All Anime Champions Simulator Medals & Where to Get Them

Anastasios Antoniadis

All Anime Champions Simulator Medals & Where to Get Them

In Anime Champion Simulator, medals are rewarded for vanquishing specific foes and completing raids. These medals can be used to enhance the capabilities of your Champions by enrolling their Quirks. If there’s a particular Champion you’re fond of and wish to upgrade, you may need to revisit their origin planet to collect the necessary medals. In the following section, we will guide you to the locations where you can obtain each type of medal.

For those on the hunt for medals, exploring quirks is essential. Dive into our comprehensive Anime Champions Simulator Quirks Tier List & Guide for expert advice on optimizing your character’s abilities. Additionally, visit the game’s Trello Page for in-depth strategies and tips. Don’t forget to take advantage of free boosts and yen by utilizing the Codes page dedicated to the game.

Comprehensive Guide on Acquiring All Medals in Anime Champions Simulator

Premium MedalSpecial Reward from Raids and Campaign minibosses
Dragon MedalGreen Planet
Pirate MedalPirate Town
Hero MedalHero Academy
Ninja MedalNinja Village
Bizzare MedalBizzare Bazaar
Demon MedalDemon Forest
Cursed MedalCursed City
Spirit MedalSpirit Town
Huntsmen MedalLand of Ants
Chainsaw MedalSawblade City
Scout MedalLand of Giants

Medals are not awarded for frequently defeating large enemies on each planet. To acquire more medals, you must participate in Raids on each planet. Medals are granted for completing Raids, regardless of their difficulty level, allowing you the option to tackle them on an easier setting if that suits your preference.

The difficulty of Raids scales with your level; thus, acquiring Green Planet medals will remain challenging, regardless of your proficiency in managing Sawblade City Raids. Even the enemy level on a specific raid’s difficulty scales to your level.

Premium medals are obtainable through various means. They may be awarded upon completing Raids, or as a reward for conquering more difficult quests. Since there is no guaranteed way to earn them, tempering your expectations is best.

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