Age of Wonders 4 Console Commands & Cheat Codes

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Age of Wonders 4 offers a challenging strategic gameplay experience, especially for newcomers to real-time strategy games. The game provides a range of Console Commands and Cheat Codes to ease this learning curve. This guide will delve into these commands and cheats, enhancing your Age of Wonders 4 experience.

All Console Commands and Cheat Codes in Age of Wonders 4

Below you will find all the console commands and cheats for Age of Wonders 4.

Resource and Map Related Console Commands

  • bosch: Adds 100,000 Gold to your resources.
  • oldenbarnevelt: Adds 100,000 Imperium to your resources.
  • rembrandt: Adds 100,000 Gold and Mana to your resources.
  • tasman: Reveals all map areas while retaining Fog of War.
  • unexplore: Reverts map areas to unexplored status.
  • barentz: Removes Fog of War, revealing terrain and enemy locations.

Movement and Time Related Console Commands

  • cruijff: Grants unlimited movement points for units.
  • dokterwie: Increases the turn counter by 1.

Skill and Research Related Console Commands

  • voorhees: Provides infinite skill points.
  • instantskills: Enables instant research.
  • leeuwenhoek: Instantly completes current research.
  • ikbedoelalles: Instantly unlocks all spells.
  • optimalprime: Allows for instant spell casting.
  • masterskills: Instantly learns all research.
  • erasmus: Instantly learns all research upgrades and spells.

Production and Hero Related Console Commands

  • philips: Enables instant production.
  • martin: Increases the hero cap to 999.
  • ruyter/genhero/gencrypthero/genprisonhero: Various commands to generate heroes.
  • hauer: Levels up all units in the selected army.
  • ruijter: Adds one of every hero item.

Combat and Health Related Console Commands

  • medic: Heals the selected army.
  • iamgod: Guarantees victory in auto-combat.

Alignment and City Related Console Commands

  • demonen/engelen: Modifies alignment points.
  • freepop/gloomycity: Affects the selected city’s population or happiness.
  • coehoorn: Breaches the walls of a besieged city.
  • makeally/makecoop/makeloyal/makeintegrated/makevassal: Various commands for city alliances and statuses.
  • makeangry/makehappy/makewar/makeneutral: Modifies relations with other empires.

Victory, Development, and Expansion Related Console Commands

  • warlord/rallythelieges/eendracht/eenheid/verdoemenis/spaargaren/huygens: Commands for declaring wars, rallying, and achieving victory conditions.
  • hein/victory1 – victory4: Commands for instant victories.
  • willem/defeat1 – defeat5: Commands for instant defeats.
  • demo: Activates masterskills, philips, and rembrandt.
  • flyingdutchman: Activates cruijff, barentz, and rembrandt.
  • thxbrian: Activates erasmus, barentz, and rembrandt.

These cheats are invaluable for exploration and building alliances on the World Map. Note that these are only functional in single-player modes.

Tactical Combat Map Console Commands and Cheat Codes

During the Tactical Combat phase, you can use the following cheats:

  • cruijff: Unlimited movement.
  • exhaust: Removes action points from a unit.
  • wakeup: Replenishes action points.
  • happy/sad: Modifies unit morale.
  • medic/weaken: Adjusts unit health.
  • winnow/runaway: Instant win/lose.
  • alwayscrit/alwaysfumble: Modifies attack outcomes.
  • killerbunny/getout: Affects selected units.
  • levelup: Increases unit levels.
  • nolimit: Removes turn limit.
  • refresh: Resets ability cooldowns.
  • restart: Restarts combat.
  • konings: Combines refresh and wakeup.
  • normalhits: Disables hit modifiers.

In Age of Wonders 4, the Tactical Combat Map phase has its own set of console commands and cheat codes, which are particularly useful for players struggling with the game’s combat mechanics. Here’s a comprehensive list:

Tactical Combat Map Console Commands and Cheat Codes

  • cruijff: Grants unlimited unit movement.
  • exhaust: Removes all action points from a selected unit.
  • wakeup: Restores all action points to a selected unit.
  • happy: Boosts morale by 20 for a selected unit.
  • sad: Lowers morale by 20 for a selected unit.
  • medic: Sets a unit’s health to maximum.
  • weaken: Reduces a unit’s health to a minimum.
  • winnow: Achieves an instant win on the Combat Map.
  • runaway: Results in an instant loss on the Combat Map.
  • alwayscrit: Ensures all hits are critical.
  • alwaysfumble: Causes all attacks to fumble.
  • alwaysgraze: Makes all attacks only graze.
  • alwaysmiss: Forces all attacks to miss.
  • alwayshit: Guarantees all attacks hit and apply status effects when possible.
  • killerbunny: Routs all selected units.
  • getout: Eliminates all selected units.
  • levelup: Increases the level of all selected units.
  • nolimit: Removes the turn limit in combat.
  • refresh: Resets all ability cooldowns for a selected unit.
  • restart: Restarts the combat from the beginning, allowing for experimentation and replay for optimal outcomes.
  • runaway: Commands all owned units to retreat.

These cheats offer a way to modify the tactical combat experience in Age of Wonders 4, whether to ease the difficulty, test different strategies, or simply add a fun twist to the battles.

How to Use Console Commands in Age of Wonders 4

Age of Wonders 4 Cheats
Image: Paradox Interactive

To access the console command box, press Ctrl + Alt + C. This will enable you to input Single Player World Map Cheat Codes.

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