A Bizarre Universe Trello Link, Discord & ABU FAQs

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If you are wondering whether A Bizarre Universe has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the official A Bizarre Universe Trello link and answers for all your FAQs. A Bizarre Universe will take you to the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and allow you to acquire powerful Stands and fighting styles to defeat enemies, complete quests, and grow stronger!

Untitled Unmastered created the game on March 25th, 2022.

Discord Invite Link

You can also join the official A Bizarre Universe Discord Server for more information about the game.

A Bizarre Universe Trello Link

Below, you will find the link to the official A Bizarre Universe Trello:

On A Bizarre Universe’s Trello, you will find information and guides about the game. Here is some of the information you can still find there:

  • Game Information: Update Log, Controls, Game Links, Gamepasses, Credits
  • Important Locations: Casino/Store, Library, Gymnasium
  • All Items in the game: Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Cash Stacks, Rokakaka Fruits, Style Removal Orbs, Vampire Mask, Stand Removal Orbs & more.
  • All Stand Abilities in the game (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary)
  • All NPCs and Quest in A Bizarre Universe
  • All Enemies and Bosses in the game
  • Every Style (Hamon, Boxing, Vampire) & Race (Rock Human, Vampire) in the game

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A Bizarre Universe Controls

Ctrl/Double W-Sprint, Ctrl/Shift-Shiftlock,
Combat Click/M1, M2
Stand/Style Skills E, R, T, C,V, X
Dash Q in any direction
Summon Stand Z

How do I get a Stand?

By using arrows found in-game, you can acquire a stand, saving money, and doing the gacha in the casino is another efficient way of getting arrows for stands.

How do stats work?

Every time you roll a stand, each stat is randomized between E-C, But 1 of your stats has a chance to reach A rather than just C, Thus making it easier to train it.

How do I increase my stats?

Various ways, From killing mobs, doing quests, winning in ranked, using Starpoint Orbs, a Random stat increase card that has a chance to appear when you unlock a move, and so on.

How do I unlock skills?

By using your saved-up money. Press “M” and hit the buy-skills button, which will open up the UI to buy skills.

How do I get my ultimate?

Ultimates have a minimum requirement of 4+ moves (50 Dev Potential) and will always be your last move (5th)

Why can’t I use Skill Removal Orb?

There is a usage cap to Skill Removal Orb, which is 5 times; you might have used all of that usage already. You can get more usage via prestige.

Additionally, you won’t receive the additional usage from prestige if you still have 5 usages on the Skill Removal Orb.

What is a Soulbound item?

Soulbound items are untradeable; their mechanic is the same as their normal version. You can obtain the Soulbound items via codes or products. The Soulbound Appearance arrow requires your stand to be at least Prestige 1 to use it.

How to Prestige in ABU?

Use all of your Stand points cap, then talk to yourself NPC, and it will teleport you to a place with yourself, and you need to defeat your own self to prestige.

Once you win the battle, the current stats of your stand reset to the base stats you got from the arrow, and you get the prestige rewards. You can prestige up to 3 times per stand.

Prestige rewards:
1) +10 points toward stand points cap per prestige.
2) A star on your stand name.
3) Increase usage of skill removal per prestige.
4) Reach Prestige 3 to get a cool prime prefix for your Stand.

How to invite someone to my gang?

You must hold Access Card and left-click on a player to invite them to your gang. You will acquire Access Card once you create a gang.

What does Uncap Orb do?

Increase the cap of the stats you pick by 25. Note that you cannot uncap the same stand stats more than once.

What does Stat Reallocate Arrow do?

Refund your invested points to the stand back.

What does Rokakaka Fruit do upon use?

Using a Rokakaka Fruit turns you into Rock Human. Press G to use.
Rock Human buffs defense but debuffs speed.

How do I get an Ultimate move?

Get your potential stats up to 50 points, buy the 5th move, a.k.a the V move, and you will have a 50% to roll out an ultimate move.

How do I remove my stand?

You can use Stand Removal Orb to reset your Stand status to Standless or Arrow to reset your current stand and give you a new one.

How to reset Style/Race?

Use Style Removal Orb and pick the style you want to remove.

How to obtain Style/Race and their skills?

To obtain: Use Vampire Mask.
To unlock moves: Talk to the Vampire Trainer..

To obtain: Talk to William Zeppeli.
To unlock moves: Talk to Hamon Trainer.

To obtain: Use Boxing Glove.
To unlock moves: Talk to the Boxing Trainer.

Rock Human:
To obtain: Use Rokakaka Fruit.
To unlock moves: Unlocked once you obtain the race, no trainer.

How do I get items?

Items spawn around the map. An alternative way is to get them from the Item Roller inside Arcade, where you can roll for random items.

Where is the Arcade and Pawn Shop located?

First, you go to Clean Up The City Quest, take a right turn, and you will see both of the buildings next to each other.

What do Ruby, Coin, and Emerald do?

You can sell Rubies, Coins, and Emeralds at Larry The Vendor in the shop for money.

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