Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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The Sniper Rifle is a distinguished weapon in the intricate tapestry of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (MW3), offering players a thrilling challenge of precision and the reward of devastating power. Unlike its fully automatic counterparts, Sniper Rifles demand a keen eye, a steady hand, and the patience to capitalize on their one-shot, one-kill potential. The Carry Forward scheme has graciously expanded MW3’s arsenal by incorporating beloved Sniper Rifles from MW2, alongside a suite of new, MW3-exclusive snipers. This has enriched the game’s strategic depth, providing players with a greater variety of weapons to choose from.

Navigating this vast selection to identify the quintessential Sniper Rifle can be daunting. This article delves deeper into the sniper selection, offering a comprehensive ranking and analysis to determine which Sniper Rifle reigns supreme in MW3’s current meta.

MW3 Sniper Rifle Tier List

The Sniper Rifles in MW3 cater to diverse playstyles, from the aggressive rush of quick scoping to the disciplined patience required for long-range engagements. Below is an expanded tier list and detailed examination of each Sniper Rifle, ranked from the least to the most effective based on their performance in various combat scenarios.

Detailed Sniper Rifle Evaluations

  • 10. LA-B 330
    • Pros: Exhibits good effective range and stability.
    • Cons: Falls short in power and consistency compared to other snipers.
    • Verdict: Despite its marginally better fire rate than the Signal 50, its lower lethality and inconsistent performance relegate it to the bottom of our list.
  • 9. Victus XMR
    • Pros: High damage output; superior range compared to similar models.
    • Cons: Hindered by a lower ADS speed and magazine capacity.
    • Verdict: A formidable weapon on paper, its practical application is limited by MW3’s map sizes and the fast-paced nature of engagements.
  • 8. KATT-AMR
    • Pros: Exceptional damage and decent range.
    • Cons: Lacks in handling and mobility.
    • Verdict: Edges out the Victus XMR slightly in mobility but remains a niche choice for those willing to sacrifice speed for stopping power.
  • 7. Carrack .300
    • Pros: Fastest firing rate among Sniper Rifles; more forgiving due to easier follow-up shots.
    • Cons: Struggles with reliable one-shot kills.
    • Verdict: Its rapid fire rate makes it a unique choice, yet its inconsistency in delivering one-shot kills keeps it from climbing higher in the ranks.
  • 6. KV Inhibitor
    • Pros: A capable semi-auto option with a decent punch.
    • Cons: Inconsistent with body shots over range.
    • Verdict: While it can shine in skilled hands, its lack of one-shot reliability at range limits its appeal.
  • 5. MCPR-300
    • Pros: High damage; slightly lighter and more forgiving than its counterparts.
    • Cons: Not ideally suited for quickscoping due to its weight.
    • Verdict: A solid choice for those looking for power and ease of handling, albeit not the best for those prioritizing mobility.
  • 4. SP-X 80
    • Pros: Excellent quickscoping capabilities; fast and reliable.
    • Cons: Overshadowed by the top three rifles in terms of versatility.
    • Verdict: A strong contender for quickscopers, offering a blend of speed and lethality that few can match.
  • 3. XRK Stalker
    • Pros: Impressive damage, ADS speed, and recoil control.
    • Cons: Potential future nerfs could impact its ranking.
    • Verdict: A rising star in the quickscoping scene, its current performance makes it a go-to for aggressive snipers.
  • 2. Longbow
    • Pros: Excellent all-rounder with great damage, range, and mobility.
    • Cons: None significant enough to detract from its high ranking.
    • Verdict: An almost perfect sniper, its versatility and large magazine make it a formidable choice for any sniper enthusiast.
  • 1. FJX Imperium
    • Pros: Unparalleled in power, range, and speed; the pinnacle of sniper rifles.
    • Cons: Dominance may lead to potential balancing adjustments.
    • Verdict: The FJX Imperium stands as the undisputed champion among Sniper Rifles in MW3, offering unmatched performance across all scenarios.


“Modern Warfare 3” presents an impressive array of Sniper Rifles, each with unique characteristics that cater to the broad spectrum of player preferences. From the reliable and swift FJX Imperium to the versatile Longbow and the quickscoping favorite XRK Stalker, MW3 ensures that snipers have the tools needed to

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