Best Sorceress Lost Ark Build and Class Guide

Anastasios Antoniadis

The Sorceress is a recent addition to Lost Ark‘s character classes in South Korea as a replacement for the Summoner and a more accessible intelligence entry-point for western players. I’ve been going a bit back and forth as to my rating of the Sorceress but at the moment she is in tier A for both PvE and PvP.

Although the Sorceress may not be able to lead the charge as a core DPS until the endgame, she is still a valuable addition to your combat team thanks to her quick play style and high-powered burst attack. However, as you would expect from any vulnerable character class, mistakes can prove very costly when playing as a Sorceress.

The Sorceress wields powerful magic based on three elements with spells that can deal area damage. They can easily handle multiple enemies helping them dominate the battlefield.


  • High burst potential from distance
  • Powerful AoE spells


  • A bit of a glass cannon DPS as she is very squishy
  • Mobility issues to animation lock during casting, while Blink has a 10 second cooldown and

Sorceress Normal Skills

NameLevel RequirementCooldownMP ConsumptionDescription (Skill Level 1)
Blaze1010s74Creates a rectangular flame forward, dealing 494 Fire damage and paralyzing foes. Inflicts 98 Fire damage for 5s.
Lightning Vortex1012s80Creates spherical lightning within 12 meters of the cursor location for 3s. for a total of 897 Lightning damage. On hit, the foe is pulled to the center to inflict 224 additional Lightning damage.
Stagger: Low
Energy Discharge106s61Fires a concentrated magick bullet that pierces the foe in front, inflicting 184 damage. When an additional skill key is pressed, it fires again inflicting 277 damage.
Attack Type: Back Attack
Squall1014 seconds85Creates a powerful whirlwind in front, inflicting 3 hits for 456 damage and then pushes foes while inflicting 456 damage.
Attack type: Frontal Attack
Counter: Yes
Seraphic Hail1018 seconds96A huge wave is created, covering the foes in front and inflicting 624. 624 Water damage. While the enemy is in the air, it will be launched up again on hit.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Frost’s Call1024 seconds110Causes a Cold Snap at the cursor location within 12 meters. Inflicts a total of 2120 Water damage to the fees over 9 times for up to 4s.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Inferno1218s96Creates a pillar of flame at the cursor location within 14 meters. inflicting 1326 Fire damage to foes and knocking them into the air.
Weak Point: Level 1
Stagger: Mid
Punishing Strike1428s119
Calls forth a giant Thunderstroke at the cursor location within 16 meters. inflicting 2926 Lightning damage to foes.

Stagger: High
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Reverse Gravity1616s91Creates an Earth Rift Magick Circle on the spot. The Rift Magick Circle knocks foes into the air, dealing 433 damage. Then it inflicts 1010 damage when striking down.
Stagger: Low
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Ice Shower1811s77Strikes the ground with the power of Frost, dealing 818 Water damages to foes within range.
Attack Type: Back Attack
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Lightning Bolt2024s110Fires lightning towards the designated location. 50 degree directional change is possible while holding. Inflicts a total of 1569 Lightning damage to foes in a straight line over 5 times for a maximum of 2s.
Stagger: Mid-high
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Esoteric Reaction2424s110Creates a Magick Crystal within 12 meters of cursor location. The crystal evolves by levels. up to level 3, at which point it explodes and inflicts 1848 damage to foes and knocks them back.
Weak Point: Level 1
Stagger: Mid
Rime Arrow2822s105Creates multiple Ice Arrows at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting 1780 total Water damage.
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Explosion3228s119Casts a spell to fire a flaming projectile. It explodes upon hitting the target, inflicting 2822 Fire damage and knocking foes into the air.
Weak Point: Lv. 2
Stagger: Mid
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Elegian’s Touch3640s14Magick Protection around the body consumes 330% MP of the proportion of HP consumed when damage is received. MP Recovery -30% when Elegian’s Touch is active and MP does not recover for 3s when hit. When the current amount of MP is less than 20%, Elegian’s Touch expires.
Super Armor: Paralysis Immunity
Doomsday5032s127Calls forth a giant meteor at the cursor location within 14 meters, inflicting 1,925.0 Fire damage to foes and knocking back foes.
Sorceress Normal Skills

Best Lost Ark Sorceress build Overview

Two identity skills make up the Sorceress’ foundation:

Arcane Rupture and Blink. Blink is a skill that instantly teleports the Sorceress 15 meters. You can use this skill to rescue her from danger, but it’s better to use it to charge towards or straight through enemies. Blink deals piercing injury to those caught in the line of travel, which is quite vulnerable for her in combat.

