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Helldivers 2, the latest iteration in Sony’s esteemed games-as-a-service lineup, introduces a robust reward system through its Warbond battle passes. With the Helldivers Mobilise! and Steeled Veterans Warbonds, players can access a treasure trove of weapons, cosmetic items, Boosters, and the game’s premium currency, Super Credits. Here’s a comprehensive guide on navigating these battle passes and making the most of the rewards they offer.

The path to unlocking the Warbond battle pass rewards is straightforward but requires dedication. Players earn Medals by completing Personal Orders and Operations, the primary currency for progressing through the battle pass tiers. The Helldivers Mobilise! battle pass is freely accessible to all players, while the Steeled Veterans is the premium option, purchasable with Super Credits.

Helldivers Mobilise! Warbond Rewards

Helldivers Mobilize
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The Helldivers Mobilise! battle pass is packed with essential gear and upgrades to enhance your gameplay:

Page one rewards

  • Independence Bringer: Player card (costs one Medal)
  • Clapping: Victory pose (costs one Medal)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs one Medal)
  • G-6 Frag: Grenade (costs two Medals)
  • SC-34 Infiltrator: Helmet (costs two Medals)
  • Independence Bringer: Cape (costs two Medals)
  • SC-34 Infiltrator: Body Armor (costs three Medals)
  • SG-8 Punisher: Shotgun (costs four Medals)

Page two rewards (spend 8 Medals to unlock)

  • Liberty’s Herald: Player card (costs one Medal)
  • Finger Guns: Victory post (costs two Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs two Medals)
  • Liberty’s Herald: Cape (costs three Medals)
  • FS-05 Marksman: Helmet (costs five Medals)
  • P-19 Redeemer: Pistol (costs five Medals)
  • FS-05 Marksman: Body Armor (costs six Medals)
  • R-63 Diligence: Marksman rifle (costs eight Medals)

Page three rewards (spend 35 Medals to unlock)

  • Tideturner: Player card (costs two Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs three Medals)
  • Tideturner: Cape (costs five Medals)
  • CE-35 Trench Engineer: Helmet (costs seven Medals)
  • Explosive Handshake: Emote (costs eight Medals)
  • CE-Trench Engineer: Body Armor (costs 10 Medals)
  • Hellpod Space Optimisation: Booster (costs 15 Medals)
  • SMG-37 Defender: Submachine gun (costs 15 Medals)

Page four rewards (spend 75 Medals to unlock)

  • Stars and Suffrage: Player card (costs two Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs six Medals)
  • The Cape of Stars and Suffrage: Cape (costs eight Medals)
  • CM-09 Bonesnapper: Helmet (costs 12 Medals)
  • CM-09 Bonesnapper: Body Armor (costs 15 Medals)
  • Hug: Emote (costs 20 Medals)
  • Vitality Enhancement: Booster (costs 20 Medals)
  • SG-225 Breaker: Shotgun (costs 20 Medals)

Page five rewards (spend 150 Medals to unlock)

  • Unblemished Allegiance: Player card (costs four Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs 10 Medals)
  • Unblemished Allegiance: Cape (costs 12 Medals)
  • High-Five: Emote (costs 20 Medals)
  • G-16 Impact: Grenade (costs 20 Medals)
  • DP-40 Hero of the Federation: Helmet (costs 20 Medals)
  • DP-40 Hero of the Federation: Body Armor (costs 25 Medals)
  • LAS-5 Scythe: Energy-based weapon (costs 30 Medals)

Page six rewards (spend 260 Medals to unlock)

  • Judgement Day: Player card (costs six Medals)
  • Flex: Victory Pose (costs 10 Medals)
  • 50 SC: Super Credits (costs 15 Medals)
  • Judgement Day: Cape (costs 15 Medals)
  • FS-23 Battle Master: Helmet (costs 25 Medals)
  • FS-23 Battle Master: Body Armor (costs 35 Medals)
  • UAV Recon Booster: Booster (costs 40 Medals)
  • AR-23P Liberator Penetrator: Assault rifle (costs 40 Medals)

Page seven rewards (spend 430 Medals to unlock)

  • Cresting Honour: Player card (costs seven Medals)
  • 50 SC: Super Credits (costs 15 Medals)
  • Cresting Honour: Cape (costs 15 Medals)
  • Scout Handshake: Emote (costs 35 Medals)
  • SC-30 Trailblazer Scout: Helmet (costs 35 Medals)
  • R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper: Marksman rifle (costs 40 Medals)
  • SC-30 Trailblazer Scout: Body Armor (costs 50 Medals)
  • Stamina Enhancement: Booster (costs 85 Medals)

