Among Us Skins 2022: All Skins & How to Get Them

In Among Us, you can customize your crewmate with sweet cosmetic items, which is one of the most enjoyable parts.

Innersloth's social deduction title is one of the best mobile multiplayer games you're likely to find, and that's partly because of its fun personality. There is so much fun to be had when you are customizing your Among Us character. This is whether you're trying on wacky hats, picking Among Us pets, or exploring the latest skins or the rest of Among Us cosmetics.

There are quite a few Among Us skins to choose from, each with a different look that affects your character's lower body and in some cases the torso. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about them. We've put together a full list of skins to make life a little bit easier for you. 

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What are among us Skins?

Among Us skins are cosmetic items that cover the lower half of your character's body. They can be found in the game's mobile and PC versions, but the Switch port currently lacks unlockable skins. This will likely be addressed in a future update.

How to Get Among Us Skins

PC players have to purchase the game from Steam or other digital stores, but the plus side is that you get all Among Us skins for free.

On the contrary, players on smartphones get the game for free but they will have to buy Among Us skins and hats as in-app purchases.

The majority of Among Us skins are available individually for $1.99/£1.99, but bundle options are also available for the MIRA HQ and Polus map collections.

The Complete List of All Skins in Among Us

The table below contains all the currently available skins, their IDs in game files, how to acquire them, and the image of each skin:

