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Among Us

Welcome to Meta Game Guides’s Among Us guide, containing everything you need to know about 2020’s massive party game hit. Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth. Innersloth originally released the game on iOS and Android in June 2018 and on Windows in November 2018, featuring cross-platform play between these platforms. The game was also ported for the Nintendo Switch in December 2020, and there are planned releases for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in 2021. You can read our Among Us roadmap and the latest patch notes guide to discover what’s coming next.

Rise to Success

Among Us was not a household name for the first two years since its release. However, the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple Twitch streamers and YouTubers playing and streaming the game helped Among Us become a mainstream powerhouse and one of the most popular games in 2020. Innersloth announced Among Us 2, a project that has now been canceled.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a multiplayer game for 4-10 players, where the players are split into two groups. Most of the players are crewmates in a spaceship, while 1-3 of them, depending on the game settings and the player count, play the Imposters’ role.

The Imposters are the bad guys from an alien race, and their goal is to take down the crew and destroy the spaceship. The win conditions for the Imposters require them to kill enough crew members to ensure they cannot be voted out of the game by the remaining ones. 

Meanwhile, the Crewmates must find out who the Imposters are and vote them out of the game. 

The challenge is that Imposters look and act exactly like all other crewmates on the outside.

The Among Us characters are all humanoids dressed in a full spacesuit, carrying a backpack that looks like an oxygen tank.

The game looks very simple; however, if you are familiar with the Night Falls in Palermo board game, you can expect similar challenges.

Crewmates must be observative, cunning, perceptual, and communicative to expose the Imposters. Simultaneously, the Imposters must be stealthy, opportunistic, and very good at misdirection.

The game won’t be easy, no matter which side you are on.

How to Play Among Us

You can play an Among Us game online or locally on your network. You can then create a game or join an existing one. There are four maps currently in Among Us:

  • The Skeld
  • Plus
  • The Airship

Each map has recommended settings, but the host can customize the settings to modify the game mechanics and difficulty.

Here’s a quick rundown of the settings you might want to change game to game:

  • Impostors: This refers to the number of Impostors in play. The limit refers to the lowest number of Impostors allowed (if your lobby isn’t full, the game can decide to have fewer Impostors).
  • Confirm Ejects: With this on, it will tell you if the person you just ejected was an Impostor or not. With it off, it won’t.
  • Emergency Meetings: This is the number of emergency meetings a player can call from the center of the map.
  • Emergency Cooldown: This is how long you need to wait between emergency meetings. When playing online, having a long cooldown stops it from being abused.
  • Discussion Time: How long in seconds can you discuss Impostors in meetings before you vote?
  • Voting Time: How long in seconds you have to vote. Discussions can continue during this time.
  • Player Speed: How fast the players move around the ship.
  • Crewmate Vision: How far the crewmates can see around the map.
  • Impostor Vision: How far can the Impostor see around the map? Impostors typically have a larger field of view to make life for them a bit easier.
  • Kill Cooldown: How long must the Impostor wait in between kills? The more Impostors, the longer it should be.
  • Kill Distance: How close (short, normal, or long) the Impostor must perform to trigger the kill action.
  • Visual Tasks: A few tasks, such as scanning in the MedBay, are visible, as in other players can see you. If your crewmates see you doing a visual task, that’s proof that you’re not the Impostor.
  • Common Tasks: These are the most basic tasks in the game, shared among crewmates, and they have an average completion time
  • Long Tasks: These tasks are more challenging and time-consuming. They involve visiting multiple rooms to complete them.
  • Short Tasks: These tasks are concise and can be completed quickly in a single location.

Depending on the number of imposters and the total number of players, you can tweak the above settings to balance out the game. For instance, if the game features a single Impostor and nine crewmates, it is best to keep the kill cooldown to the minimum value, maximize Impostor Vision and kill distance and have a few emergency meetings as possible.

