The Best Air Purifiers in 2022 (and the Ones to Avoid)

We clean all around the house. From the kitchen sinks to the garages! But we often forget that the air around us could need cleaning as well. There are so many harmful particles in the air, such as pet dander, dust, or pollen, that could lead to health consequences if not removed.

So for cleaning the air, you definitely need a separate cleaning mechanism. One such tool for cleaning the air is known as an air purifier.

They're highly recommended for allergy sufferers, whether it be from dust or pets. Air purifiers can help with problems like sneezing and nighttime tightness. However, in order to be considered outstanding, an air purifier must be potent enough to clear the air in a large room. An ideal air purifier should be silent and not emit a lot of light so you can sleep near it. 

A good air purifier should also be affordable enough so you may have multiple air purifiers at different locations in the house. Owning an air purifier will greatly improve your respiratory health and even protect you from carcinogens. For people with kids, air-purifiers can be a lifesaver. Early chemical exposure must be avoided and can be avoided by using air purifiers. 

But it's obviously hard to pick an air purifier when there are so many out there in the market. You're in luck! Because we've compiled a list of the best air purifiers.

Do Air Purifiers work?

Shortly answered, yes! Air purifiers make a big difference to your household.

Air purifiers effectively clean the air, which might also contain contaminants, allergens, pollutants, and chemicals. Unlike air purifiers, Essential oil diffusers and humidifiers add particles to indoor air, whereas air purifiers remove particles and sanitize the air.

Filters and air purifiers work in different ways. Purifiers can also sterilize particles, whereas filters only eliminate them. An air purifier is unlikely to eliminate or sanitize all irritating pollutants.

This is because numerous pollutants can settle on both hard and delicate objects, such as furnishings, upholstery, bedding, and flooring. To eliminate the particles listed below, an air purifier can be used in conjunction with a filter and other measures.

Best Air Purifiers List

1.  Blueair 7470i Smart Air Purifier

BlueAir has been in the business of making fantastic air purifiers for quite some time now. The BlueAir 7470i is one of their most advanced models that gives ultra protection to your house all day long.

You can use this air purifier in a medium-sized room such as a bedroom, and it will remove any contaminant it has in its range. This is a top candidate for the spot of the best air purifiers as it effectively gets rid of 99.97% of pollutants and bacteria.

While it is super effective, the BlueAir 7470i incorporates the HEPAsilent technology, which makes it super quiet while doing its work. The Germshield technology enables this wonderful air purifier to kill any signs of dander, pollen, or mold.

Don't worry about energy wastage because this air-purifier uses lesser energy than normal. It is energy-star rated! Lastly, it didn't get the ‘smart' in its name for nothing! The truly smart features of this air-purifier, like the Clean Air ETA count down and RFID tracks filter, make this air purifier stand out from all the rest.

The resilient LCD interface takes it a notch further by giving this air purifier a modern and sleek look.

Why we love it:

  • Premium LCD interface.
  • Smart features.
  • Energy star rated.
  • HEPASilent technology.

2.  HoMedics TotalClean Air Purifier

Looking for an air purifier that will help you breathe easier? Well, this HoMedics air purifier will stun you with its booming 99.97% air cleaning capacity. You can breathe easier knowing that you're not getting any pollen or dust particles into your respiratory system.

This HoMedics air-purifier ensures UV-C technology and the true HEPA filtration system to kill germs and microorganisms in range. UV-C light is used in many sanitizing and sterilizing boxes and is an excellent source of germ-killing. So you can be certain that this air purifier will effectively kill all germs.

The HEPA filters ensure that any pet dander or stray particles are trapped inside the filter. 99.9% of all microorganisms won't be able to escape from the wrath of the HEPA filters used in this air purifier. This HoMedics air purifier is part of the manufacturer's best range.