Arcane Rupture does not have any defensive utility. Instead, it is an offensive skill that allows the Sorceress into a Magick Amplifying state. This gives her extra damage. She gains mystic armor to protect her from knockback effects while the skill is active.

The Sorceress’s identity skills are based on Arcane Gauge, the same mana sauce as the Sorceress. Mana is charged during normal combat.

Once the meter reaches 30%, you can fire either skill. Arcane Rupture is a more robust version of the base skill. It adds additional elemental damage to the Sorceress and reduces spellcasting time and cooldowns on her damage-dealing abilities (except Blink).

Best Lorst Ark Sorceress PvE & PvP skills

The traditional skills of the Sorceress are simple enough. Each corresponds to an element, and she can use electricity, wind, magick, fire, earth, ice, electricity, or wind at her (and you’re!) discretion. The Sorceress is not bound to a single element. You can mix and match or choose to focus on all of them.

To help you feel the Sorceress’s capabilities, we chose a few basic skills as our recommended skill set.

You should have 250 skill points by the time you reach level 50. This is enough to build a balanced skill build that will allow you to play the endgame. We recommend that the Sorceress choose a few of her favorite elemental attacks to pack as many points as you can into them, and then move on to Tripod 3.

Best PvE skills for Sorceress

Igniter Sorceress Build

Your damage as an Ignite Sorceress will mostly rely on her hardest-hitting abilities, Explosion and Doomsday. The damage will mostly be the result of critical hits in small timeframes.

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
BlazeDamage AmplificationCharged FlameUndying Flame
DoomsdayIgnitionAsteroidMagick Amplification
Estoric ReactionQuick PrepEnhanced StrikeStabilized Crystal
ExplosionIgniteWeakpoint DetectionMagick Amplification
Frost’s CallEnlightenmentRule EnhancementEnhanced Strike
InfernoRift AccelerationCharged FlameFirepower Supplement
Lightning VortexDamage AmplificationWide AngleFierce Lightning
Punishing StrikeMind EnhancementElectric DischargeMagick Amplification
Rime StrikeEnlightenmentPiercing StrikeIce Pick
Igniter Sorceress Recommended Skills

Reflux Sorceress Build

The Reflux Sorceress build relies more towards sustained damage

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
BlazeDamage AmplificationFlame ExplosionUndying Flame
Elgian’s TouchQuick PreparationSwift FootworkYour choice
Estoric ReactionQuick PreparationEnhanced StrikeStabilized Crystal
Frost’s CallEnlightenmentRule EnhancementEnhanced Strike
Lightning StrikeStabilizeWideBranched
Lightning VortexDamage AmplificationWide AngleFierce Lightning
Punishing StrikeMind EnhancementUnavoiding FateMagick Amplification
Reverse GravityWideLava AreaWeak Point Detection
Seraphic HailQuick PreparationEvolved HailRed Hail
Igniter Sorceress Recommended Skills

Best PvP skills for Sorceress

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Esoteric ReactionQuick PreparationEnhanced StrikeStabilized Crystal
Frost’s CallChillUnstable RuleFinal Strike
InfernoRift AccelerationFlame AreaFirepower Supplement.
Seraphic HailQuick PreparationAdditional ExplosionRed Hail
SquallAgile CastLightning Whirlwind.Wiping Wind
Recommended PvP Sorceress Skills

Best Lost Ark Sorceress build: Engravings

You can apply engravings to Lost Ark characters once they reach Level 50 as part of their endgame upgrades. Engravings allow you to add a variety of buffs and boosts to personalize your character’s skillset.

Every class also has two unique engravings that are not available for all other classes. These allow you to pick a subclass in which they can specialize.

Lv. 1: When Magick Amplification is triggered, normal skills’ Cooldown -50%. During Magick Amplification, Crit Rate +10% and Crit Damage +20%.
Lv. 2: When Magick Amplification is triggered, normal skills’ Cooldown -50%. During Magick Amplification, Crit Rate +17% and Crit Damage +35%.
Lv. 3: When Magick Amplification is triggered, normal skills’ Cooldown -50%. During Magick Amplification, Crit Rate +25% and Crit Damage +50%.
Lv. 3: Disables Arcane Rupture, but Damage of skills (except Awakening and Movement skills) +16% and Cooldown -10%
Sorceress-specific Engravings

Ignitermight be essential if you build for burst damage. However, if sustained attacks and spellcasting are more your preference, Reflux may be worth looking at, despite its big tradeoff.