When there are three Impostors, their team has an advantage, so to balance things out, you can have long kill cooldowns, around 40s or more, a short kill distance, and an Impostor Vision that is only fractionally better than Crewmate Vision.

Keeping the Emergency Meetings to a minimum is recommended, especially when hosting strangers, as the button is easily abused, interrupting the game’s flow.

Gameplay Basics

You will not know if you are a crewmate or Impostor until the game starts.

  • You can use your keyboard and mouse to control your character or just the mouse. On smartphones, you will have an analog stick on the screen.
  • To perform tasks, you go to the fitting room and either click the object directly or click the Use’ button in the bottom right corner. 
  • If you find a dead body, you can click Report’ in the bottom right corner. This will call a team meeting. You do not have to report a body if you see one, though.
  • You can also call an emergency meeting using a button in the starting room of each map.
  • After discussing and raising suspicions or accusations, players vote. Players can skip votes. If most votes are “Skip” or there is a tie, no players will be ejected.
  • To win the game, you must complete all tasks before the Impostor kills the crew.
  • If you are killed as a crewmate, you can continue to complete tasks as a ghost to help your team win, but you cannot communicate with other players.

Among Us Tasks Guide

Among Us Task
Image: Innersloth

Short tasks often require only a single stage and take very little time, depending on the player’s speed.

Long tasks usually have multiple stages or force the player to perform them longer.

Visual tasks, when performed, show an animation visible to all players. Completing a visual task in front of a group is an easy way to confirm a Crewmate. Other players will see the task completed, clearing the player of any suspicion of being an Imposter. The host can turn visual effects off in the game options for visual tasks. Visual tasks may still be assigned to players even if visual effects are off.

Common tasks are assigned to every player in a game if the game host has set one or more common tasks in the game settings. 

For example, everybody else does if one player has a Swipe Card. Conversely, no other player has the task if one Crewmate does not have a Swipe Card.

Common tasks are an easy way to identify Impostors. If a Crewmate sees someone running a common task they do not have; they can confirm that the other player is an Impostor performing sabotage. Crewmates should know the common tasks and locations before using the emergency button and wasting a meeting.

Below is the complete list of tasks for all four currently available maps: The Skeld, Mira HQ, POLUS, and the Airship.

The Skeld Tasks List:

  • Admin: Swipe Card
  • Cafeteria: Upload Data, Empty garbage (VISUAL)
  • Communications: Upload data, Divert power to communications
  • Electrical: Upload data, Fix wiring, Calibrate distributor
  • Engines: Align engine output, Divert Power to Upper engine, Divert power to lower engine
  • MedBay: Submit Scan (VISUAL), Inspect sample
  • Navigation: Chart course, Upload data, Divert power to Navigation, Stabilize steering
  • O2: Empty chute (VISUAL), Divert power to O2, Clean O2 filter
  • Reactor: Start reactor, Unlock manifolds
  • Security: Divert Power to security
  • Shields: Prime Shields (VISUAL), Divert power to shields
  • Storage: Fuel engines
  • Weapons: Clear Asteroids (VISUAL), Upload data, Divert Power to Weapons

Mira HQ tasks list:

  • Admin: Prime Shield, Chart Course, Divert power to admin, Enter ID code
  • Hallway: Fix Wiring
  • Reactor: Start Reactor, Unlock Manifolds
  • Storage: Water plants
  • Laboratory: Divert power to Laboratory, Assemble artifact, Sort samples
  • Balcony: Clear Asteroids (VISUAL), Measure weather
  • Cafeteria: Divert power to the cafeteria, buy a beverage, empty garbage
  • Communications: Divert power to communications
  • Medbay: Submit Scan (VISUAL), Divert power to Medbay
  • Greenhouse: Divert power to the greenhouse, Clean 02 filter
  • Office: Divert power to the office, process data
  • Launchpad: Fuel Engines, Divert power to Launchpad, Run Diagnostic

POLUStasks list:

