Best Discord music bots still working in March 2022

With Groovy and Rythm being the first Discord music bots to completely shut down after receiving legal notices from YouTube, in this guide we will present you with the best alternatives. You will find our list of the best Discord music bots that are still operating at the moment, with some of them still using YouTube as a source for music.

Of course, this is subject to change, but some of these leaders in the Discord bot industry are multi-purpose, also offering moderation, role management, games, custom commands, and many more features, so they will definitely remain available in 2022, even if YouTube support is removed at some point.

Let's get down to it then, with the best Discord music and radio bots out there.

Best Discord music and radio bots in 2022 (Rythm and Groovy alternatives)


mee 6 best discord bots for music moderation roles interactionnbsp mee6bestdiscordbots
Image credit: MEE6

Mee6 is not just a music bot, it is a full-fledged bot solution for your Discord server, as it allows you to handle moderation, set custom commands and reaction roles, and even set Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter alerts. It also offers welcoming features that you can take advantage of to set your server's rules, topics, and ongoing events.

Mee6 also adds levels and XP to your discord server so that you can incentivize gamers to get involved in the community to grind experience, level up, and top the leaderboard. It also acts as a full-featured music bot, birthday bot and allows you to set timers, music quizzes.

The bot is used on more than 16 million servers including Minecraft, Roblox, PUBG Mobile, xQc's jungle, and MrBeast Gaming. As you can tell it is extremely popular, not just as a Discord music bot, but as an overall solution for Discord servers.

As a music bot, MEE6 can play music from Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitch, and many more other sources. It also offers music quizzes, with the bot playing small song samples while your friends try to guess the song titles.

MEE6 music commandEffect
!playStart playing from the queue
!searchSearch for a song
!recordRecord the current conversation in a voice channel
!seekJump to a specific moment in the song
!volumeChanges the volume of the song up to 200%
!addAdd a song to the queue
!queueList the songs in the queue
!clear-queueEmpty the song queue
!skipSkip to the next song in the queue
!vote-skipStarts a vote to skip to the next song in the queue
!joinMake the bot join your voice channel
!leaveMake the bot leave your voice channel
!stopStop the current song
!start-quizStart a music quiz with your friends
!stop-quizStops the current music quiz
!stop-recordingStop the recording and get the link to the audio file
MEE6 music commands list


nbsp HydraBotbestmusicbot
Image credit: Hydra

Hydra bot offers customization options, a feature-rich command set, multilingual language support for more than 10 languages, a song request channel, and support for a wide range of platforms. If you choose to get the Hydra Bot Premium for your server, you can get global volume control, autoplay, audio effects, 24/7 playback, unlimited saved playlists, release vote locks, access to more Hydras.

Hydra is a great music bot and definitely one of the best available, but note that YouTube support was removed on September 13th, 2021.


FredBoat best discord music botsnbsp FredBoatbestdiscordmusicbots
Image credit: FredBoat

Fredboat is a free Discord music bot that you can add and use to your Discord server. FredBoat can play music from YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, Twitch and it also supports playlists and live streams! You can also type in the name of your song and FredBoat will find it for you instead of linking directly to it.

Below you will find all the basic Fredboat commands:

;;play urlPlay music from the given URL. See supported sources below.;;p <youtube-url>
;;play wordsSearch for a track on YouTube and SoundCloud.;;p <song-name>
;;queueDisplay the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.;;q
;;nowplayingDisplay the currently playing track.;;np
;;skipRemove the currently playing track from the queue. ;;help skip to learn how to skip more than one track;;s
;;voteskipVote to skip the current track. Must have at least 50% of the votes.;;v
;;stopStop the player and clear the playlist. Reserved for moderators.;;st
;;pausePause the player.;;pause
;;resumeResume the player.;;resume
;;joinMake FredBoat join your current voice channel.;;j
;;leaveMake FredBoat leave the current voice channel.;;lv
;;repeatChange the repeat mode. Run this command for more info.;;rep all
;;shuffleToggle shuffle mode.;;sh
;;reshuffleReshuffle the queue.;;resh
;;fwd timeForward the track by the given amount of time.;;fwd 1:30
;;rew timeRewind the track by the given amount of time.;;rew 45
;;seek timeSet the position of the track to the given time.;;seek 1:45:00
;;restartRestart the currently playing track.;;restart
;;historyShow history of recently played tracks.;;h
;;exportExport the current queue to hastebin.;;ex
;;volumeSet the volume;;vol 150
;;help commandShow advanced usage of a command;;help skip
FredBoat commands list


probot music moderation and welcomer botnbsp probotmusicbot
Image credit: Probot

Probot is a great multilingual bot (it supports more than 13 languages) that can be used as a welcomer bot that offers ready-to-use and customizable designs, an auto-moderation, and an auto-responder bot that also offers anti-raid protection. Probot guarantees 99.99% uptime and also offers a leveling system both for text and voice channels. The bot is used by more than 4 million servers and offers more than 50 commands.

