Best Striker Lost Ark Build And Class Guide

Anastasios Antoniadis

Lost Ark has an abundance of Classes to pick from. They fill both the western and eastern stereotype roles from the world of MMOs. While you can find a lot of western influences when you look at the game, you can also find things like the Martial Artists. Clearly inspired by classical Eastern stories like “Journey to the West”. A very well-known Martial Artists in the game is the Striker, who fits the role of a typical MMO melee DPS.

If you fancy playing a Striker or are curious for more information, why not keep reading to discover exactly what this Best Striker Lost Ark Build and Guide offers? And if you are hungry for more Lost Ark content, be sure to check out Meta Game Guides’s Lost Ark section. We have guides on classes such as PaladinGunlancerSorceress, or Berserker. Bundled with some other useful guides for the game’s content.

Best Striker Lost Ark Build: identity overview

The Striker, via successful attacks on enemies, will generate Esoteric Orbs which can be consumed to perform advanced skills. It’s often the case that you require a specific amount of Esoteric Orbs in order to activate these abilities. The esoteric meter, which acts as a class identity of both the Striker and the Wardancer, is visible between your item and skill hotbars.

Unlike other classes who can enter some sort of stance, like Berserker or Gunlancer. Striker is all about holding out your orbs for the best occasion to strike down the boss. With some practice and patience, you will learn to string godlike combos. And with Strikers lighting fast mobility, you will get out of trouble in no time flat.

Lost Ark Striker Gameplay
Image Credit: Smilegate Group

Best Striker PVE Skills And Tripods

Striker doesn’t have massive AoE attacks or any great defenses. But he makes up for it with mobility. Moon Flash Kick for example can be used to easily maneuver around mobs and bosses, while also dealing damage to them. Then, when the time is right, you will strike with your more powerful abilities.

As always you want to max out your most important skills, as they require an increasing number of skills points to be devoted to them. Invest leftover into less important skills with the goal of hitting Tripod breakthroughs, as they always greatly empower your skills. Tripods are unlocked at skill levels 4, 7, and 10.

Here are my suggestions on how to fill up your ability Hotbar for the Best Striker Lost Ark Build that is PVE oriented:

Skill NameFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Moon Flash KickIntense ShockExcellent MobilityFull Moon Kick
Lightning WhisperEsoteric ExtortionQuick PrepFatal Lightning
Sweeping KickEsoteric ExtortionLight of JusticePure Excellence
Violent TigerQuick PrepDown StrikeEfficient Strike
Lightning Tiger StrikeSingle StrikeWeak PointCharged kick
Sky Shattering BlowExcellent Mobility
Storm Dragon AwakeningExcellent Mobility
Sleeping Ascent CelebrationWide Hit

Best Striker PVP Skills And Tripods

PvP is a slightly different matter. The Arena will give you a pool of skill points that can be used to create presets. This levels the playing field and allows you to max out some more skills. PvP is all a matter of crowd control and Striker has several powerful knockdowns. All his mobility allows Striker to avoid enemy crowd control and keep the pressure on. There is plenty of room for Striker to express his skills on the ranked ladder. Even more so than during PVE Raids and bosses.

To complement this style of play I recommend this skill loadout as part of the Best Striker Lost Ark Build for PVP:

Skill NameFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Storm Dragon AwakeningEsoteric ExtortionEasy TargetFallen Flower Gak
Swift Wind KickWater Round KickSwift FootworkFurious Spin Axis
Lightning KickEsoteric ExtortionThunder KickFlash Lightning
Sleeping Ascent CelebrationWide HitQuick PrepLeaf Sweep
Moon Flash KickIntense ShockExcellent MobilityFull Moon Kick
Lightning Tiger StrikeQuick PrepTenacityConsecutive Kick
Phoenix AdventWide HitFreeze EffectNimble Movement
Sky Shattering BlowExcellent Mobility

Best Engravings For Lost Ark Striker

Engravings allow players to customize their character and further empower certain stats. While you’ll be able to earn some Engraving books throughout the story, these powerful character enhancements generally appear near the level cap. While there are many generic engravings available for all classes. Each class also has two Class Engravings which can completely change the entire playstyle of your class. Striker has these two Class Engravings available:

  • Esoteric Flurry: This Engraving reduces the cost of all skills that cost Esoteric Orbs to one Esoteric Orb per skill use.
  • Death Blow: This Engraving increases your maximum number of Esoteric Orbs to 4 instead of 3. Using an Esoteric Skill will spend all of your available Esoteric Orbs. The bonus damage based on the number of Orbs consumed will be dealt to the monster.

These Engravings push Striker to two distinct playstyles. Esoteric Flurry enables great consistent damage. This will allow you to use your skills more often and provide excellent DPS throughout the fight. Death Blow on the other side allows for colossal burst DPS. Death Blow requires a bit more skill, since missing someone is quite punishing. Both styles are powerful, so you can experiment with them both to find the one that suits you best.

But it is recommended that you play with Esoteric Flurry up to Tier 2 content. And then switch to Death Blow once you hit Tier 3. The idea is that Death Blow requires better equipment across the board. But it is Esoteric Flurry that enables the easiest farming of said gear. Not to mention, that when you reach Tier 3, you will be experienced enough to not screw up using the Death Blow build.

Generic Engravings offer slightly more flexibility as always. Be aware of the potential downsides and how you can work around them. These suggestions can be used for many different playstyles and types of content:

Master of Ambush: +25% Damage for successful back attacks. With Striker, it is a child’s play to repositioning behind a boss. Master of Ambush is definitely a skill that benefits greatly from his moveset.

Raid Captain: Outgoing Damage +45% of basic Move Speed bonus percentage. Lots of Striker skills have movement speed-related bonuses. And you can use that together with this Engraving to squeeze out some cheeky damage on a Boss when played correctly.

Grudge: +20% DMG to Bosses and special enemies but you also take +20% damage. This ties with DPS’s playstyle perfectly and will give you a huge power boost. Simply be conscious that until you upgrade this Engraving to level 3, it is not worth using. So switch to anything else until you get Grudge to LVL 3.

Lost Ark's Striker Best Skills
Image Credit: Smilegate Group

Awakening Skills of The Striker

Awakening Skills are another option for the endgame. You can unlock them by following the post-level-50 Trixion storyline. These powerful, high-cooldown attacks are very effective. These are the ultimate ability in similar games. You can only have one of each class’s two abilities at any given time. Striker’s awakening skills are:

  • Nova Blast deals enormous damage with a series of advancing strikes. If the first strike is missed, the attack will be cancelled.
  • True Heavenly awakening kicks twice in a arc, dealing huge damage and launching enemies into the air.

These abilities are very similar in most cases; they do a lot of damage with one cast. True Heavenly Awakening works faster and is therefore safer. Nova Blast deals more stagger damage. You and your party will need stagger damage to stop some bosses from launching devastating, arena-spanning attacks at you. Nova Blast is the clear winner in these cases, but True Heavenly Awakening can be used for much of other content.

That’s everything you need to get started with Striker in Lost Ark’s endgame! This is one of the trickier classes to master, but mastery pays off. If you’re still trying to pick your class, check out our tier list for some ideas. Every class is solid though, so don’t sweat it too much. Once you’ve made your decision, our guides can help you slog through the story and get into endgame quicker.

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