The main advantage of this HoMedics tower air purifier is that it has a 360-degree air cleaning capability. The pre-filter captures the biggest particles, such as dirt, dust, and fur, that travel through the device. Antigens, pollen, dust, nicotine, animal dander, mold and mildew, and other air microorganisms are captured by the 360-degree HEPA filter.

The 360° Carbon Filter purifies the air around you by removing home odors, toxins, and pollutants. By breaking down the DNA structure of airborne germs and viruses, UV-C radiation sterilizes the air, making it safer to inhale. The ionizer then releases ions into the air to further enhance air cleansing.

Why we love it:

  • 5-in-1 cleaning mechanism.
  • Aroma slot.
  • Auto-off timer.
  • UV-C technology.
  • Automatic particle sensor.

3.  Levoit Core 400s Air Purifier

If you're not too big on spending a fortune on an air purifier, then the Levoit Core 400s air purifier is just the right one for you. At an affordable price, you can get this air purifier to clean up every large room in your house.

The Levoit Core 400S is a lightweight and compact air-purifier that gives you a fantastic cleansing system through its ozone-free technology and eradicates pollutants in the air. It includes voice control via Alexa Voice or Google Assistant, as well as remote manual control through a mobile application.

 The Core 400S is significantly powerful, with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 260 cubic feet per minute on high speed. There are four-speed options on the Core 400S. The clever features of the Core 400S are what sets it apart.

You may use Levoit's Vesync app to adjust it manually, and you can also synchronize it with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to provide voice commands. The Vesync app has a few simple yet effective controls. You can program the machine for optimal performance in rooms of various sizes, set a timer, modify the fan speeds, and even monitor the air quality.

A digital readout in the control panel's center displays the number of particles 2.5 micrometers or smaller per cubic meter, which indicates how pure your air is. The air travels through a black outlet on top of the white cylinder machine.

You won't have problems with breathing when the Levoit core 400s is at work! When switched to the Sensitive auto-mode, the Airsigh plus technology skims and scans the surroundings for any contaminants or harmful microorganisms and eliminates them.

Thanks to the rubber pads that absorb the sounds of the fans and machinery, the Levoit Core 400s is as quiet as a whisper, so it won't be giving you a hard time sleeping. It also helps save a large amount of energy since it only uses 1 kiloWatt of energy even at its highest speed setting.

The H13 Hepa Filter, Activated Carbon filter, and the pre-filter work harmoniously to make sure that you breathe in only the best quality air. It seems as if Levoit truly cares about your health! Undoubtedly, the Levoit 400s is of the best air purifiers out there.

Why we love it:

  • Energy-efficient.
  • Effective cleansing.
  • Airtight plus technology.
  • Air-quality monitoring.

4.  Coway Professional Air Purifier (CoWay Air Mega 150)

For a multitude of reasons, the Coway Professional Air Purifier proudly barges into our list as the best air purifier brand. Coway incorporates unique technologies that are bound to ensure the air in the surrounding premises of this machine remains free of any kind of pollutants.

Three-stage filtration technology is used in this Coway Air-purifier. A pre-filter captures larger particulates, mold, and animal dander. Then there is a deodorizing filter that adds a pleasant odor to the air. The third filter is the Green True HEPA filter that eliminates contaminants and allergens. 

An air quality display on the purifier's control center provides real-time measurements. A blue sign shows “decent” air quality. Whereas green, yellow, and red indicate deteriorating air quality.

The setup is relatively simple and does not require pairing the purifier with an app. Simply remove the front cover. Then remove the filters from their package, and place them in the correct order before closing the cover.

You can cleanse the air in rooms up to 214 square feet. The filters may deteriorate over time, but luckily, this model comes with a filter lifetime indicator that sends you notifications on when you should replace the filters.

You can turn on the auto mode, and it will change the fan speed according to the number of particles it detects in the air. When there is a large number of particles in the air, the fan speed gets high. In contrast, when there are not many air particles in the air, the fan speed decreases, and it goes into low-noise mode.