It also works as a music bot with a full set of music commands, however, it is not clear whether the bot still supports YouTube music.

Chip Bot

Chip high quality Discord music botnbsp ChiphighqualityDiscordmusicbot

Chip bot is a free high-quality Discord music bot that promises to stream music at the best quality available. It also offers a unique amount of control with a built-in equalizer and several customization options. The best part about Chip is that its music functionality comes absolutely for free.

For $12.50 you can use Chip Premium on every server you own, unlocking the following features:

– Change volume
– 8D Filter
– Bassboost
– Speed
– Pitch
– Nightcore mode
– Demon mode
– Tremolo settings
– Vibrato settings

– Bypass vote locks
– No command cooldowns
– Access to early beta/testing features (Nothing cool guaranteed)
– Cool role in our Official Discord Server to show how awesome you are!


Chillbot is the most popular Lofi radio bot on Discord, making it the best Discord music bot for lovers of low-fidelity music. Chillbot promises 24/7 uptime and high-quality music. All you have to do is join a voice channel and type !c and the bot will start playing your favorite lofi music.

helpc!help <command name>Shows a list of all the commands.
playc!playBot joins and plays lofi in the VC you are currently in.
nowplayingc!nowplayingShows information about the current playing track.
stopc!stopDisconnect the bot from the voice channel.
prefixc!prefixCustomize the bot prefix.
statsc!statsSee the stats of ChillBot.
pingc!pingSee your ping and shard information.
premiumc!premiumGet all the information about the premium bot.
creditsc!creditsShows the details of the lovely people contributing to the project.
supportc!supportDisplays the invitation link to the support server.
invitec!inviteDisplays the invitation link to add the bot to another Discord server.
Chillbot music commands

Lofi Radio is yet another Discord music & radio bot that you can use to listen to lo-fi music and a great alternative to Chillbox. It will be active on your server 24/7 with high-quality, lag-free lo-fi music.


BMO high quality discord music bot entertainmentnbsp BMO high quality discord music bot entertainment
Image credit: Meta Game Guides

BMO bot is a feature-rich Discord Bot with over 360+ commands to explore for your entertainment. BMO is not limited to just streaming HD Music, as it also offers other entertainment avenues, such as Gambling, Games, Image Manipulation, multiple utilities, NSFW content, and more!


Vexera discord multipurpose music botnbsp Vexeradiscordmultipurposemusicbot
Image credit: Vexera

Vexera is a free multi-purpose bot that is used on more than 300,000+ Discord servers as a greeter, moderation, and music bot. Vexera can also handle auto-role assignments, memes, games, image manipulation, user permission, and much more.

Premium Vexera ($3.00/month) features include:

  • HTTP streams (.mp3 URLs, etc.).
  • Volume control (+volume).
  • Bass control (+bass).
  • Queue dumping (+dump).
  • Playlists (+playlist).
  • Autoplay (+autoplay).
  • Donator command (+donators).

Pro Vexera ($5.00/month) features include:

  • Separate instance of Vexera.
  • Guaranteed uptime and stability.
  • Ability to have two Vexeras running in your server.

Vexera is a great all-around solution that goes beyond serving high-quality music on Discord servers.

24/7 Music Discord radio bot

247 Music Discord radio botnbsp 247MusicDiscordradiobot
Image credit: 24/7 Music

With this 24/7 Discord music bot you can get 24/7 music from multiple sources, live streams. Play any live stream or radio station and get lots of features in the premium as well. Check out the supported sources to know which music you can listen to without any interruptions.

FeaturesPremium PlusPremiumFree
24/7 – nonstop musicYesYesYes
radio streamsYesYesYes
Support on the free version may be limited currently.
Includes queueing live streams.
additional premium only botYesYesNo
queue export/importYesYesNo
repeat 1 song 24/7YesYesNo
control volume server-wideYesYesNo
make commands mod only
More info here.
play recommended songs based on your queue, instead of looping your queue
premium plus message
post a message on the bots Premium+ member messages page.
24/7 music bot plans and feature list

How do Discord music bots work?

Discord music bots download and stream music directly from video and music streaming platforms, directly to your Discord server. Essentially they allow you to create your own radio station within your Discord server and serve multiple users with music.

However, most of them violate the streaming platforms' ToS by serving content they don't own the rights to, costing the platforms and artists money. That is unless they have acquired permission from the streaming platforms to stream their content.

As far as we know, there is no Discord bot that has followed the legal path as it would be very expensive to get the rights for all the music, video, and streaming content on YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and other platforms.


In this guide, we presented you with the best alternatives to Groovy and Rythm, past leaders in the industry of Discord music bots. Don't forget that these bots may receive a legal notice by Google sooner or later so YouTube support may be removed if it hasn't been already.

Make sure to also check the rest of our Discord guides.

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