Talene – The Resurging Flame [AFK Arena]

Under Framton's attacks, Talene collapsed onto the ground, even the flames above her head were spluttering. But with Astar pouring all her flames into Talene, a bright cleansing flame was reignited, melting away the Hypogean fire. The last Phoenix was reborn, again.

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  • Faction: Celestial
  • Type: Intelligence
  • Class: Tank
  • Role: Buffer
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Awakened Talene Skills

a new dawn ultimate skill iconnbsp anewdawn

A New Dawn [Ultimate]

[Unlocks at Mythic Tier] Damage dealt to all enemies in front of Talene is equal to 210% of Talene’s Attack Rating.

[Unlocks at Ascended Tier] When enemies are dealt damage, their Accuracy is reduced by 100 points for 10 seconds. The effect cannot be stacked.

Blade of Resurgence

Blade of Resurgence

Talene swings her Blade of Resurgence, dealing 200% damage 2 times to all enemies within range. Talene then brings down her blade upon the enemies before her, dealing 280% damage to them.

Everlasting Flame

Everlasting Flame

Every time Talene dies, she transforms into a fireball. While in a Fireball state, she is not considered as a living hero, therefore cannot be attacked or receive the effects of her allies. While in a Fireball state, Talene deals 150% damage per second to nearby enemies.

After 12 seconds, Talene is reborn again with 100% health, and deals 200 % damage to nearby enemies, also stunning them for 3 seconds.

Every time that Talene is reborn increases the duration of her next rebirth by 2 seconds.

Wings of Firenbsp wingsoffire

Wings of Fire

Talene shakes her wings, consuming 30% of all her allies’ current health in order to grant them a shield that has a value equal to 3 times the amount of health that was consumed.

The shield exists for 8 seconds, and its value cannot be lower than 300% of Talene’s Attack Rating.

All allied heroes using the shield shall recover 80% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health every second.

Special Skill: The Solaran Realm

Whenever an allied hero deals a Critical Strike to an enemy, Talene uses the power of Solaris to deal 240% additional damage to the target. Each allied hero may only benefit from this effect once every 2 seconds. When additional damage is dealt to an enemy target, if the allied hero has a lower percentage of health than the target, the allied hero will recover 40% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health, otherwise, the value of the additional damage shall be increased to 320% of Talene’s Attack Rating. Every time Talene deals damage a total of 20 times, Talene and 1 of her most injured allies shall recover an amount of health equal to 160% of Talene’s Attack Rating.

Signature Item: TBA

Signature Item Skill: TBA

After Talene brings her Blade of Resurgence down upon her enemies, the ground before she is set ablaze for 5 seconds. Enemies standing upon the burning ground are dealt 120% worth of Talene’s Attack Rating every second.

Burning Wave signature item skillnbsp BurningWave1
  • [+10 Unlocks] The damage Talene deals when swinging her Blade of Resurgence is increased to 240%.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Enemies standing upon the burning ground are dealt 150% of Talene’s Attack Rating every second.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Enemies standing upon the burning ground deal 40% less damage.

Prairie of Firenbsp PrairieofFire1

Furniture Ability

3/9 Ability: Damage dealt to enemies within range upon Talene’s rebirth is increased to 240%.

9/9 Ability: While in a Fireball state, each time an allied hero receives damage equaling 10% of their own max health, Talene’s rebirth time will be decreased by 1 second, but her rebirth time cannot be shorter than 5 seconds.

Eternal Engraving: Wings of Fire

[Engraving Lvl 30] All allied heroes using the shield shall recover 100% of Talene’s Attack Rating as health every second.

[Engraving Lvl 60] Wings of Fire additionally increases the value of the shield being used by allied heroes. The additional value is equal to 20% of the damage that each ally received after the last Wings of Fire was cast.

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Image credit: AFK Arena

Talene – The Resurging Flame – Lore

The sole survivor of the Obsidian Finches, reborn of flame and bearing the vengeance of clan extinction. Take your flaming blade and seek vengeance, hunt down Hypogeans and become Esperia’s hero.

Enemies appear, leading a trail of destruction. The sight of her mother’s murder replays in her mind, she watches gripped by despair as the Solaris Flare is flickering out.

Thanks to Astar, she no longer feels fear. The purest flame rises up from the ashes, breaking through the gloom, and the last surviving Obsidian Finch descends born anew.

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