Why we love it:

  • Filter-lifetime indicator.
  • Super easy setup.
  • Auto mode.
  • Green true HEPA filter.

5.  Honeywell HPA300 HEPA

The Honeywell HPA300 is a deserving candidate for the spot of the best air purifier in the market. This amazing purifier is highly recommended for large rooms up to 465 sq feet. So for the large halls or offices, this air purifier is a fantastic candidate.

Use this mind-blowing air purifier to get rid of particles as small as 0.3 microns in a jiffy! You can eradicate those pesky pet dander and pollen grains that your pet brings in through this air purifier's three cleaning levels. Say goodbye to viruses and bacteria!

Honeywell's HPA300 air purifier is among the most effective yet cost-effective models in Honeywell's True HEPA line of air purifiers. If you properly put the air purifier in your bedroom, it will start catching practically all contaminants.

The filters can last up to a year, depending on the activity and the number of contaminants in your surroundings. The Honeywell HPA300 even has a filter replacement indicator that lets you know when to change the filters. You can easily pull the filters out and change them. No professional help is needed!

An activated carbon pre-filter in the Honeywell HPA300 traps bigger contaminants while also adsorbing mild odors. Pet dander, carcinogens, bacteria, mold fibers, dust, and pet fur are among the contaminants this air-purifier eradicates. 

The Honeywell HPA300 is powered by a powerful motor that helps detect and consume any pollutant insight. It produces 300 cubic feet of pure air per minute when it's on Turbo mode. In a 450 square foot room, you'll get five air replacements each hour. In a 280 square foot room, you'll get eight air changes per hour.

You can simply set it to Turbo mode when the air contamination level is high, and it will purify the air much quicker. The Honeywell HPA300 isn't a particularly silent air purifier. The highest noise level is roughly 63 decibels.

This noise level is somewhat higher than other air purifiers because of its powerful 100 watts and 300 cfm air purifier (60 dB). It's quiet at the slowest fan speed, but the performance suffers. This air purifier is Energy Star certified, so you won't have to worry about high energy expenses if you use it all day and night.

Why we love it:

  • Energy-star certified.
  • Great for large rooms.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy filter replacement.

6.  Germ Guardian AC4825

Germ Guardian AC4825 3in1 UVC HEPA Air Cleaning Systemnbsp 81zv69MJtNSACSL1500 Take a look at our recommendations for the best purifiers in 2021 Check the strong performers for their price and the ones to avoid

The Germ Guardian AC4825 is a 3-in-1 air cleaning device that is suitable for medium-sized spaces with an issue with air quality. The GermGuardian AC4825 uses multi-level cleansing processes to remove many sorts of odors from your home successfully. It also effectively removes and eradicates bacteria, common virus types, dust, and other pollutants as every good air-purifier should!

The UV-C light technology is effective in killing air contaminants such as pathogens in your home. UV-c light technology is effective because it completely neutralizes viruses and germs rather than capturing them.

The GermGuardian AC4825 is a tiny and inexpensive device, which means it might help you save a lot of room. It is not like those large air purifiers that require a separate table or stand. 

Many macroparticles and pollutants are caught before they enter the HEPA filter with the assistance of both a pre-filter and a carbon filter. The excellent carbon filter is also effective in removing odors. At the same time, the HEPA filter removes around 99 percent of the residual contaminants.

 It also has an Energy Star rating. Neither of the fan speed levels consumes more than 60 watts of power. It's critical to understand when your air purifier's filter needs to be replaced. It will become less powerful if you do not update it at the right point. 

In all of GermGuardian's equipment, there is a filter checking indicator. When the filters have to be replaced, they will glow. The main reason this ai-purifier is an ideal candidate for the best air-purifiers is because of its affordability.

Why we love it:

  • Filter-checking indicator.
  • Great bang-for-the-buck performance.
  • Super affordable.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • UV-C light technology.

