionable Ethics

  • bm_c2a4e
  • bm_c2a4f
  • bm_c2a4g
  • bm_c2a4h

Surface Tension

  • bm_c2a5a
  • bm_c2a4b
  • bm_c2a5c
  • bm_c2a5d
  • bm_c2a5e
  • bm_c2a5f
  • bm_c2a5g

Forget About Freeman

  • bm_c3a1a
  • bm_c3a1b

Xen Map & Level Commands


bm_c4a2cStart at the area where Gonarch destroys a wall with her green goo attack.
bm_c4a2bStart at the area where you need to blow a wall with a detonator after following Gonarch.
Gonarch map/level commands


bm_c4a1cAt the alley before you jump down a big hole and encounter ground barnacles.
bm_c4a1c1At the houndeye bridge.
bm_c4a1bAt the laboratory just before the explosive plant section.
bm_c4a1b1At the area where 3 rooms have to be solved to open up the path just before the big tree area.
bm_c4a1a1At the Grotto before the laboratory.
Xen map/level commands


CommandMap/Map Section
bm_c4a3dStart at the second waste disposal area, just before the elevator sequence
bm_c4a3d1Start at the end of the elevator sequence, just before the teleporter to Nihilanth
bm_c4a3cJust before the start of the Assembly line riddle
bm_c4a3c1Assembly line riddle, before controller ambush
bm_c4a3c2Assembly line riddle, before going up the flesh trampolines
bm_c4a3bFirst green acid melting riddle
bm_c4a3b1Second green acid melting riddle
bm_c4a3b2Just before where the first jumping Alien Grunts spawn
bm_c4a3a1After first controller fight, in the canyon
Interloper map/level commands


  • bm_c4a4a: Arrival

End Game

  • bm_c4a5a: Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooom

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