Amerilaser – Murder Mystery 2 Knife Value & Characteristics

Anastasios Antoniadis

Amerilaser murder mystery 2 knife

Amerilaser is a godly gun. It was initially available by purchasing the American Items Pack gamepass at 899 Robux. However, it can now only be obtained through trading since the gamepass is no longer for sale.

Amerilaser Value & Characteristics

Item TypeGun
Ways to ObtainBuying the American Item Pack for 899 Robux (Expired)
Value68 Seers (MM2 Values)
50 (Supreme)


Amerilaser is a grey, white and red knife with a face near the bottom of the blade and glowing red eyes with a white dot in the middle. Its face has six different horns and a mouth that is part of the blade with red and white gems. It has many scratches on the blade. The blade has a candy cane pattern on it.

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Anastasios Antoniadis
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