7.  Medify MA-25 Air Purifier

The Medify MA-25 Air Purifier is a high-capacity portable air purifier with double filtration. It's ideal for flats, residential spaces, and offices because it's small and portable. It has a sleek, futuristic style that fits just about everywhere. 

At 7.3 pounds, the Medify MA-25 Air Purifier is a compact and lightweight purifier that you can accommodate anywhere in your apartment or room. Portability won't be a problem either.

A three-stage filtering system mechanism is incorporated in this model. The pre-filter is the very first phase of the filtration system. Macro particles such as fibers, pollen, lint, animal hair, etc., are removed.

The H13 HEPA filter comes after the pre-filter. The Medify MA-25 Air Purifier's H13 True HEPA filter catches more than a standard HEPA filter. An activated carbon filter is the final stage of the filtration system. Thanks to its carbon granules, it effectively traps and eliminates hazardous odors, VOCs, formaldehyde, and smoke.

The purifier includes two side air inlets and a front outlet. As a result, unfiltered air will be drawn in through side air inlets. The control panel is on the upper portion of this air purifier. The controls are easily accessible thanks to the tempered glass covering.

Why we love it:

  • Easy-to-Use control panel.
  • Three-stage filtration system.
  • Modern, sleek design.
  • Portable.

8. Air Oasis iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier

iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifiernbsp AOiAdaptAirMIsoLeft Take a look at our recommendations for the best purifiers in 2021 Check the strong performers for their price and the ones to avoid

Product description: The iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier is the smartest home air purifier. Experience ozone-free full spectrum air purification for optimal indoor air quality.
The iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier's high-quality HEPA filter, carbon filter, UV, AHPCO®, and Bi-Polar® technologies eliminate pollutants, allowing you and your family to breathe easy year-round.
Manage multiple air purifiers with the Air Oasis indoor air quality phone app. iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifiers come in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

The Air Oasis iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier comes in three sizes; small, medium, and large. This is an air purifier to consider if you are looking for medical-level air filtration. iAdaptAir® HEPA Purifier senses your indoor air quality and adjusts its performance based on the rate of air purification required.

It comes with one of the largest carbon filters on this list, 5 purification technologies, 3 different levels of fan speed, and True HEPA stops 99.97% of particles down to 118 millionth of an inch (.3 microns). The purifier also features UVGI germicidal light and two types of ionization – Proprietary bi-polar and AHPCO, or Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation, developed by NASA for the International Space Station.

Why we love it:

  • Automatically adaptable performance.
  • Top of the class anti-mod technology and purification with one of the best performing carbon filters.
  • Available for three different room sizes, up to: 150/450/600 square feet.

Which Air Purifiers to Avoid

Molekule Air Large Room Air Purifier 

Molekule Air Large Room Air Purifier with PECO Technology for Smoke Allergens Pollutants Viruses Bacteria and Mold Silvernbsp 41BBEVNwlLSACSL1024 Take a look at our recommendations for the best purifiers in 2021 Check the strong performers for their price and the ones to avoid

While the Molekule air purifiers adopt a PECO technology that is seemingly more effective than other models, we wouldn't recommend it. It is not really a good investment for an air purifier. It doesn't even work as a HEAP purifier that removes air particulates but is more of a sanitizer that exterminates microorganisms.

Sadly, all variants of Molekule's air purifier range will burn a hole in your pocket, and they will not score nearly as high in the air purification department.

Also, this tower variant is way too heavy (20 pounds) for it to be a convenient choice. Portability is a key factor that we need to consider. Lastly, the blue light emitted by this air purifier is a little too bright and could disrupt your sleep. So think twice before investing in this one, especially if you want to accommodate multiple ones in your house, as the cost can get insanely high without the results you actually expect.

Why we don't recommend it:

  • Unreasonably expensive.
  • Bad air purification performance, especially for the price.
  • The science is just not there to back the company's claims.
  • Not portable due to its weight.

So do consider our ideal candidates for the best air purifiers if you’re a germophobe who wants to eradicate every germ out there!

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