  • Boiler Room: Open waterways, replace water jug
  • MedBay: Submit Scan (VISUAL), Inspect sample
  • Storage: Fuel engines
  • Weapons: Clear asteroids (VISUAL), upload data
  • O2: Upload data, empty garbage, monitor tree, fill canisters
  • Communications: Reboot wifi
  • Dropship: Chart course, Insert keys
  • Office: Swipe card, upload data, scan boarding pass
  • Outside: Fix Weather Nodes, Record temperature
  • Electrical: Upload data, fix wiring
  • Laboratory: Repair drill, Record temperature, align the telescope
  • Specimen room: Start reactor, upload data, unlock manifolds, store artifacts

Airshiptasks list:

  • Armory:Put Away Pistols, Put Away Rifles, Divert Power
  • Engine Room: Fix Wiring, Fuel Engines, Polish Ruby
  • Meeting Room: Enter ID Code, Empty Garbage, Fix Wiring
  • Cargo Bay: Unlock Safe, Fuel Engines, Fix Wiring, Polish Ruby, Unlock Safe
  • Main Hall: Decontaminate, Develop Photos, Fix Wiring, Divert Power
  • Outside: Upload Data
  • Electrical: Calibrate Distributor, Reset Breakers
  • Lounge: Clean Toilet
  • Electrical: Divert Power
  • MedBay:Empty Garbage
  • Kitchen:Empty Garbage, Make Burger
  • Cockpit:Enter ID Code, Stabilize Steering
  • Showers:Fix Shower, Fix Wiring, Pick up Towels, Diver Power
  • Viewing Deck: Fix Wiring
  • Security: Rewind Tapes
  • Ventilation:Start Fans
  • Records: Sort Records
  • Gap Room: Divert Power, Upload Data

Remember that the Airship is the first Among Us map without any visual tasks.

Among Us Strategies

Crewmate Tips and Tricks

You can use several tips, tactics, and strategies to protect yourselves and the spaceship as crewmates. Let’s see some of the best:

Organize and Move in Groups

This is arguably the most crucial tactic in Among Us. With one Imposter in the game, you would have to split into groups of 3 in something like 3-3-4 (assuming there are ten players). This way, there will always be a second crewmate around if the imposter kills someone.

With two Imposters, you will need a group, which means you can use a 5-5 formation (once again, if ten players are present).

Finally, with three imposters, you will need seven people in one group. At this point, it’s better to consider moving the group together.

Moving in groups does not necessarily protect you; it reduces the probability of losing the game. For example, if the imposter takes one out in a group of three, it’s your word against the imposter’s.

Moving towards another group is reasonable, but the imposter can do the same thing and accuse you of trying to split.

From this minimal example, you can tell that among us is a very complex social deduction game. Since communication is limited, you must bring out your best act, whether you are a crewmate or an Imposter.

However, splitting the players properly is fundamental in your efforts to separate the imposters from one another.

Monitor Task Completion Bars

Completing Common, Visual, or Long tasks takes time, while Sabotaging doesn’t. When you see an instant “fix,” it is, in fact, a sabotaging attempt (you will see the warning reasonably soon). The point here is to try to remain outside the field of view of other players you suspect and observe what they do without knowing that you are spying on them.

Keep Track of Common Tasks

Common tasks, as their name implies, are common between crewmates. So if you have a common task, all other players have it, so you can expect them to visit its location. On the other hand, if you don’t own a task, no other crewmates do either. So, if you see someone performing a task at a common task location that is unavailable in this game, it means they are an Imposter performing a sabotaging task.

The concept here is straightforward. Players should learn all the tasks and associate them with locations to know where others should and shouldn’t be during a game.

Perform Visual Tasks Wisely

As I already explained, visual tasks have visible effects on the other players’ screens, so it is recommended to perform such tasks when there is a group of players around you. This will allow the crewmates to clear you of any suspicion (if the right people see you), shortening down the list of potential imposters.