Refluxis more appealing than Igniter, but it’s not hard to see why. It feels too much like giving up one of your identity skills. It depends on which aspect of the Sorceress’s kit you want to focus on.

The number of engravings you can use depends on the available slots. Learned Engraving is required for class-specific bonus engravings. These slots can be obtained by reading the books you have collected throughout your adventures in Arkesia. You can equip the two “generic” engraving types (damage boosts or utility buffs) according to how many engraving points you have.

This is done by combing your characters’ equipped accessories (such as a necklace, earrings, rings, and so on). You can also purchase their Ability stones as loot or buy them from merchants. Once you have maxed your engravings points at 35, you will be able to equip three generic engravings along with your class bonus.

These engravings are particularly good for a Sorceress DPS Build, regardless of the class bonus you choose.

  • Grudgecan increase damage up to 20% when you are fighting Boss level monsters or higher, and it can also reduce incoming damage by the exact same amount. This engraving is among the best in Lost Ark, and it is a great choice when in doubt. This works especially well for the Sorceress because it reduces her vulnerability to incoming harm.
  • Master Of Strikes Increases damage caused by attacks other than Frontal and Back Attacks by up 16% at Level 3 (this applies for all skills except awakenings).
  • Cursed doll increases attack strength by up to 16%, but decreases incoming healing by -25%.

Recommended Igniter Sorcerer Engravings

Starter Engravings

  • Igniter is your class engraving. This build emphasizes burst, which is the main purpose of this build from the start.
  • All-Out Attack is essential for this build since it reduces casting channel time by 20%. Several of the skills in this build are very slow, so anything that can speed up their cast is beneficial.

Add-On Endgame Engravings

  • Hit Master is a great engraving for your overall damage. The benefits are similar to those of Cursed Doll without any drawbacks.
  • Precise Dagger increases critical chance. All of your damage is concentrated in one small burst window. During this time, you need to score as many critical hits as possible. Precision Dagger, in particular, is used for this build because maintaining Adrenaline is extremely difficult with the long cooldowns on the Igniter build.

Advanced Engravings

  • Grudge is challenging to fit into this build since most engravings aim for comfort and operation. Despite this, it is still the most effective damage engraving available.
  • Cursed Doll is often the last engraving chosen. It increases your damage but reduces the amount of healing you receive.

Best Lost Ark Sorceress build Awakening skills.

Awakening Skills are available to Lost Ark characters once they have reached level 50. There are two choices, but it is not an either/or proposition. You can unlock both Awakening Skills, but you can only equip one at a time.

Awakening skills are available to the Sorceress:

NameLevel RequirementCooldownDescription
Enviska’s Might50300sThe Sorceress creates a magical dome around herself that inflicts lightning damage on enemies within her range.

The energy of the dome radiates outwards and draws enemies inwards, causing more damage. The skill ends and the dome explodes, dealing one last burst of damage.
Apocalypse Call50300sSummons a hail of meteors that will fall randomly over a distance of 18 meters for eight seconds.
Meteors can cause fire damage and knockdown enemies within 6 meters of impact. Enemies below-level or challenged will take 200%.
Sorceress Awakening Skills

Apocalypse Call can do more damage in ideal circumstances and is the most spectacular option. Enviska’s Might packs a powerful punch, but it is not as reliable as Enviska’s Might. It’s difficult to predict the strike pattern for the Apocalypse Call meteors. Let’s say you decide to try Apocalypse Call. We recommend that you try it in PvE as other players will be more aware of the RNG element and possible vulnerabilities of a Sorceress using this skill.

Sorceress Best Build: Card Sets

In Lost Ark, Card Sets are a relatively late-game feature that can require a lot of time and investment to reach their full potential. To be effective, this build does not require any particular deck, but it does benefit from damaging-increasing decks. 
I would recommend using the Lostwind Cliff or Light of Salvation decks, but both require extensive investment to reach high levels. We recommend using anything that boosts your Max Health unless you own the aforementioned decks.

Anastasios Antoniadis