Page eight rewards (spend 650 Medals to unlock)

  • Mantle of True Citizenship: Player card (costs 10 Medals)
  • 50 SC: Super Credits (costs 20 Medals)
  • Mantle of True Citizenship: Cape (costs 25 Medals)
  • C-3 Smoke: Grenade (costs 25 Medals)
  • SA-04 Combat Technician: Helmet (costs 40 Medals)
  • Rock Paper Scissors: Emote (costs 50 Medals)
  • SA-04 Combat Technician: Body Armor (costs 60 Medals)

Page nine rewards (spend 850 Medals to unlock)

  • Blazing Samaritan: Player card (costs 15 Medals)
  • 50 SC: Super Credits (costs 25 Medals)
  • Blazing Samaritan: Cape (costs 30 Medals)
  • Loosen Up: Victory pose (costs 30 Medals)
  • CM-14 Physician: Helmet (costs 50 Medals)
  • SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray: Shotgun (costs 60 Medals)
  • CM-14 Physician: Body Armor (costs 70 Medals)
  • Muscle Enhancement: Booster (costs 70 Medals)

Page 10 rewards (spend 1200 Medals to unlock)

  • Light of Eternal Liberty: Player card (costs 20 Medals)
  • Light of Eternal Liberty: Cape (costs 40 Medals)
  • 50 SC: Super Credits (costs 50 Medals)
  • Big Whoop: Victory pose (costs 50 Medals)
  • DP-11 Champion of the People: Helmet (costs 75 Medals)
  • PLAS-1 Scorcher: Energy-based weapon (costs 75 Medals)
  • DP-11 Champion of the People: Body Armor (costs 100 Medals)
  • Increased Reinforcement Budget: Booster (costs 150 Medals)

Steeled Veterans Warbond Rewards

Steeled Veterans
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For those looking to access an even wider array of in-game items, the Steeled Veterans Warbond offers premium rewards:

Page one rewards

  • Tyrant Hunter: Player card (costs two Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs seven Medals)
  • Tyrant Hunter: Cape (costs eight Medals)
  • Super Person: Victory pose (costs eight Medals)
  • SA-25 Steel Trooper: Helmet (costs 12 Medals)
  • P-4 Senator: Pistol (costs 15 Medals)
  • SA-25 Steel Trooper: Body Armor (costs 18 Medals)
  • AR-23E Liberator Explosive: Assault rifle (costs 20 Medals)

Page two rewards (spend 60 Medals to unlock)

  • Cloak of Posterity’s Gratitude: Player card (costs five Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs 12 Medals)
  • Roll ‘Em: Victory pose (costs 15 Medals)
  • Cloak of Posterity’s Gratitude: Cape (costs 20 Medals)
  • G-10 Incendiary: Grenade (costs 25 Medals)
  • SA-12 Servo Assisted: Helmet (costs 35 Medals)
  • SA-12 Servo Assisted: Body Armor (costs 45 Medals)
  • SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary: Shotgun (costs 60 Medals)

Page three rewards (spend 200 Medals to unlock)

  • Bastion of Integrity: Player card (costs 16 Medals)
  • Bastion of Integrity: Cape (costs 16 Medals)
  • 100 SC: Super Credits (costs 32 Medals)
  • You’re Next: Victory pose (costs 32 Medals)
  • SA-32 Dynamo: Helmet (costs 48 Medals)
  • SA-32 Dynamo: Body Armor (costs 64 Medals)
  • Flexible Reinforcement Budget: Booster (costs 75 Medals)
  • JAR-5 Dominator: Explosive weapon (costs 80 Medals)

Strategies for Warbond Progression

To efficiently advance through the Warbond tiers, focus on completing Personal Orders and participating in Operations to accumulate Medals. Strategic planning and consistent gameplay are key to unlocking the most sought-after rewards. Players interested in the Steeled Veterans Warbond can purchase Super Credits in bundles at the Acquisition Center or collect them through gameplay, offering flexibility in how to access premium content.

A significant advantage of Helldivers 2’s Warbond system is the permanence of rewards. Unlike many games-as-a-service that rotate or expire content, Helldivers 2 allows players to access previous Warbonds, ensuring that no reward is ever out of reach due to timing.


The Warbond battle passes in Helldivers 2 provide players with a comprehensive system to enhance their gaming experience with a variety of rewards. Players can opt for the freely available Helldivers Mobilise! or invest in the premium Steeled Veterans Warbond to customize their loadouts, appearances, and capabilities on the battlefield. By engaging with the game’s content and strategically spending medals, players can unlock the full potential of Helldivers 2 and establish themselves as elite defenders of democracy in the galaxy.

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