Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: All Quirks Ranked

Anastasios Antoniadis

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List All Quirks Ranked

Embark on an interstellar adventure in Anime Champions Simulator from Bura ACS, the creators of Anime Fighters Simulator. ACS invites you to explore the vastness of space, where you can build and empower a team of formidable anime champions, each endowed with unique passive Quirks granting powerful stat boosts. As you traverse the cosmos, hopping from one planet to the next, you’ll uncover hidden secrets, face diverse challenges, complete quests, and unlock raid bosses to take down within the time limit. The game is a gateway to an infinite expanse of adventures, offering a dynamic universe brimming with endless possibilities. Excitingly, we’ve recently introduced the Assassin Quirk!

Discover the most powerful quirks in Anime Champions Simulator with our comprehensive tier list! While you’re here, enjoy enhancing your gameplay with our Anime Champions Simulator Codes for complimentary rewards. Dive deeper into the game’s mechanics and updates by visiting the official Trello page.

Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List: Passive Abilities

Anime Champions Simulator Quirk Auto Reroll
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

Welcome to the ultimate guide for selecting the top passive abilities in Anime Champions Simulator! This tier list is designed to help you identify the most effective passives to enhance your gameplay. We’ve evaluated the quirks available in the game and categorized them into distinct tiers based on their effectiveness:

S-Tier (Overpowered)

These are the cream of the crop, offering unparalleled benefits that can give you a significant edge in the game.

  • Celestial
  • Black Hole
  • Titan

A+-Tier (Best)

A-Tier (Better)

Excellent choices that provide strong advantages, making them highly desirable for players looking to optimize their champions.

B-Tier (Good)

Solid picks that offer good bonuses and are reliable in many situations.

  • Collector
  • Genius
  • Sorcerer

C-Tier (Average)

These quirks provide moderate benefits and can be useful in certain scenarios.

  • Rich
  • Strong
  • Teleport

D-Tier (Below Average)

Quirks in this category are less impactful than others and might not contribute significantly to your champion’s performance.

  • Speed
  • Accurate

Detailed Analysis of Anime Champions Simulator Quirks

Detailed Analysis of Anime Champions Simulator Quirks
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

We’ve compiled a comprehensive overview to better understand how each quirk affects your champion. You’ll find information about each quirk’s enhancements, which will help you make informed decisions when choosing the right passives for your champion’s build. Keep an eye out for updates, as new quirks may be introduced and current ones adjusted, altering their position in the tier list. Champions unlock a second Quirk slot at Ascension Level II, meaning that only Mythical rarity Champions or above can have two Quirk Slots. If you want to build a Luck team to use when rolling Orbs, you should build a team of Mythical Champions, as they are the easiest to get among the ones that can have Dual Quirks.

Note: Blackhole is the only Quirk that you can have in both Slot I and Slot II. The developers can this a a Double Quirk.

QuirkRoll %Avg RollsStatIIIIII
Accurate1.30%76.92Crit %
Sorcerer1.30%76.92Ability DMG1.151.31.5
Fast1.30%76.92Attack Speed & Move Speed1.21.52
Genius1.30%76.92XP Required0.90.80.67
Teleport1.30%76.923 Moves Speed & 1.5 Attack Speed
Leprechaun0.20%500.001.2 Luck, 1.4 Coins, 1.75 Move Speed, 2.25 Attack Speed, 0.6 Size
Thief0.20%500.001.3 DMG, 1.5 Drops, 1.5 Attack Speed, 1.5 Move Speed
Sniper0.20%500.001.25 DMG & 1.75 Crit Chance
Giant0.20%500.001.5 DMG, 1.5 Crit Chance, 1.75 Size
Archmage0.20%500.001.4 DMG, 1.5 Ability DMG, Ability Charge +20
Black Hole0.03%3333.331.5 DMG, 1.5 Crit Chance, 1.5 Attack Speed, 1.5 Ability DMG, 1.5 Move Speed, Teleport to Enemies
Assassin0.03%3333.331.5 DMG, +30% Crit Chance, 2x Boss DMG, 2x Atk Speed, 2x MoveSpeed
Celestial0.03%3333.332x DMG, 1.3x Crit Chance, 1.5x Attack Speed, 1.5x Ability DMG, Ability Charge +10, 3x Move Speed, Teleport to Enemies 1.6x DMG 1.3x Crit Chance, 2x Attack Speed, 4x Move speed, Boss Damage 2x
Titan0.025%4000.003x DMG, 1.5x Crit Chance, 1.5x Crit DMG, 0.8x Attack Speed

How to Reroll a Quirk

Qurik Reroll Location in Anime Champions SImulator
Screenshot: Meta Game Guides

To begin the process of rerolling Quirks, your first step is to ensure the Magic Tree is restored to working order. Once that’s done, proceed through its portal. Remember that the option to reroll quirks is not available in Pirate Town. When you enter the portal, you’ll be transported to Champions Town, where the Magic Tree is situated.

Upon arrival in Champions Town, orient yourself by locating the leaderboards. To the right of these boards, you’ll discover a pathway that leads straight to the Magic Tree, which stands out as a prominent feature and is quite noticeable.

Approaching the Magic Tree, you’ll see an area with a sparkling floor marked “Quirks.” Step onto this section and see an icon with a plus sign. Click on this icon to select the champion whose quirk you want to reroll. For example, if you aim to reroll Captain‘s quirk, you must have 10 Scout Medals on hand (the number of Medals required depends on the Champion’s rarity, with Cosmic Champions requiring 10 Medals). Conversely, if you’re looking to reroll Echolo’s quirk (who bears a resemblance to Piccolo), you’ll require Dragon Medals.

This covers the essentials of managing Quirks and Passives in the Anime Champions Simulator.

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