Tapu Koko Raid Guide 

Tapu Koko is a newly introduced raid boss which is Tier 7 legendary electric and fairy-type Pokemon. It’s introduced in Seasons of Alola, as we all know it’s a deity of Alola. It’s a fairly difficult raid boss ( 45438CP) and would require around 3-5 trainers to defeat it.  Tapu Koko’s max capture ranges from …

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Elden Ring Keybindings for PC, Xbox and Playstation

Elden Ring Title Shot

Elden Ring is a beautiful action RPG with thrilling combat, a unique open world, and tons of replay value. Despite it being a little bit difficult, each platform has its own feature of customizing keybindings so that you don’t have to struggle navigating around the game and execute combos easily. Below you’ll find detailed instructions …

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