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Anastasios Antoniadis

Persona 3 Reload

In the intricate world of Persona 3 Reload, players can unlock the potential to craft some of the game’s most formidable equipment by acquiring Heart Items. These special items, bestowed by your Personas upon reaching certain levels, are the key to creating unparalleled gear for your characters. This guide will navigate you through obtaining Heart Items and utilizing them to craft exclusive equipment, including the highly coveted Ultimate Weapons.

Heart Items are unique rewards when you level up a Persona to a specific threshold. These items are then used at the Mayoido Antiques shop in Paulownia Mall, where they serve as crucial materials in crafting superior weapons and equipment. The spectrum of items ranges from advanced weapons that surpass standard gear to the Ultimate Weapons, the creation of which necessitates late-game Personas.

How to Obtain Heart Items in Persona 3 Reload

The journey to collecting Heart Items begins with the fusion of Personas, as only these can carry a Heart Item. Here’s a strategic approach to ensure you maximize your collection:

  • Fusion and Registration: To gather multiple copies of the same Heart Item, you can fuse the desired Persona and then either register it before it acquires its Heart Item or level it up to receive the item. Afterward, you can either fuse the Persona away or discard it, then re-summon it from the Compendium to repeat the process.

All Heart Items and Their Respective Personas

The table below outlines the Personas alongside the Heart Items they yield, ranging from the commonly found Soul Sea Driblet to the unique items like the Emperor’s Sake Cup:

Heart ItemPersona
Abyssal King ToothAbaddon
Archangel WingsMichael
Black FrostiteBlack Frost
Black Pillar ShardAlilat
Black Sun CandleSaturnus
Bull Warrior HornsChi You
Carnage King’s GearAsura
Clay God FragmentArahabaki
Contract Angel WingMetatron
CybeleEarth Goddess Ring
Destroyer’s DrumsShiva
Emperor’s Sake CupMasakado
Eye of WadjetHorus
Eyepatch of WisdomOdin
Fallen Angel WingLucifer
Fetching Hero’s CombCu Chulainn
God Dragon WhiskersKohryu
Goddess Water LilyLakshmi
Hell’s MufflerHell Biker
Immortal Angel CoreMelchizedek
JacktiteJack Frost, Jack-o’-Lantern
Jaw of DeathThanatos
King of Beasts FangByakko
Lord of Flies WingsBeelzebub
Mara’s HeadMara
Múspell RockSurt
Nibelung OreSiegfried
NornSecond Hand of Fate
Prayer Angel GarlandSandalphon
Preceptress SilkScathach
Preservation ConchVishnu
Rainbow Snake ScaleYurlungur
Sacrifice God WrapAttis
Savior’s AugiteMessiah
Shadow LipstickSkadi
Soul Sea DribletUnicorn, Fortuna, Take-Minakata, Oberon, Hua Po, Yamata-no-Orochi, Lamia, Narcissus, Genbu, Oni, Sarasvati, Sati
Soul Sea DropSuzaku, Atropos, Chernobog, Gabriel, Kikuri-Hime, Lilith, Kali, Jatayu, Alice, Houou, Ananta, Mother Harlot
Soul Sea DropletLoa, Flauros, Clotho, Seiryu, Lachesis, Dominion, Succubus, Parvati, Titania, Rangda
Susano-oSusano-o’s Cloth
Sword God SteelFutsunushi
Thunder WhetstoneThor
Unholy Wooden DollNebiros
Wisdom King’s LocksAtavaka

Strategies for Faster Heart Item Acquisition in P3R

Leveling up Personas to unlock their Heart Items can be a slow process, but there are ways to expedite it:

  • Avaricious Amulet: Equipping the Protagonist with this amulet boosts experience gains by 50%, speeding up the leveling process.
  • Solo Battles: Engaging in combat alone can further increase experience gains.
  • Arcana Matching during Shuffle Time: Selecting Personas of the same Arcana as the one you’re leveling during Shuffle Time can be beneficial. For instance, choosing a Loki card can help when leveling another Fool Persona like Susano-o.
  • The Reaper Strategy: Spawning and defeating The Reaper using the Armageddon Theurgy, acquired through fusing Helel and Satan, can yield Heart Items instantly. This method requires careful management of your Theurgy gauge and health but is remarkably efficient.

Heart Items in Persona 3 Reload open up a world of crafting possibilities, allowing players to equip their characters with some of the most powerful gear in the game. By understanding the methods to obtain these items and utilizing strategic approaches to level up your Personas, you can enhance your gameplay experience with this advanced equipment crafting system.

Anastasios Antoniadis
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