Skin NameIDHow to Get & CostImage
Abominal Snowmateskin_AbominalskinPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods)Abominal Snowmatenbsp Abominal Snowmate
Airship Mechanicskin_MechanicRedAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods)Airship Mechanicnbsp Airship Mechanic
Astronaughtskin_AstroFree on all platforms Astronaughtnbsp Astronaught
Big Ol' Pumpkin Pantsskin_pumpkinPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods) Big Ol Pumpkin Pantsnbsp Big Ol Pumpkin Pants
Bling Blingskin_BlingAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods) Bling Blingnbsp Bling Bling
Business Skirtskin_BusinessFemskinMIRA Cosmicube (150 Pods) Business Skirtnbsp Business Skirt
Caitlyn's Uniformskin_caitlinArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Caitlyns Uniformnbsp Caitlyns Uniform
Chaos Containment Crewmateskin_CCCAirship Bundle (20 Stars) Chaos Containment Crewmatenbsp Chaos Containment Crewmate
Claus, Mrs. Clausskin_w21_msclausSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) Claus Mrs Clausnbsp Claus Mrs Claus
Cozy Sweaterskin_SweaterskinPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods) Cozy Sweaternbsp Cozy Sweater
Crewbo the Clownskin_clownTrick Cosmicube (150 Pods) Crewbo the Clownnbsp Crewbo the Clown
Dark Scientistskin_Scientist-DarkskinShop (300 Beans) Dark Scientistnbsp Dark Scientist
Digging Kidskin_D2CskinInnersloth Cosmicube (150 Pods) Digging Kidnbsp Digging Kid
Doctorskin_Scientist-BlueskinShop (300 Beans) Doctornbsp Doctor
Enforcer Armorskin_enforcerArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Enforcer Armornbsp Enforcer Armor
Fairy Godcrewmateskin_fairyTrick Cosmicube (150 Pods) Fairy Godcrewmatenbsp Fairy Godcrewmate
Flashyskin_SuitWFree on all platforms Flashynbsp Flashy
General Galeforceskin_GeneralAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods) General Galeforcenbsp General Galeforce
Guarding the Wallskin_WallFree on all platforms Guarding the Wallnbsp Guarding the Wall
Hazmateskin_HazmatMIRA Bundle (20 Stars) Hazmatenbsp Hazmate
Heeeere's Santa!skin_w21_santaSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) Heeeeres Santanbsp Heeeeres Santa
Heimerdinger's Suitskin_heimArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Heimerdingers Suitnbsp Heimerdingers Suit
I Vant to Keelskin_vampireTrick Cosmicube (150 Pods) I Vant to Keelnbsp I Vant to Keel
I Want my Mummyskin_mummyTreat Cosmicube (150 Pods) I Want my Mummynbsp I Want my Mummy
I'll Fix Itskin_MechFree on all platforms Ill Fix Itnbsp Ill Fix It
Ice to Meet Youskin_RockIceskinPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods) Ice to Meet Younbsp Ice to Meet You
Inmate 2112skin_prisonerAirship Bundle (20 Stars) Inmate 2112nbsp Inmate 2112
Jacket Upskin_WinterPolus Bundle (20 Stars) Jacket Upnbsp Jacket Up
Janitorial Dutiesskin_JanitorskinInnersloth Cosmicube (150 Pods) Janitorial Dutiesnbsp Janitorial Duties
Jayce's Council Suitskin_jayceArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Jayces Council Suitnbsp Jayces Council Suit
Jinx's Clothesskin_jinxArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Jinxs Clothesnbsp Jinxs Clothes
Keepin it Secureskin_SecurityMIRA Bundle (20 Stars) Keepin it Securenbsp Keepin it Secure
Land Hereskin_TarmacMIRA Bundle (20 Stars) Land Herenbsp Land Here
Officer Outfitskin_MilitaryFree on all platforms Officer Outfitnbsp Officer Outfit
Pilot's Licenseskin_CaptFree on all platforms Pilots Licensenbsp Pilots License
Policeman Officerskin_PoliceFree on all platforms Policeman Officernbsp Policeman Officer
Rain Dearskin_w21_deerSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) Rain Dearnbsp Rain Dear
Ratchet skinTBAPS edition exclusive (TBA) Ratchet skinnbsp Ratchet skin
Right Hand Man: Rebornskin_rhmAirship Bundle (20 Stars) Right Hand Man Rebornnbsp Right Hand Man Reborn
Rock Solidskin_RockLavaskinPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods) Rock Solidnbsp Rock Solid
Santa's Helperskin_w21_elfSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) Santas Helpernbsp Santas Helper
Scientific Theoryskin_ScienceFree on all platforms Scientific Theorynbsp Scientific Theory
Sneakyskin_BushskinMIRA Cosmicube (150 Pods) Sneakynbsp Sneaky
Snowmateskin_w21_snowmateSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) Snowmatenbsp Snowmate
Sports Team BLUEskin_SportsBlueskinInnersloth Cosmicube (150 Pods) Sports Team BLUEnbsp Sports Team BLUE
Sports Team REDskin_SportsRedskinInnersloth Cosmicube (150 Pods) Sports Team REDnbsp Sports Team RED
Suited Upskin_SuitBFree on all platforms Suited Upnbsp Suited Up
The Fishmongerskin_fishmongerTrick Cosmicube (150 Pods) The Fishmongernbsp The Fishmonger
The Nutcrackerskin_w21_nutcrackerSnowbean Cosmicube (150 Pods) The Nutcrackernbsp The Nutcracker
Toppat Skirtskin_ToppatSuitFemAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods) Toppat Skirtnbsp Toppat Skirt
Toppat Uniformskin_Skin_SuitRedskinAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods) Toppat Uniformnbsp Toppat Uniform
Underminerskin_MinerPolus Bundle (20 Stars) Underminernbsp Underminer
Unearthed Wondersskin_ArchaePolus Bundle (20 Stars) Unearthed Wondersnbsp Unearthed Wonders
Vested Interestskin_ToppatVestAirship Cosmicube (150 Pods) Vested Interestnbsp Vested Interest
Vi's Clothesskin_viArcane Cosmicube (150 Pods) Vi's Clothes
Whimsy Witchskin_witchTrick Cosmicube (150 Pods) Whimsy Witchnbsp Whimsy Witch
Your Boughs so Greenskin_w21_treeSnowflake Cosmicube (150 Pods)Your Boughs so Greennbsp Your Boughs so Green
List of Among Us Skins

This brings our Among Us skins guide to a close. Now you know everything you need to about dressing up your character while searching for Impostors or chasing innocent crewmates.

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