A Hero’s Destiny Trello Link, Discord Invite & FAQ

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If you are wondering whether A Hero’s Destiny has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the official A Hero’s Destiny Trello link and answers to A Hero’s Destiny FAQs. A Hero’s Destiny is a Roblox training and fighting game created by the Wrongful Studios Roblox Group on 3/1/2021.

A Hero’s Destiny Trello

A Hero’s Destiny Discord

RobloxA Hero’s Destiny Roblox Game Page

RobloxA Hero’s Destiny Official Roblox Group

Discord Invite Link

You can use this link to join the official A Hero’s Destiny community Discord server.

A Hero’s Destiny Trello Link

Below, you will find the link to the official A Hero’s Destiny Trello:

You will find information and guides about the game on A Hero’s Destiny’s Trello. Here is some of the info you can still see there:

  • All Classes and Skills in the game.
  • Stats, Levels, and Rebirths guides.
  • Every Quest Giver in the game.
  • All Relics in A Hero’s Destiny.
  • An FAQ section.

While you are here, check for the latest A Hero’s Destiny codes or check the rest of our Trello Link database for popular Roblox games!

A Hero’s Destiny FAQ

Where can I change my class?

There is an NPC at spawn that allows you to change your class. 1 spin is 25 robux or 35k yen. If you have the “Infinite Spins” gamepass, you do not need to pay for them.

Class Spin Rarities in A Hero’s Destiny

I have no idea why the common rarity is not a fixed number on the official Trello, but whatever. Here are all 6 rarities and their spin chance:

Common (Cyborg, Superhuman, Esper, Alien): 25-30%
Uncommon (Ninja, Watchdog): 10%
Rare (Dark Esper, Metal Bat, Angel, Phoenix): 1/91 – 1.09%
Legendary (Demon, Arcane Knight, Toxin): 1/2500 – 0.04%
Mythical (God, Thor): 1/7500 – 0.01%
Unreal (Ultrahuman, Hero Hunter): ???

What is the level cap in A Hero’s Destiny?

There is no level cap in A Hero’s Destiny.

How do I train Agility?

The only way to train agility is by pressing Z.

What does Agility do?

Agility increases movement speed, attack speed, dodge chance, jump height, and crit chance.

How do I train Strength?

You can punch the air, use skills, and press Z (trains both agility and strength) to train strength. Quests also give strength.

What is the max Strength cap?

The max Strength cap is 9.22 Qu.

How much health & stamina does a Stat Point give?

Health: 25
Stamina: 20

How does Rebirth work?

First rebirth = level 20k; once you rebirth, you lose a level, strength, and yen but keep the rest of your stats.
(This means you will keep your classes, spins, and agility)
Rebirthing allows you to gain stats at an accelerated rate (so 1st rebirth is 2x, 2nd is 4x, 3rd is 6x, etc.) and increases your spin luck.

Rebirth luck is maxed at Rebirth 15. It wo’t increase after that.

Each odd rebirth gives luck, so 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 13, and 15. Rebirth 15 is equal to the luck gamepass. It does stack if you have rebirth 15 and the luck gamepass.

Rebirth level requirement: 20,000 + (10,000 * numRebirths)

The max number of rebirths is 100 currently.

Is autoclicking and macroing allowed?

Yes, macroing/auto clicking is allowed.

Do clothes give boosts in A Hero’s Destiny?

No, only relics give boosts.

A Hero’s Destiny Controls

Controls (PC)
Z – Train
X – Lockon
N – Equip Sword (Ninja)
Q/E/R/F/C – Abilities
G – Awakening
CTRL – Sprint

Do Roblox Premium members receive any perks?

Roblox Premium members receive +10% stats.

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Anastasios Antoniadis