Be Smart with Emergency Meetings

This tip depends on the number of Emergency Meetings allowed in a game. Sometimes, it is worth “wasting” an emergency meeting (as they typically are used to vote out someone) to organize the team in groups and locations based on the common tasks available.

Fix Sabotage in Groups

When there is a sabotage alarm, the team should prioritize fixing, but you need to ensure that you move in groups while doing so, as the Impostors will try to use sabotage to split the team, isolate crewmates, and kill them. 

In a game with three imposters, this is easier said than done as the Impostors might use multiple sabotage locations to misdirect crewmates or camp a single area and take out up to three players.

Dead Man Standing?

If you locate a dead body still standing, it means the kill is very fresh, so in case you encounter any bypassers going there, you should consider them primary suspects for the kill.

Keep Track of the Vents and the Locations They Connect

The vents in Among Us maps are only usable by Impostors, and they typically connect 2 or 3 rooms. In the Mira HQ map, the ducts connect all rooms. While the vents are an excellent tool for the Impostors to move fast from one location to another, you should keep track of their existence and all the areas they connect. Crewmates can tell when a vent is used but cannot tell who used it.

As a crewmate, your job is to keep track of the rooms containing vents and be on alert when a player enters the room and does not exit it. In some cases, following people carefully when they go into these rooms is advisable as you may observe the “enter vent” animation, fully exposing an Impostor.

Also, avoid entering vent rooms alone as an Impostor may kill you and quickly move to another location (at the risk of being caught up on the act of exiting the vent), or an Impostor may suddenly appear in front of you and kill you.

Vents are a great advantage for imposters, but you can easily turn that to their detriment if they are not extremely careful with their use.

On the Mira HQ map, keeping track of venting Impostors is difficult, but you can check the Door Log to find out who passed a door sensor and when. The Door Log keeps track of the last 20 logging events, so if you see a player passing a door at one side of the map and then another one that is not directly connected to the first one, you can expose them as an imposter.

Use the Cameras on the Skeld and POLUS

Crewmates can watch the cameras on the Skeld and POLUS maps to monitor movement in other rooms. While doing so, the imposters can see a blinking light at the camera, and this can easily turn into a game of hide and seek, in which you will try to lure out the Impostor by leaving the camera screens and then going back to catch them upon the act.

Among Us Maps

Below, you will find all the currently available maps in Among Us. You must learn the maps as well as possible since awareness of your surroundings and the task locations is vital to your success in the game. Some quizzes test your knowledge of the maps, such as this one for the Skeld.

The Skeld Map

The Skeld, often shortened to Skeld, is the first map in Among Us set on a spaceship in outer space.

Mira HQ

MIRA HQ, the second map in Among Us, is set high up in the Earth’s atmosphere. The facility is owned by and is the headquarters for the company MIRA.


Polus, also known as the Polus Outpost or Planet Polus, is the third map in Among Us, which is set on Polus as a planetary base.

The Airship

The Airship, often shortened as Airship, is the fourth map in Among Us, based on the Toppat Clan’s Airship in the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship.

How to Play Among Us on Your Smartphone

You can download Among Us in the following ways:

  • Head to the Among Us Google Play page if you’re on Android or the App Store if you’re on iOS
  • Press install’ to download on Google Play or get on the App Store

You can also download the Among Us APK and install it directly, without heading to any Android app store:

  • Find a reliable site to download the game APK such as  APKPure.
  • Go to the Among Us download page on the APK site.
  • Download the APK.
  • Find the APK on your phone and tap the file to manually install Among Us.

How to Play Among Us on Your PC

You can play Among Us for free on your computer using an emulator or Alternatively, you can take a more official approach and download the game from Steam.

  • Steam: You can buy Among Us on Steam for $3.99/€3.99
  • You can head to and pay whatever you think is fair for the game
  • BlueStacks: You can play Among Us for free with the BlueStacks emulator.
  • Memu Play: If you have the Memu Play emulator installed, you can download and play Among Us for free.
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