A One Piece Game Tier List: Best Fruits in the Game for February 2024

Anastasios Antoniadis

Our A One Piece Game Tier List will help you identify the best Devil Fruits to pursue in the game. Devil Fruits in Roblox’s A One Piece Game work similarly to Devil Fruits in One Piece (without the disadvantage of being unable to swim, although you take heavy damage from water as a DF user, unless you are a Fishman where damage from water is reduced).

They provide their users with powerful abilities of an element (Logia), beast (Zoan), and Paramecia (Body/Physical Attributes-Altering). Acquiring a Devil Fruit in A One Piece Game will allow you to unlock two to four unique abilities based on your Mastery level and the fruit’s rarity.

Fruit Types in AOPG

  • Zoan: Zoan devil fruits typically transform users into animals and ancient or mythical beasts with devastating power. AOPG features only Mythical Zoan Fruits, not Ancient or regular ones.
  • Logia: Logia devil fruits typically grant elemental powers and allow users to manipulate an element and even transform into it, which in most cases renders regular non-Haki physical attacks against the user useless. Mobs from Fishman Island and onwards have Haki so you won’t be immune to physical damage after that point (which is pretty early in the game).
  • Paramecia: Paramecia devil fruits alter the user’s body, providing power-ups and boosting physical attributes.

How to get Fruits? – Types & Rarities

There are 4 ways to get a Devil Fruit in A One Piece Game. The Black Market is the most reliable method, as it only requires much grinding instead of leaving everything to chance.

As much as I like AOPG, I would say that Fruits are much more accessible in both Blox Fruits and King Legacy, where you can straight out farm them or the Gacha prices are very reasonable after you advance in the game.

Fruit Rarities

AOPG features four Devil Fruit rarities, but I’m not sure about their spawn rates, chest rates, or gacha rates:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

How to get Devil Fruits?

There are a couple of different ways to obtain devil fruits in A One Piece Game:

  • Chests
  • Random Fruit Spin (In-game Shop or Logue Town Merchant)
  • Raids
  • Randow Fruit spawns


  • There is a small chance (0.1%) to get a Devil Fruit when you open a chest. Chests spawn all around the map. Once again, I don’t know the exact chance for each Devil Fruit.

Random Fruit Spin

  • The merchant in Logue Town can sell you a random fruit for $25,000,000 or 1,000 (699 when on sale) Robux. Once again, I don’t know the exact spin chance for each Devil Fruit.


Specific raids in the game (30-wave fights where wave 20 features the mini-boss and wave 30 features the raid boss) have a 100% chance to drop a Devil Fruit. Such raids include:

  • First Sea: Law, Candy, Shanks, Maze, Gear 4 Dungeon.
  • Second Sea: Aokiji, Big Mom

Spawn & Fruit Spawn Rates

  • Devil Fruits can spawn under trees everywhere on the map every 30 minutes and despawn after an hour. I have not found the exact Devil Fruit spawn rates.

A One Piece Game Best Fruits Tier List

Higher-tier Fruits on our list tend to have far more devastating abilities; however, in a One Piece Game, there is no easy way to access Fruits, so you will probably have to farm a lot of Raids to get the one you are looking for. Awakening tends to be easier when you don’t have to spend gems but farm Scrolls or Permissions instead.

The fruits are ranked in 7 tiers, from S+ to D, with S+ containing the most powerful tier and D the weakest one:

So without further ado, let’s check our A One Piece Game tier list!

Devil FruitTierMoves (Awakened)TypeRarityAwakening
Rubber (Gear Fifth)S+8ParameciaMythicalGears (Luffy Boss, Gear 4 Scroll, Permission Scroll)
MochiS+5 (7)ParameciaMythicalMochi V2 (Gem Merchant)
MagmaS+4 (5)LogiaLegendaryMagma V2 (Gem Merchant)
StringS+4 (5)ParameciaMythicalString V2 (Gem Merchant)
QuakeS4 (5)ParameciaLegendaryQuake V2 (Quake Scroll)
VenomS4 (9)ParameciaRareVenom V2 (Venom Scroll)
PhoenixS4 (5)ZoanMythicalPhoenix V2 (Phoenix Scroll)
FireS4 (7)LogiaLegendaryFire V2 (Gem Merchant)
SandA4 (8)LogiaRareSand V2 (Gem Merchant)
Rubber (Base, Gear Second & Fourth)A6, 4, 5ParameciaMythicalGears (Luffy Boss, Gear 4 Scroll, Permission Scroll)
LightA4 (5)LogiaLegendaryLight V2 (Light Scroll)
ChopA4 (7)ParameciaCommonChop V2 (Gem Merchant)

This completes our A One Piece Game Tier List and the best A One Piece Game in the game guide.

While you are here, don’t forget to check for the latest working A One Piece Game codes and look at the rest of our A One Piece Game guides.

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